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Annual Golf Classic 2017

Annual Golf Classic 2017

Na Piarsaigh Hurling & Football Club are holding a Corporate Golf Classic at Monkstown Golf Club on Friday 2nd June 2017.  The Golf Classic is for the development of club facilities which will benefit both the underage and adult teams in our club.

There are three ways in which you can support this event:

1.    Sponsor a team at a cost of €200 (three-man team including meal)
2.    Sponsor a tee box/green sign at €50
3.  Or you may be in a position to sponsor a team prize

We hope you can look favourably on this event and support us in any way you can.

You may contact any of the following people to sponsor this event:

 Paddy Bourke 0862531583
Donnacha O’Leary 0868557199
Tony O’Sullivan 0862455982
Bill Kelleher 0862468674
John O’Leary 0862626714
James O’Connor 0872327368
Sean O Connell 0872199504
Roy Cooke 0872575116

Please book early to avoid disappointment as a big number of teams are expected.


Concussion in underage players 5yrs-18yrs

A concussion is a brain injury that is associated with a temporary loss of brain function. The injury must be taken seriously to protect the long term welfare of all players. A concussion is caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head or body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth.

Most concussion injuries occur without a loss of consciousness and so it is important to recognise the other signs and symptoms of concussion. Some symptoms develop immediately while other symptoms may appear gradually over time.

 Loss of consciousness  Headache
 Seizure or convulsion
 Dizziness  Balance problems  Confusion
 Nausea or vomiting
 Feeling slowed down  Drowsiness  “Pressure in head”
 More emotional
 Blurred vision  Irritability  Sensitivity to light
 Sadness
 Amnesia  Fatigue or low energy  Feeling like “in a fog“
 Nervous or anxious
 Neck Pain  “Don’t feel right”  Sensitivity to noise
 Difficulty remembering
 Difficulty concentrating
“Presence of any one or more of the above signs and symptoms may suggest a concussion”

Recognise – The signs and symptoms
Report – Don’t hide any symptoms
Rehab – Rest / Take time to recover fully / Seek medical advice
Return – Follow a step-wise GRTP and don’t return without your doctor’s clearance

A player’s brain needs time to heal after a concussion. When a player’s brain is still healing, it is more likely to receive another concussion. Repeat concussions can increase the time it takes to recover and in rare cases, repeat concussions in young players can result in brain swelling or permanent damage to their brain. They can even be fatal.

The following are some tips for coping with a concussion:
The best medical management for concussion is rest (Cognitive and Physical). Players often feel tired and may experience difficulties at work or school when carrying at task which require concentration. You may also encounter mood difficulties and feel depressed, anxious or irritable with family or team mates. Support should be provided to players during this recovery period.



Avoid Alcohol
Alcohol should be avoided as it may delay recovery and put you at increased risk for further injury.
Prescribed Medications
When dealing with persistent symptoms, it is essential that you only take medications prescribed by your doctor.
Recovery form concussion should not be rushed nor pressure applied to players to resume playing until recovery is complete. The risk of re injury is high and may lead to recurrent concussion injuries which can cause long term damage.

If diagnosed with concussion you should NEVER return to play on the day of injury. Return to play must follow a medically supervised stepwise approach and you MUST NEVER return to play whilst symptoms persist.
1. There should be an initial period of two weeks rest for players aged 5 to 18 after a concussion.
2. RTP Protocols following concussion follow a stepwise approach. You should continue to proceed to the next level if no symptoms persist at the current level.
3. Generally each step should take 24 hours so you would take approximately one week to proceed to full rehabilitation once you have no symptoms at rest.
4. If any post-concussion symptoms occur while in the RTP program, you should drop back to the previous asymptomatic level and try to
progress again after a further 24 hours period of rest has passed.
5. Clearance from a medical doctor is required prior to return to full contact sports.
Table 1 Gradual Return to Play Protocol Rehabilitation Stage Functional exercise at stage Objective of stage
1. No Activity
Physical and Cognitive Rest
2. Light Activity
Walking, swimming, cycling, keeping intensity <70% maximum permitted heart rate
Increase HR
3. Sports Specific Exercise
Running drills,
Add Movement
4. No Contact Training Drills
Progress to more complex training drills - passing drills, progressive resistance training
5. Full Contact Practice
Following medical clearance, participate in normal training activities.
Exercise, coordination and cognitive load
6. Return to play
Normal game play
Restore confidence and assess functional skills by coaching staff
To access these resources, please visit – learning.gaa.ie/player
For more information on concussions visit www.concussion.ie or www.gaa.ie/returntoplay

Feile Peil Division 1 Premier 2017

Our Feile Peil group stages takes place on Saturday 1st April in St.Finbarrs Grounds, Togher.   Teams in our group consist on St.Finbarrs, Carbery Rangers, Eire Og and Mallow.   Our first game is at 11am against the host team St.Finbarrs on Pitch 1.   We have a bye in second game, third game is against Carbery Rangers at 12.30pm on Pitch 2, fourth game is against Eire Og at 1.15pm on Pitch 1 and finally our last game is against Mallow at 2pm on Pitch 2.    Your support please for the mentors and the lads.   Good luck to everyone.

Sponsor Farranree Credit Union Presentation

Farranree Credit Union who are the sponsors of the Juvenile Section presented their annual sponsorship cheque today to Mick McGrath Chairman of the Juvenile Section by Declan O Leary Manager at their premises.    They sponsor all underage tournaments within the Juvenile Section of the club, and the Annual Farranree Credit Union Fe11 Hurling Tournament will take place either June/July this year.     We are very grateful to them for their continued support to the Juvenile Section and we would encourage all our underage players to open credit union accounts, if they have not already done so to save for their future.

Kevin O Leary Sponsor of Na Piarsaigh H&F Club

Here's a message for all our members and supporters from our sponsors.   The GREEN TAG EVENT is NOW ON at club sponsor Kevin O Leary Silversprings.   GUARANTEED 15% OFF selected Opel Models until the 25th March.    If you are interested and want a good deal, why not call on 021 4503397 and give them your support.

Launch of Redfm SHL 2017

The 2017 Red FM Senior Hurling League was launched on Monday March 13th in the Red FM Studios. 

In attendance were players and representatives of all eighteen clubs who are participating in the 2017 Senior Hurling League, County Board Officers Gerard Lane, Tracey Kennedy, Donal Leahy, RED FM CEO Diarmuid O Leary, Lisa Lawlor, Ruairi O Hagan and Officers of the Senior Hurling League Committee.

Gerard Lane thanked Red FM for their continued sponsorship and said the Board were very happy to continue their very successful association with RedFM, a partnership that had helped to grow the status of the league and at the same time promote a very successful radio station that has continued to increase its market share in the cork area. Billy Murray of the League Committee thanked the Officers of the Board, RED FM and the clubs for their continued support of the league with the majority of games being played. Diarmuid O Leary of REF FM replied that they were very happy with the alliance and felt it was benefiting their business and that they were looking forward to another successful League in 2017.

Cork City Marathon/Raynauds & Scleroderma Assoc.

FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2017

Éamonn Murphy

IF we don’t support our own then no one will.

That’s always been the northside way, on and off the playing fields.  Hurling, football, soccer, basketball and beyond sporting circles, northsiders are never afraid of a challenge.

The fundraiser launch at Na Piarsaigh Hurling & Football Club. Picture: Larry Cummins

Recent months have been busy up in Na Piarsaigh GAA club. Aside from the usual preseason work, under the guidance of Cork legend Tony O’Sullivan they have developed an indoor alley that will be the envy of every hurling stronghold on Leeside. The official opening of that facility will take place shortly and it won’t be long either before Na Piarsaigh teams are back in championship action. Yet the club are also counting down to the Cork City Marathon on the June Bank Holiday weekend.

Na Piarsaigh have rallied behind club talisman Gary Sheehan – one of their greatest ever footballers and a midfield powerhouse in the mid noughties when they could compete with the best – and his wife Karen in a fundraising drive for scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disease which affects just 300 in Ireland.

Scleroderma develops from Raynaud’s, a more common yet painful condition which flares up in cold weather and generally affects people’s fingers.
Karen Sheehan was diagnosed with scleroderma three years ago, but, as Gary explains, their primary aim in the coming months is to raise awareness and money to help research the ailment, for which there is no known cure.
“My wife didn’t want to be the centre of any piece,” said Gary. “That’s why she didn’t want to be in photos or anything. Our aim is to raise awareness and funds to help research for the disease.
“It’s such a rare condition that they’re really lacking there.”
Piarsaighs’ PRO Paddy Bourke was on hand for the launch, and is a driving force behind the marathon plan with Gary, along with John O’Leary, Trevor and Kieran Coleman, William O’Connor and Mark O’Sullivan.  The club’s senior hurler Chris Joyce took time out ahead of the trip to Nowlan Park to lend his backing.
While the disease is rare there is a support network in Cork, as the presence of Irene O’Keeffe and Kate attested too.
“Today was my first time meeting Irene, even though we’d been on the phone and emailing.
“It was through an article in the Echo (in August 2016) that I found out more about scleroderma, and other people who were suffering from it, even though my wife was dignosed three years ago now.
“Na Piarsaigh are great for supporting worthy causes. There was huge backing for Jamie Wall a few years ago and we also ran in Cobh for Suicide Awareness.
“I moved to Carrigtwohill and had kids so obviously I was out of the club a bit, when my son Aaron came up playing last year, Paddy got me involved in the fundraising committee.
“There’s no better club to get behind their own.”
Dublin-based Dr Catherine Norton is a consultant neuropsychologist and highly motivated to spread the word on the disease and help suffers in any way she can. Dr Norton visited Na Piarsaigh last month.

“The big thing for me was the response from the players when we got Catherine Norton down,” explained Tipp native but now Piarsaighs stalwart Paddy Bourke.  “It showed the heart that is among the playing fraternity in our club. You wouldn’t get them down for a training session! But they’ve been fantastic.”
“I couldn’t get over it,” said Gary. “I broke down inside at that meeting because every part of the club came out, lads I trained minor, the camogie, junior, senior, everyone.
“As a player you’re caught up in your own thing, that’s normal, but it was unreal. My own friends have been incredible too.
“There are about 50 of my old friends all behind it. Everyone got straight back onto me when I sent out the text.  We might not see each other from one end of the year to the other because we’re leaving all over the county and we’ve families, but it was overwhelming.
“We’d a few 40ths over the last few weeks and everyone just wanted to know how they could help.  Now when I said ‘marathon’ they all said ‘you must be joking!’ It’s the relay though, so anyone can manage that.”
While the motivation behind it is a serious one, Bourke makes the point the fundraising initiative will be hugely enjoyable too for all the club members. The hope is that over 300 will run in relay teams, and already Gary has been contacted by a number of those who were already running the full marathon who have decided to take sponsorship cards the Raynaud’s and Scleroderma Association.
“It’s great that the marathon has been switched to the Sunday, because with the Bank Holiday the next day, people can enjoy it,” said Paddy Bourke. “Coming back here to the club afterwards is going to be special.
“Those type of days mean a lot to everyone so it’ll be fantastic for the club and the cause. It also brings a connection to the club, all the committees, the young and the older members. That’s vital for every club.”
Which isn’t to trivialise the condition.
It might be rare but it has a devastating impact on the lives of sufferers.  Very little is known about scleroderma, which is believed to be stress related though possibly linked into the genes.  More cases are being diagnosed annually, with the World Health Organisation taking on increasing interest.
Kate Arnott-Flynn, with razor-sharp self-deprecating wit, summed up how it has affected her.
“It came in like the March wind and I ended up like marble. The body produces too much collagen. It can affect your organs but for some it’s just the tissue.
“Everything hardens. My arms were like two sticks. I ended up shuffling, my husband had to do everything for me.
“To even come downstairs in the morning, have a shower, it would take two and a half hours. It was horrific. For me chemotherapy got me going again. It’s a horrible disease because it affects everyone differently.”

For Gary, Dr Catherine Norton’s zeal has inspired them all.
“Catherine is a powerful person. She is so passionate you get an extra drive yourself. She’s printed t-shirts and sponsorship cards for everyone taking part.”
World Schleroderma Day is being hosted with the backing of The Commons Inn on June 29, in Cork for the first time.
On March 25 in Na Piarsaigh, the club are hosting all those who will take to the roads of Cork for the marathon.
Even though she was absent for this photoshoot, Karen Sheehan has an army supporting her.
“With Karen she has arthritis, fibrosis of the lungs, scleroderma and Addison’s disease, which the Down footballer Marty Clarke retired from recently,” revealed Gary. “It’s tough, there’s no doubt about that, but I know Karen and she doesn’t want to make it all about her.  She doesn’t want everyone worrying about her.”
Her humility is a touch of class, but with her husband, Na Piarsaigh club, and the wider community behind her, she’s on the right track.

Sports Predictor 2017

As the Sports Predictor 2016 was such a great success last year the Fundraising Committee have decided to run it again this year.   Simply predict who you think will win the 36 sporting events chosen by them.   The closing date for your replies is the 10th March as the first event is happening on the 14th March.    All proceeds will go towards the Hurling Alley Development Fund.   1st Prize is 500e - 2nd Prize is 200e - 3rd Prize is 100e.   Members, supporters, players are asked to make another big effort for this cause.

Members of the Fundraising Committee will be in the club to facilitate the return of the predictor cards this weekend.  Friday 10th 7.30pm-9pm, Saturday 11th 4.30pm-6pm, and Sunday 12th 12.30pm-2pm.   Please make a big effort to push for the return of the predictor cards from players etc..

Result of Over 60's Talent Competition

On Wednesday night last the 8th February Na Piarsaigh H&F Club held the Over 60s which was proudly sponsored by Farranree Credit Union for the second year running.   The contest had 10 singers on the night and the MC was Paddy O Brien.   The eventual winner was won by Noreen Thompson Buckley who will now go to represent Farranree Credit Union/Na Piarsaigh H&F Club.   We would like to thank Farranree Credit Union for their sponsorship and to all the singers who took part on the night and we wish Noreen all the best of luck in the semi finals in May.  (for photographs of the night see our Photo Gallery)

Victory Dinner & City Hall Events

Our Victory Dinner was held on the 20th January last in Clayton Silversprings Hotel in a beautiful room.    We could  not have asked for a more suitable venue, the staff, the food the band and dj were excellent and enjoyed by everyone.   We wish to thank the hotel, Rebel Og, the Senior Committee, the players and mentors and the parents for making this event very memorable and enjoyable.   For photos of this event have a look at our photo gallery.

Also on the 1st February last our Minors and Mentors were invited to the City Hall to meet the Lord Mayor and were brought around the Lord Mayors Chambers.   Everybody enjoyed themselves, now its down to brass tacks and try and get to another county final this year!
A photograph of the team can be seen on our photo gallery.

Applicant CE Fas Scheme

Applicants wanted for CE Fas Scheme for Na Piarsaigh H&F Club.   If anybody is interested please contact either Alan Daly or Jim Hanifin

Over 60's Talent Competition 2017

Its that time of the year again, the Fairhill/Farranree Over 60's Talent Competition will take place at Na Piarsaigh H&F Club on Wednesday 8th February next at 8pm, so if you would like to take part either singing, dancing, or playing an instrument, why not come along on the 8th and we would only be too glad to have your company and see you perform.  This year the Competition is sponsored by Farranree Credit Union and prizes will be made on the night.   For further information please contact Neilus O Sullivan on 0862291161.

Membership for 2017

Membership now for 2017 is due and there is a change to last year as follows.   The closing date for same is the 31st March 2017 and all players must have their membership paid before that date for insurance purposes,  and before their respective championships start.

Players                       125e (includes gym)
Non Playing                 100e (adult)
3rd Level                      75e
OAP's                            50e
Student 2nd Level           30e

Membership can be handed into the office to Brenda or handed to Registrar Liam Martin, or can be handed in behind the Bar in an envelope.


Victory Dinner Tickets

Tickets are now being sold for our Victory Dinner on the 20th January next at Silversprings Hotel.    Contact either Alan Daly on 0879972249 or Brenda on 0857259653 to book same.
Alan will be in the club on Friday next the 6th from 7.30pm to 8.30pm to sell the tickets.

Womans Little Christmas

Celebrate Womans Little Christmas in the Bar on friday night with a dj playing all your favourite songs.

Championship Draw 2017

   Intermediate Hurling Championship 

(A) Meelin v Winners of Eire Og/Kildorrery

(B) Carrigaline v Barryroe
(C) Aghabullogue v St Finbarrs
(D) Kilbrittain v Castlemaytra
(E) Ballinhassig v Douglas
(F) Ballincollig v Inniscarra

(G) Milford v Winners of Midleton/Grenagh
(H) Winners of Sarsfields/Dungourney v Ballymartle
(I) Glen Rovers v Dripsey
(J) Na Piarsaigh v Blackrock
(K) Ballygarvan v Aghada
(L) Argideen Rangers v Mayfield

Round 2A (Winners of Round 1)
B v D
C v L
H v K
J v A
G v I
E v F

Round 2B (Losers of Round 1 & Preliminary Round)
Losers of Eire Og/Kildorrery v C
Losers of Sarsfields/Dungourney v F
Losers of Midleton/Grenagh v D
G v H
L v I
J v K
E v B
A a bye

Premier Intermediate Football Championship

Round 1
(A) St Michaels v Na Piarsaigh
(B) Castletownbere v Ballinora
C) Newmarket v Fermoy
(D) Nemo Rangers v Mallow
(E) Ballingeary v Bandon
(F) Eire Og v Grenagh
(G) St Vincents v Bantry Blues
(H) Naomh Aban v Macroom

Round 2A (Winners of Round 1)
E v D
H v C
A v F
B v G

Round 2B (Losers of Round 1)
E v D
H v C
A v F
B v G

Senior Hurling Championship

Preliminary Round
Glen Rovers v Bride Rovers
Bandon v Muskerry

Round 1
(A) Avondhu v Carbery
(B) Na Piarsaigh v Newtownshandrum
(C) Killeagh v Erins Own
(D) Bishopstown v Imokilly
(E) Ballymartle v St Finbarrs
(F) Winners of Glen Rovers/Bride Rovers v Sarsfields
(G) CIT v Douglas
(H) Duhallow v Youghal
(I) Blackrock v Winners of Bandon/Muskerry
(J) UCC v Carrigdhoun
(K) Ballyhea v Newcestown
(L) Carrigtwohill v Midleton

Round 2 (Winners from Round 1)
L v C
A v B
D v J
I v E
G v K
H v F

Round 2B (Losers from Round 1& Preliminary Round)
Losers of Glen Rovers/Bride Rovers v A
Losers of Bandon/Muskerry v J
L v I
D v K
B v H
C v G
F v E



Results Christmas Draw 2016

On behalf of the Juvenile Committee we wish to thank sincerely all the members, players supporters who bought and sold christmas tickets, we would like to thank all of our sponsors who donated prizes without them the draw would not have been a huge success.   We would like to thank Dunnes Stores for allowing us to sell our tickets over the weekend.  And lastly we would like to thank Trisha Moynihan for preparing all of our christmas hampers.  The following are the winners and all prizes, if not already collected can be collected on Wednesday night in the Bar.

1st  No.5608 - Kate Delea c/o N.Delea
2nd No.2641 - Alan O Sullivan Hillview Drive.
3rd No.4938 - Blake & Ajay Murphy c/o Ajay
4th No.5685 - Yvonne Nolan Limerick
5th No.1705 - Caroline O Connor
6th No.1057 - Luke Dorney Churchfield Avenue
7th No.0410 - Linda O Brien
8th No.7765 - Danny Long
9th No.4078 - Liam Cotter Monastery Way
10th No.0448 - Jimmy Buckley Fairhill

We wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year.  Be safe! Just a reminder that our Long Puc takes place on Wednesday 28th December (weather permitting).

Brenda McDonnell
Juvenile Section

Results of Sports Predictor Competition 2016

The results of the Sports Predictor Competition 2016 are now in and all results are up on the notice board, so if you want to see where you came in the list look at the notice board.

The first three winners were in 1st place Eoghan Hanifin, joint 2nd place Alan Daly and Christine O Driscoll.    Our congratulations to the winners.    Prizes will be given out on Sunday 18th December at 9pm in the Bar.

We wish to sincerely thank everybody who took part in this competition, and hopefully the Fundraising Committee will run another Sports Predictor for 2017.  Watch this space.  Again well done to everybody involved.  You can see the winners accepting their prizes in our Photo Gallery.

Minor AGM 2016

Our minor agm now takes place on Monday 9th January 2017 at 7.30pm.   Please note the change of date.

Long Puc 2016

Well lads we're getting close to the date, Wednesday 28th December "Long Puc Day".   Get your teams ready hopefully the weather will be kinder to us than last year.   A great day and night is guaranteed with soup and sandwiches after the long puc and dj in the evening and spot prizes.   Rules the same as previous years. Hope to see ye all

Club Shop Opening Hours

                                  Shop Pricelist

The club shop opens every Saturday from 12 o clock to 2pm.     If you can't make it on Saturday then contact Peter Bell on 0879533986 for enquiries and orders.
Half Zip Trainiing Tops:  7/8yrs to 10/11yrs 30e - 13/14yrs 35e - SMLXL 35e
Skinny Pants: 7/8yrs to 10/11yrs 32e - 13/14yrs 35e - SMLXL 38e
Track Suits: 7/8yrs to 10/11yrs 45e - 13/14yrs 55e - SMLXL 65e
Track Suit Tops: 7/8yrs to 10/11yrs 30e - 13/14yrs 35e - SMLXL 38e
Club Jackets (full zip): 10/11yrs 35e - 13/14yrs 36e - SMLXL 40e
Club Jerseys: 0/6mth to 3/4 yrs - 5/6yrs,7/8yrs,10/11yrs 27e - 13/14yrs 34e - SMLXL 38e
Club Shorts: 16e
Club Socks: 7e
Hoodies: 5/6yrs to 10/11yrs 35e - 13/14yrs 38e - SMLXL 43e
Hurleys: 26" 13e - 28" 13e - 30" 15e - 32" 19e
Gear Bag: 26e
Micro Helmet: small & medium 45e (large if required 55e)
Body Warmers: 25e
O Neills Mouthguards: 7e
Beanie Hats: 10e
Hurling Grips: 3.35e
Sliotars: 6e
Opening times every Saturday from 12 to 2pm.   Enquiries from Peter Bell 087-9533986

Club Lotto

Our club lotto has now reached a staggering 15,800e for Thursday 5th January.    So for just 2e you could be in with a chance to win it, just play online on locallotto.ie or call to the Bar and buy a ticket for 2e.  

Victory Dinner Dance 20th January 2017

                                                  Victory Dinner Dance 2017.

Our Victory Dinner will take place on the 20th January 2017 at Clayton Silver Springs Hotel to celebrate our minor double in both championship and league and also our win in the division 4 football league final. Numbers are now being taken for tickets.  Closer to the date Tickets can be bought from Alan Daly or from the Office (Brenda), they are 35e each and a great night is guaranteed.    We have a band and a dj booked, so get booking your tickets.  

Division 4 Intermediate Football Final & Minor Premier Hurling League Final 2016

The last couple of weeks have been very good to us on the playing field.   On the 5th November last our intermediate footballers played the Division 4 football league final against a very fancied Bandon side in Kilmurray on a bitter evening.   After hanging around in the cold for at least 25 minutes  waiting for a referee only to be told that he had gone to Ballinhassig, as he was never notified that the match had been changed to Kilmurray.    It was agreed with both teams that Sean Og O hAilpin would referee the game.  You might well say "Sean Og!! referee a football game, a final at that" but he did and he made a good job of it, maybe this is his new occupation? we'll see.   Back to the game this was point for point and very close at that with an amount of goals, Na Piarsaigh coming out the best with regard to the goals.   The final score Na Piarsaigh 5.4 Bandon 2.14.   Well done lads some silverware to finish the year.

Then on Sunday last the 13th November our Premier Minors played the final of the league against old rivals Sars in a repeat of the minor semi-final of the championship, this was always going to be a tough game and could have gone either way in the end, but great credit to our lads who went all out to try and win the double, and we did, on a score of 2.14 to 15pt.  Again well done to the lads and the mentors.

Just a note, in case anybody didnt hear, Barry O Mahony Journalist ran a twitter on the most outstanding minor player in hurling for 2016, and who won it? our own Evan Sheehan, well done Evan.

Also we have a Victory Dinner to celebrate our wins on the 20th January 2017 at Clayton Silver Springs Hotel, tickets are in the process of being printed cost is 35E and can be ordered from either Alan Daly or the Office (Brenda) so get in early with your order as there are a limited number.

Cork GAA Draw 2016

The Cork GAA Draw is commencing this Friday 28th Oct and there is a double draw for September and October.   The 1st Prize for September is 25,000e.   The 1st Prize for October is an Octavia Car worth 22,500.    There are 12 monthly draws including 2 free draws and if you want to join the draw please log onto www.corkgaadraw.ie or ring Brian Gardiner on 0868457871.   Your support please for the draw because every member that joins a contribution comes back to support the Club.

Na Piarsaigh H&F Club Juvenile Section Christmas Draw

The annual christmas draw is up and running.   A big effort is going to be made this year to help finance the underage & juvenile sections of the club to buy all the necessary equipment needed to give the kids the best coaching possible.   Members will be posted 4 books of tickets totalling 20e and we would ask members to please try and sell all 4 books and return the stubs and money to the Committee.   All our teams will also get books of tickets to sell and our prizes this year are looking good.   Tickets cost 2e each or a book of 3 for 5e and same can be bought in the bar, arena or from any committeee member.  Herewith are a list of the prizes on offer.

1. Hamper plus 200e
2. Hamper plus 75e
3. Hamper plus 50e
4. Prize of 100e
5. Drinks Hamper
6. Special Prize (The Loft)
7. Pantomime Tickets (Cork Opera House)
8. Prize of 50e member
9. Prize of 50e member
10. Six bottles of wine member
Plus a load of spots on the night of the draw which will be Sunday 18th December at 9.30pm.

Senior AGM

Note to all members the Annual AGM of Na Piarsaigh H&F Club will take place on Sunday 4th December 2016 at 2.30pm sharp.   All members are asked to attend.

Na Piarsaigh revel in brilliant breakthrough season (Irish Examiner 28/9/16)

Coming up through the Rebel Óg age grades, this year’s Na Piarsaigh team always found that, while they were a good team, Sarsfields were a better one.

There was no disgrace in losing multiple finals to the Riverstown outfit, of course, but that wasn’t much consolation to the Northsiders. In this year’s Premierr 1 MHC, wins over Carbery and Bishopstown brought Na Piarsaigh to the semi-final stage, where they found their old blue-and-white foes waiting.

This time, though, history would not be repeated, as a 4-19 to 1-13 victory was achieved. With Killeagh/Ita’s seen off 5-9 to 0-10 in the county final, it meant a first top-level minor title for the club in 20 years as well as the September Rebel Óg award.

Na Piarsaigh captain Kyle Power makes no bones about the significance of beating Sars. “It was our first time beating them in the championship,” he says, “and, after that, whatever team you put in front of us, they weren’t going to stop us.

“All the defeats from U12 up to U16, we lost county finals and the Féile final, I don’t think anyone could take it much more, we said, ‘Enough is enough now, this is our time to win it.’ To win a first minor county in 20 years was huge boost for the club and it’s a great achievement.”

Having suffered from slowish starts in earlier games, in the final they led 1-3 to 0-0 inside six minutes, but found Killeagh/Ita’s dogged opponents until a final-quarter surge.

“The way first 10 minutes went, we thought that we were flying,” Power says, but then they had their spell and the crowd got behind them.

“Thankfully, we got a good talking-to at half-time to settle ourselves down and kicked on from there. It’s all due really to the lads on the sideline. They knew what they were doing from the start and it all went to plan.”

And, with 10 of the team minor again next year, the 2017 plan could be largely the same. Power’s only regret is that he’s overage.  “If I was playing them next year anyway, I’d be very, very scared!” he laughs.

Note to Patrons: If you look at the Evening Echo of 29th September you will see the interview with Kyle Power.

Minor County Champions 2016 (Evening Echo 13/9/16 - Eamonn Murphy)

Minor Hurling
ON A dirty night for hurling, goals swung two entertaining Rebel Óg Premier Minor Hurling finals in Na Piarsaigh and Blarney’s favour at Páirc Uí Rinn.

The city side struck for five against underdogs Killeagh/Ita’s, which was in keeping with their semi-final against a highly-rated Sarsfields when they blasted four goals. The heavy pitch and driving rain, as well as the threat of a Piarsaighs forward unit spearheaded by Evan Sheehan, left the Imokilly side exposed, though it must be said two of the five goals could be attributed somewhat to the weather.

Luke Fogarty, Killeagh/Ita's, is surrounded by Na Piarsaigh players Greg Healy, Ciaran O'Flynn and Dessie Roche. Picture: Dan Linehan

Luke Fogarty, Killeagh/Ita’s, is surrounded by Na Piarsaigh players Greg Healy, Ciaran O’Flynn and Dessie Roche. Picture: Dan Linehan

Still, the chances were there to be taken, with Daniel McGuire and Sheehan rattling in two apiece, and Patrick Buckley pouncing for the other. Killeagh/Ita’s did come close to goaling themselves, but Dave Ogbebor and Luke Fogarty couldn’t get past keeper Sean O’Meara, and a steely defence in which Kyle Power, Greg Healy and Dessie Roche stood out.  Roche was selected as Carrigaline Court Hotel Man of the Match afterwards, which might appear odd given the potency of the new champions’ attack, but Killeagh/Ita’s were held to just four points from play. Roche hurled the world of ball in the number two geansaí, particularly in the second half when he was out towards the wing.

The goals were still critical of course. Piarsaigh made a lightning start, 1-3 to no score ahead after six minutes, with Sheehan threatening to run riot and McGuire gambling for a neat goal. The East Cork team settled though, Kevin Murphy a powerhouse in the half-back line, while Keane Kelly-Budds, Cathal Deane, Killian Treacy and Ogbebor clicked into gear from midfield up.  They hit six points to Na Piarsaigh’s one before half-time, and then levelled through Kelly-Budds immediately on the restart. It was anyone’s game at that juncture, but the next two scores were Na Piarsaigh’s and both were goals, Sheehan’s rocket from a class Craig Hanifin pass to make it 3-4 to 0-7 the magic moment.

Hanifin put in a great shift at wing-forward, finishing with 0-3 and assists for two goals, and his aerial ability is a real plus. Expect him and Sheehan to lead the line for the Cork minors in 2017, and both would have been worthy of the Man of the Match accolade here.  Sheehan finished out what was still a decent encounter with the last 1-2, and like his first, the goal was arrowed in with uncanny power and accuracy, on the run.

Killeagh/Ita’s will of course be gutted not to have pulled off a shock in the Premier 1 final, given it was their second loss in three years, but their underage section is thriving with smaller numbers than most.


Na Piarsaigh are in a good place right now, Premier 1 U16 champs last year and minor kingpins this time out.

Minor County Champions (Irish Examiner 13/9/16 Denis Hurley)

Na Piarsaigh turn on the power

That the final winning margin was 14 points doesn’t really do justice to what was an at-times thrilling Carrigaline Court Hotel Rebel Óg Premier 1 MHC decider at Páirc Uí Rinn last night.

Pic: Dan Linehan

Ultimately, two second-half goals from Piarsaigh were the catalyst for the city side to pull clear of what had been a stiff challenge, with a fifth added at the death as they posted the all-but-one point of their output from play.

Corner-forwards Evan Sheehan and Daniel McGuire each helped themselves to two goals, while wing-forward Craig Hanifin scored three points and was involved in countless others.

Having led by 1-4 to 0-6 at half-time, Piarsaigh won the second half on a scorelin of 4-3 to 0-4, but Killeagh/Ita’s deserve credit, not least for the way they bounced back from a start which suggested that the game would be a After early points from Daniel Gunning and Sheehan (two), McGuire struck for a goal in the sixth minute when he gambled on Hanifin’s delivery and was rewarded. They were really in the groove but Killeagh settled, with Kevin Murphy immense at centre-back.

Andrew Leahy, Killian Treacy and Aaron Walsh had points for Killeagh/Ita’s, though when Hanifin responded for Piarsaigh, there was a fear that Killeagh/Ita’s had had their purple patch and not made enough of it.  That theory was rubbished though as Treacy and two long-range dead balls from Murphy had the gap down to one, while goalkeeper Shane Kearney made a great save from McGuire.   A great Keane Kelly-Budds point had the East Cork side level a minute into the second half, but Na Piarsaigh pushed on once more, just when they needed to find something special.

Na Piarsaigh took the Premier 1 County minor hurling title last night after they defeated Killeagh/Itas at Pairc Ui Rinn. Captain Kyle Power was presented with the trophy. video by Dan Linehan

There was a large element of fortune to their second goal as McGuire’s low effort from distance wasn’t gathered by Kearney in the slippery conditions and Patrick Buckley was on hand to help the ball over the line.

Three minutes later, that lead was doubled as Hanifin’s pass placed the ball into Sheehan’s hand and the finish was clinical.

Having worked so hard to get back on level terms, Killeagh/Ita’s found themselves with a massive task again but points by Murphy and Treacy suggested that it wasn’t beyond them.

However, Na Piarsaigh weren’t to be denied, with two Hanifin points followed by McGuire’s second goal as he kicked home after Cormac Murphy’s delivery yielded a scramble.  That made it 4-6 to 0-9 and from there the black-and-amber ship wouldn’t be deviated from its harbour of glory. After Luke Fogarty’s point from Killeagh/Ita’s, Na Piarsaigh and Kearney finished with a flourish.  He got his second goal from McGuire’s pass and then added two late points, with the penultimate of those their only score from a placed ball all night.

Scorers for Na Piarsiagh: E Sheehan (2-4, 1 free), D McGuire (2-0), C Hanifin (0-3), D Gunning, C Murphy (0-1 each).  Scorers for Killeagh/Ita’s: K Treacy (0-3, frees), K Murphy (0-3, 2 frees, 1 65), A Walsh, K Kelly-Budds, A Leahy, L Fogarty (0-1 each).

NA PIARSAIGH: S O’Meara; D Roche, K Power, C Bowen; C O’Flynn, G Healy, D Connery; J Morrissey, P Buckley; D Gunning, A Lehane, C Hanifin; E Sheehan, C O’Connell D McGuire.  Subs: C Murphy for O’Connell (30, inured), B Murphy for Buckley (41), K Forde for Lehane (50).

KILLEAGH/ITA’S: S Kearney; D Hogan, J O’Rourke, E Barron; J Landers, K Murphy, E Fitzgibbon; K Kelly-Budds, C Deane; K Treacy, D Ogbebor, S Walsh; A Leahy, L Fogarty, A Walsh.  Subs: P Leahy for Walsh (50).

Referee: N Wall (Carrigaline).

Minor County Final 2016

Our Minor are playing their County Final on Monday 12th Sept., next at Pairc Ui Rinn at 8.15pm against Killeagh/St.Itas.   It has been 20 years since we won a minor county title so hopefully, fingers crossed, we can bridge that gap and bring a minor title back to the club.    If ever we needed support, it is now so we expect to see a big crowd in the Pairc.   Car flags are on sale for 5e in the office if anybody is looking for them.   We wish the players and Neil, Gearoid, William, Brian and Colin all the best.  Na Piarsaigh Abu!

Minor Hurling Championship S/F 2016 (John Coughlan)


                                         Na Piarsaigh           4-19

                                        Sarsfields                1-13

Na Piarsaigh produced champagne hurling that stunned championship favourites Sarsfields into submission in an absorbing Carrigaline Court Premier 1 Minor hurling championship semi final at the Mardyke last night.The huge attendance expected Sars to prevail but on the night they were outfought, outplayed and outscored by a rampant Na Piarsaigh side.

Sars went into this game with the favourities tag but Na Piarsaigh who had a horrible eight days prior to this game as they exited from the Senior hurling and Premier Intermediate football championships. The Farranree showed early energy but both teams shared four points in the opening six minutes.No doubt the biggest problem for Sars in the opening quarter was their shooting as they accumulated six wides.Credit to Na Piarsaigh they won the majority of dirty ball as Sars couldn’t match their intensity for long periods.

The performance of Na Piarsaigh’s Evan Sheehan deserves special mention and after striking over three points up to the 18thminute he scored a crucial goal with nine minutes remaining in the half.The pace of Dan Gunning saw him assist a perfect pass to Sheehan who billowed the back of the net with a ferocious shot.

Sars players looked out of sorts as Cork Minor panelists Jack O’Connor and Liam Healy were simply not in the game but in the last minute of the half they got two opportunities to raise a green flag. Consecutive shots from Patrick O’Driscoll and O’Connor were taken off the line as Na Piarsaigh went in at the break commanding a five-point lead 1-10 to 0-8.

Sars after accumulating 11 wides in the first half increased the tempo on the restart and with Na Piarsaigh dropping their intensity they allowed their opponents a lifeline in the 47th minute.A high ball towards Na Piarsaigh’s keeper wasn’t dealt with as Dylan Walsh followed through to force the ball over the line that reduced the deficit to two points 1-14 to 1-12.That’s as good as it got for Sars as their out of sorts team could only add one more point and their final tally of 17 wides tells its won story.

Dan Gunning is a joy to watch and his hard work was rewarded in the 51st minute when he drilled a low shot to the corner of the net following good work by Daniel McGuire.Na Piarsaigh moved up a gear and it was ironic McGuire would add two more goals in the closing three minutes that saw them totally demolish the Riverstown outfit.

Naturally Na Piarsaigh players and management were elated at the final whistle as manager Gearoid Daly reflected on his team’s heroic performance.

“We certainly didn’t expect to win by that margin but we never doubted the work rate of this squad and although many pundits in Cork would have written us off I think we proved this evening we are a decent side,” Gearoid said.

“We weren’t going well about three weeks ago and suddenly it all turned around as after a couple of challenge games the tempo was increasing within the squad.

“Our aim tonight was to win all second ball and the game panned out nicely for us against a very good Sars side.”    

Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: E Sheehan 1-8 (0-6f), D McGuire 2-1, D Gunning 1-0, K Forde 0-3, C O’Connell 0-2, J Morrissey 0-2, B Murphy 0-2 C Hannifin 0-1.

Sarsfields: J O’Connor 0-4 (0-3f), D Walsh 1-1, T O’ Leary 0-3 (0-2f), P O’Driscoll 0-2, S O’Driscoll 0-2, C Murphy 0-1.

Na Piarsaigh: S O’Meara; D Roche, K Power, C Bowen; C O’Flynn; A Lehane; D Connery; J Morrissey, K Forde; D Gunning, P Buckley, C Hanniffin; E Sheehan, C O’Connell, D McGuire.Subs: B Murphy for P Buckley (46), L O’Donovan for S O’Meara (inj 48).

Sarsfields: C Looney; S Higgins, K Walsh, S Garvey; C Roche, K Crowley, S O’Driscoll; J O’Leary, R Hogan; S Dolan, D Walsh, L Healy; T O’Leary, J O’Connor, P O’Driscoll.Subs: C Murphy for R Hogan (22), S Higgins for L Healy (50).

Referee: Nathan Wall (Carrigaline).

Sports Predictor Leaderboard (6/12/2016)






Eoghan Hanifin



Alan Daly



Christine O Driscoll



Mick Brennan



Michael O Leary



Paul O Sullivan



Gloria Casey



Thomas Harrington



Alan O Sullivan



Breanna Walsh



Colm O Connell



Mary Fitzpatrick



Colin O Sullivan



Lucy Cambridge



Vincent O Mahony



Abbey Murphy



Donna Gould



Cathal O Connell



Kieran Fitzgerald



Martin Mooney



Christine Mannix



Robert O Meara



Luke O Brien



Scott Kelleher



Darragh Casey



David Regan



James O Leary



Kelly Casey



David Burke



John O Sullivan



Pat Drummond



T Twomey



Mick McGrath



Patrick McGrath



Ciaran Cooke



Frank Nodwell



Ross Herlihy



Tony Guest



Billy Daly



Bryan Hogan



Carrie O Sullivan



Darra McNally



Paula Bourke



Peter Bell



Robert O Meara



Tim Hourihan



William O Connor



Lynda Dilloughery



Michael O Sullivan



Raymond Casey



Alan Bell



Barry O Leary



Derek Walsh



Ger O Brien




Championships 2016

Our under 16s were beaten by a very good Midleton team in their county final on Monday 8th August in Delaneys on a score of 3.19 to 2.9.    This was an excellent game of hurling but on the day we were just beaten by an all round good Midleton team. 

Our footballers played Kiskeam in the quarter final of the premier intermediate football championship in Banteer last Saturday night.   Things started well with goals coming from Alan Keating and Shaun Warren and points from Padraig Gould and Keith Buckley.   But then Kiskeam rattled off a comeback by scoring 2 goals in the space of a couple of minutes and a brace of points to lead at the interval on a score of 2.9 to 2.2.    Unfortunately we failed to create an impact with the assistance of the breeze in the second half and eventhough we battled gamely right to the end, it wasnt meant to be and lost to Kiskeam on a score of 2.13 to 2.7 who now progress to the semi-final.

Our minor hurlers were out in their semi-final game against a very fancied Sars side on Monday last in the Mardyke and anyone who was at that match were in for a real treat, a great game of hurling by both sides the final score was 4.19 to 1.13 and now we wait the winners of the second semi final between Midleton/Killeagh.   The Co.Final takes place on Monday 12th September next. (awaiting further report).

Thomas Gardiner Memorial Golf Trophy 2016

The annual Thomas Gardiner Memorial Golf Trophy 2016 will take place on Sunday 21st August next at Mahon Golf Club from 11am to 1pm.  Its a three ball scramble and its 60e per team.    For tee times contact Brian Gardiner on 0868457871 or the office on 4306549.  All times are now full and hope they all have a great day.

Fe16 Hurling Championship 2016

Our fe16s played the semi final of the county against Inniscarra at the Mardyke.   We were eventual winners on a scoreline of 2.17 to 2.13 a great display by everyone.    We now play the County Final against the very fancied Midleton side who demolished Douglas in the game before us on a score of 1.24 to 2.9.  The final now takes place on Monday 8th in Delaneys at 7.15pm and we hope to see a big crowd there.    Can we make it 2 in a row? turn out on the night to see.


Hurling Championship 2016

Find below the draw for Round 3 and 4 of the County Senior Hurling Championship which were made tonight in Pairc Ui Rinn.

Senior Hurling Championship Round 3

A: Na Piarsaigh v Ballymartle
B: Carrigdhoun v St. Finbarr's
C: Killeagh v Losers Douglas/Imokilly
D: Ballyhea v Newtownshandrum
E: CIT v Avondhu
F: Winners Youghal/Bishopstown v Duhallow

Sarsfields bye


Round 4

Sarsfields v Midleton
CIT/Avondhu v Douglas/Imokilly Winners
Erin's Own v Killeagh/Douglas/Imokilly
St. Finbarr's/Carrigdhoun v Na Piarsaigh/Ballymartle
Ballyhea/Newtownshandrum v Youghal/Bishopstown/Duhallow
Glen Rovers Bye
Bride Rovers Bye
Blackrock Bye

The draw for the Quarter-Finals will made at a later date.

The format of the draws was as follows:

Senior Hurling Championship

Round 3. 13 teams (6 Losers from R2A + 6 Winners from R2B + Bye team from R2B). (6 Games & 1 bye) winners & bye team into Round 4. 

The team who got the bye in Round 2B must play in this Round. In the event the team, which received a Bye in Round 2B, loses in Round 3 and thereby has lost its first two games in the Championship, that team must take part in the play-offs to decide the two lowest teams in the championship. Winners to R4. Losers eliminated.

Bye team from R2B v Winner 2B

Winner R2B v Loser R2A
Winner R2B v Loser R2A
Winner R2B v Loser R2A
Winner R2B v Loser R2A
Winner R2B v Loser R2A
Loser R2A a bye

Round 4. 13 teams (6 winners from R2A + 6 winners from R3 + bye team from R3. (5 games & 3 byes) winners & byes into quarter finals.

Bye team from R3 v Winner R2A 
Winner R2A v Winner R3
Winner R2A v Winner R3 
Winner R3 v Winner R3
Winner R3 v Winner R3 
Winner R2A a bye
Winner R2A a bye
Winner R2A a bye

Vetting in the GAA

 Vetting in the GAA

The GAA has a long established principle of vetting any person who, on our behalf, works with children or vulnerable adults in our Association. This principle is enshrined in rule through our Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport and has become part of the overall recruitment and selection process for those who wish to work with us in the GAA, in a voluntary or paid role.

Vetting services for the Association are currently overseen by the National Childrens Office in Croke Park while Comhairle Uladh acts on our behalf in coordinating Access NI services.

Our international units adhere to the legislative vetting and police background checks that are required in the jurisdiction in which they operate.

The National Vetting Bureau (Children & Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 - 2016 commenced on 29th April 2016 and from that date a statutory obligation was placed upon the GAA to ensure that all persons who on our behalf undertook ‘relevant work’ with children has been vetted prior to taking up that role in Ireland.

The term ‘relevant work’ in the GAA includes any role of responsibility such as coaching, managing or training underage teams or indeed adult teams that contain any player under 18 yrs. of age. It also applies to organising underage activities or refereeing underage games.

The Act also established the National Vetting Bureau (NVB) to oversee the e-vetting services previously administered by the Garda Central Vetting Unit.

Who needs to be vetted?
In the GAA any person who carries out a role of responsibility such as coaching, managing or training underage teams or indeed adult teams that contain any player under 18 yrs. of age must be vetted. It also applies to organising underage activities or refereeing underage games.  Thereafter, each club shall decide if other roles merit a person being vetted.

Any person who was working with children in the GAA prior to the commencement of the Act and was not previously vetted for that role may continue in that capacity but must apply as a matter of priority to be vetted by the GAA under what is termed ‘retrospective vetting’.  This term and these conditions are allowed for in the Act.

What if the applicant is under 18 yrs. of age?
GAA vetting services are available to any person over 16 yrs. of age fulfilling a role of responsibility with children or vulnerable adults. A parental consent form (
NVB Parent/Guardian Consent Form) must be completed, this is available here, for applicants between 16 and 18 yrs. of age  

Is it an offence if you are not vetted?
It is now a criminal offence, for a person acting on behalf of the GAA, or for the GAA as an Association to permit any person to commence working with children on behalf of the Association without that person first obtaining a vetting disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau in respect of the role for which they have been recruited.  It is also a breach of GAA rule if you are working with children or vulnerable adults on behalf of the Association and have not been vetted.

When the Vetting Act came into being on 29 April 2016 the GAA became one of the first organisations to replace ‘paper vetting’ with a new on line or E –Vetting system.

E-Vetting replaces all previous paper vetting systems which also brings us in line with similar e-vetting services as coordinated by Ulster GAA for AccessNI.

How can you be vetted through the GAA?
Vetting for a member of the GAA involves 3 easy to follow steps as follows:

Step 1 The initial application vetting process at Club level
You must in the first instance complete the 
GAA E-Vetting ID Form. This form compels you to provide proof of your identity to the Club Children’s Officer, who must verify that they have received the ID verification as required.  The ID verification may be retained by the Club Children’s Officer for the duration of the e-vetting process or it may be attached by you at Step 2 to the On Line Vetting application Form. 

The primary purpose of this form is for you to provide your name, address, club, role for which you applied, and to present your ID (e.g. copy of your passport plus a utility bill showing your current address) plus a valid email address for future reference. The full list of documents which are accepted for verification can be found here
Click here for the GAA E-Vetting ID Form

Step 2 Completing the Vetting Application form
Following completion of the initial process you will then be directed to www.gaa.ie where the GAA on-line E-Vetting Application Form is available to download.  

Once you complete the GAA on-line E-Vetting Application Form the information provided is forwarded to the NVB by the GAA and you will receive an on-line NVB Vetting Form to complete.

The details entered will be emailed back to you, for your own records.  Your Club Secretary will also receive an email informing him/her that you have applied as a member of the club, to be issued with the NVB Vetting Application Form.
Click here for GAA on-line E-Vetting application form

Step 3 NVB Vetting Application form 
The NVB will issue you with the NVB Vetting Application form.  This will be issued to the email address you provided in Step 2.

Completing this form is a confidential matter between you and the NVB.  All sections of the form including current and previous addresses, email address and contact telephone numbers, information on convictions and prosecutions (if any), plus other information will be required when completing the form.

Once all sections of the form have been answered this then completes your application process for E Vetting in the GAA and within a short period of time you shall be contacted by the GAA to informing you as to the outcome of the vetting application.

You and your Club Secretary will be notified when the vetting process has been completed.


Upcoming Underage Championships.

Our 16 hurlers have progressed to the semi final of the county with a meeting against Inniscarra hopefully on Thursday 4th August next time and venue to be confirmed.

On Wednesday 3rd August our fe21s play against Ballinhassig in Pairc Ui Rinn at 6.15pm.  This is the last chance for the lads, so your support please.

Our minors played Bishopstown in the quarter final of the hurling championship on Thursday last when they narrowly won by a point.   A lot of work still needs to be done and Im sure the mentors have ideas in mind, as our best team will be needed if we want to beat Sars in the semi-final of the county and this takes place on the 24th August next time and venue to be fixed.

1916 Celebrations

On the 2nd July last at Redemption Road in Cork, we unveiled our commemoration plaque celebrating the 1916 celebrations and the spot where the first meeting on the formation of our club took place way back in 1943.    It was attended by a fairly large crowd also Cllr.Michael Nugent attended.   The plaque was unveiled by the President of the Club Kathleen Martin.   Chairman Jim O Sullivan made a short speech and a lot of photographs were taken, these can be seen up on the Gallery.     We then made our way to the Fairfield where both the girls and boys in the camogie and underage marched behind a lone piper and banners down to the club where the final of the street leagues took place and an inter club ud8/ud10 camogie game.   Every child got either a trophy or a certificate of the days participation.

Then on Sunday 3rd July we held a senior hurling league game against Glen Rovers which was attended by a very large crowd in beautiful sunshine.   It was a good game and Na Piarsaigh were the eventual winners on a score of 1.17 to 17pt.   Then a DJ played in the clubhouse until 9pm.   A great weekend was had by all, and we wish to thank everybody who took part and helped out to make the weekend a great success.

Na Piarsaigh 1916 Celebrations

Na Piarsaigh H&F Club will commence their 1916 Celebrations on Saturday 2nd July and Sunday 3rd July next.  The Schedule is as follows and all members and their families are asked to support this great occasion.

Saturday 2nd July 2016.
12.15pm - Meet at Redemption Road to unveil Club Memorial Plaque.
1pm        - Meeting up with Underage Academy & Camogie Underage players at the Fairfield.
1.15pm   - Walk to the club behind club banners
1.30pm   - Commencement of Street League Finals
2.30pm   - Presentation and Summer Cul Camp registration.

Sunday 3rd July 2016.
4pm        - SHL .v. Glen Rovers

All members are requested to attend in club gear.

Summer Cul Camp 2016

Its time for our Summer Camp again!  An action packed 3 days of activities for children aged 5-12 boys and 6-13 years girls in July.   They'll get to learn GAA games from qualified coaches in a safe and fun environment in their local GAA Club.   The Summer Camp takes place on the 12th, 13th and 15th July from 10am to 2pm.   The camps are structured so that different aspects of GAA games are worked on each day.   The programme involves coaching specific skills of the GAA games and the opportunity for children to put into practice what they have learned through small sided games.   On the last day of the camp a "blitz" will be organised to provide each child with an introduction to competitive games.

Price is 35e for first child, 30e for second child and 25e for third child.

What to Bring:
. packed lunch and a drink (not fizzy)
.hurley & helmet (provided for younger kids)
. every child MUST have their own gumshield
. suitable playing gear, tracksuit, shorts, runners, boots
. rain jacked and change of clother on wet days (knowing our weather anyway)
. sun cream for those far and few sunny days that we might have

Registration Day will be on Saturday 2nd July from 2.30pm to 4pm where application forms will then be available.   No registration will be entertained after the 2nd July.   Also there is no registration on line.

Contract Catherine Allen 0863120574 or Mick McGrath 0866015336

Premier Intermediate Football C'ship (Irish Examiiner 13/6/16)

Dual mandate paying off nicely for Na Piarsaigh

Na Piarsaigh 0-13 Naomh Abán 0-3: Na Piarsaigh were on top of their game in Carrigadrohid on Saturday, producing a fine display of football to book a quarter-final place in the Cork Premier IFC. On a wet evening, they emerged easy victors in this round 2A clash against a Naomh Abán side that never got going.

It was quality football all the way from a Na Piarsaigh outfit that battled through a relegation play-off last year. The management team of Stephen O’Sullivan, Sean Óg Ó hAilpín, Robert Coughlan and Darren Mannix are also the backroom staff for the club’s senior hurlers. O’Sullivan says the dual role is paying off.

“When we came on board we were only going to do the hurling. But we said we need access to players 24/7. A few people were asking us were we mad but you can see the fruits of it. If the players don’t turn up for football, they don’t play the hurling. It is as simple as that. It is a blanket rule. We don’t care who you are.

“We asked the lads to buy in to what we were trying to do. We have given football the respect it deserves. We lost the first round of the hurling, but it was probably one of our better performances. We won’t have football now for another couple of months, we can go away and get ready for the hurling.”

Na Piarsaigh went about their business from the off, scoring three points inside the first four minutes from Alan Keating, Keith Buckley and Dayne Lee. By the end of the hour, all six forwards had played their part with Padraig Gould, Cian O’Mahony and Shaun Warren on the scoresheet too. After 30 minutes, the city north-siders led 0-7 to 0-1.

The Naomh Abán point was from a Micheál Ó Cróinín free in the ninth minute. However, the former Cork player was troubled by injury and went off late in the match. As well, midfielder Séamus Ó Laoghaire was forced off injured after 10 minutes, while centre-back Micheál Ó Liatháin didn’t start because of injury. All is not lost though for the Ballyvourney men as they go through to the next round versus one of the winners from 2B.

Naomh Abán began the second-half with a Colm de hÍde point. But they didn’t score again from play. To add to their woes, defender Muiris Ó Donnchú received a black card, while Liam MacSuibhne was sent off after getting a yellow and black around the three-quarter mark.

Meanwhile, Na Piarsaigh motored on. Defensively they were rock-solid, particularly Eddie Gunning, Adam Dennehy and Alan Brady. Midfield linked up well, providing plenty of scoring opportunities for the forwards.

Scorers for Na Piarsaigh:  K Buckley, A Keating (2 frees) and C O’Mahony (0-3 each), S Warren (0-2), P Gould and D Lee (0-1 each).

Scorers for Naomh Abán:  M Ó Cróinín (free), S MacCárthaigh (free) and C de hÍde (0-1 each).

NA PIARSAIGH: K Waters; E Gunning, A Dennehy, E Moynihan; C Buckley, A Brady, E Hanifin; P Rourke, S Forde; P Gould, K Buckley, D Lee; S Warren, C O’Mahony, A Keating.

Subs: J Gardiner for D Lee (33 inj), G Joyce for P Gould (50).

NAOMH ABÁN: S Ó hUidhir; M Ó Donn chú, S Ó Mathúna, T Ó hAilíosa; R de hÍde, S Ó Riada, L MacSuibhne; C de hÍde, S Ó Laoghaire; D Ó Ceallaigh, M Ó Cróinín, N Ó Ceallaigh; S MacCárthaigh, M Ó Duinnín, D Ó Ceocháin.

Subs: É Ó Críodáin for S Ó Laoghaire (10 inj), D Ó Scanaill for M Ó Donnchú (BC 34), A Ó Loingsigh for S MacCárthaigh (47), D Ó Donnchú for M Ó Cróinín (56 inj).

Referee: James Bermingham (Bride Rovers).

Sport Predictor Leaderboard


SHC Report (Irish Examiner 30/5/2016)

Alan Cadogan gives a masterclass during Douglas (Monday 30th May - Jim O Sullivan)

Douglas 2-18 Na Piarsaigh 1-18: An outstanding contest, highlighted by the skill and class of Alan Cadogan, presented a much more positive image of Cork hurling after the flop in Semple Stadium the previous Sunday and fittingly Douglas were the winners in this first-round game in Páirc Uí Rinn yesterday.

They had the confidence and specifically the ability to recover from a slow start and had the consistency to survive a challenge from Na Piarsaigh that was only weakened by some poor finishing.

It delighted winning manager Willie Coveney who commented that they could look forward to another two games, winning was ‘even more important’ because of the boost it has given the squad. “The win is vital and the way we did it, the fight (we showed). Obviously we would have preferred a better start.  They caused us a bit of trouble the way they were organising their puck-outs, but once our fellows tightened up and got on top, even though their goal knocked us back a bit. At times Cadogan was unplayable, especially with the space he was running into. From our point of view we are always a bit biased but he’s probably the form forward in the county.”

Na Piarsaigh selector Séan Óg Ó hAilpín was philosophical, accepting that they missed scores after drawing level ‘coming down the straight,’ but acknowledging that they were up against ‘a seasoned’ Douglas team. “I harp back to the Donal O’Grady days, when you look at the scoreboard and at the final whistle if you are not ahead, well you don’t deserve to win.”  The first half was notable for the impressive manner in which Na Piarsaigh opened their challenge with three points in as many minutes and, in turn, the way Douglas responded once they had found their form. While named at midfield, Cork defender Christophe Joyce lined out at centre-back and he was quick to settle, as was Alan Hogan who moved to midfield to partner Dayne Lee. Up front, John Gardiner was showing the value of his experience at centre-forward.  Not unexpectedly, the first Douglas score came from Cadodgan and showing speed, great vision and terrific ball control, he was to be heavily involved all through. And after Philip Shine began to make his mark at wing-back, Mark Harrington came more into the game at midfield, Steven Moylan contributing after he settled and Mark Collins also to the forefront as Douglas fought back to be level at 0-6 each by the 15th minute.  Shortly afterwards came the Na Piarsaigh goal, Pádraig Gould the scorer after he had the strength to ride a heavy tackle, but Douglas jumped in front for the first time in the 25th minute when Finbarr Desmond goaled, immediately after Gardiner hit a low ball into the goalkeeper’s hands at the other end. And at the break they led 1-9 to 1-7.

The second half was seriously competitive, with the issue in doubt right up to the closing minutes. And, while they were handicapped by some poor wides (13 by the final whistle), Na Piarsaigh remained strongly in contention even as Douglas stayed in front, with Mark O’Connor enhancing their forward unit with strong play and valuable scores.  Then, with ten minutes remaining, Douglas produced a second goal, the result of a splendid move involving Cadogan and the impressive Mark Collins.  Undaunted, Na Piarsaigh fought back with a point from play from Dayne Lee and two pointed frees from Keith Buckley and another from play to be level with only a minute of normal time remaining.

To quote Ó hAilpín, the game was in the ‘melting pot’ and it was Douglas who had the overall strength to get over the line with Cadogan and Conor Kingston scoring before Joyce got one back and the same two Douglas players countering with two late inspirational points.

Scorers for Douglas:  A. Cadogan 0-6; F. Desmond 1-1; M. O’Connor 0-4 (1 ‘65); M. Dolan 1-0; M. Collins 0-3; M. Harrington and C. Kingston 0-2 each.

Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: K. Buckley 0-6 (4 frees); P. Gould 1-1; D. Lee 0-4; E. Moynihan (2 frees) and A. Hogan 0-2 each; I. McDonnell, C. Joyce and S. Forde 0-1 each.

DOUGLAS: T. Delaney; K. Hayes Curtin, R. Keating, P. Clarke; C. Sheehan, S. Fogarty, P. Shine; S. Moylan, M. Harrington; M. Collins, M. O’Connor, C. Kingston; A. Cadogan, F. Desmond, M. Dolan.

Subs:L. McGrath for Hayes Curtin (ht); J. Collins for Shine (42); A. Barry for Sheehan (inj. 47); E. Cadogan for Dolan (58).

NA PIARSAIGH: A. Keating; A. Brady, E. Gunning, E. Moynihan; R. McGregor, C. Joyce, C. Buckley (capt.); D. Lee, A. Hogan; S. Forde, J. Gardiner, P. Rourke; P. Gould, I. McDonnell, K. Buckley.

Subs: A. Dennehy for McGregor (38); D. Gunning for McDonnell (52); EW. Hanifin for Gardiner (60).

Referee: Cathal McAllister (Aghada).

Golf Classic Fundraiser 2016

Our second fundraiser took place on Friday 13th May last, our Golf Classic 2016 at Monkstown Golf Club on a day which was perfect for a round of golf.  We had 47 teams taking part and we had 62 tee boxes sponsored by local businesses, and we wish to thanks all those businesses who took part in the golf and who sponsored tee boxes, we sincerely appreciate your contribution to our fundraising to build our hurling alleys.    Also a big big thank you to the Fundraising & Golf Classic Committee for all their hard work in making this event a success and going on this we hope to make to make it an annual event.

We would like to thank Monkstown Golf Club for a great day and with the food served that night and especially to Deborah Field who was extremely helpful.    We thank Carl Toal, Golf Club Captain who has roots in Na Piarsaigh H&F Club and was a great help on the day and went out of his way to help make this event a big success.

The 1st Prize was won by Fr.O Neills GAA Club and captained by Robbie Dalton.   A great night was had by all back in the Club where we had music and where the prizes were presented to the winners.

For all photos of the day see our "Gallery".

Cork/Tipperary Munster Hurling Championships

The start of the Munster Hurling Championship takes place on Sunday 22nd May next in Thurles.   First up will be the Munster Intermediate Hurling Championship at 2pm and we wish Cian Buckley, Patrick Rourke all the best from everyone.

Then it is the turn of the Munster Senior Hurling Championship at 4pm and we again wish Christopher Joyce all the best in his game.    Hopefull it will be success for Cork in both grades.

Club Senior Hurling Championship

After the great win by our Premier Intermediate Footballers against Kiskeam on the 8th May last on a score of 2.13 to 12 pts and the following night our Junior A Football Championship who won against Douglas on a score of 3.10 to 7pt.   Our Minor Hurlers winning against Carbery on the 29th April 2.16 to 5pt and our Minor C3 win against Douglas on the 9th May 11pt to 5pt, on Sunday 29th May next it will be the turn of our Senior Hurlers who play Douglas in Pairc Ui Rinn at 2.15pm.  Training is going well and hopefully we can be successful here also.     Your support is a must for this game so we look forward to seeing everyone in the Pairc to support the lads on the day.   Na Piarsaigh Abu

Cork/Tipperary Hurling Championship

Cork/Tipperary Munster Hurling Championship

Game fixed for Thurles on Sunday 22nd May next.  Juvenile Groups are available for this fixture. €3 per juvenile with one adult free with every 10. 

Orders for this package must be with Munster Council before the 16th May. 

Public Sale through tickets.ie Centra/Supervalu are going on sale this Friday 22nd April at 10am. 

Prices are as follows: 

Adult Covered Stand: €25

Adult Uncovered Stand: €20 

Terrace: €15

Juveniles in all Areas: €5

Concession on full price Adult Tickets at the designated stile with valid id: €5

Club Championships 2016

Championships are now fast approaching and the first of these is the Minor Premier 1 hurling championship against Carbery which will take place on Friday 29th April next at the Mardyke at 8pm.   Then on Saturday 7th May our MC3HC -v- Douglas takes place again website will be updated with date and time.

Our Premier Intermediate Football Championship against Kilkeam has been pushed out to Sunday 8th May in Mallow at 7pm and last for that week is the Junior A Football Championship against Douglas will be in Ballinlough on Wednesday 11th May at 7pm.

Please these dates in your diary and good support from members and supporters is expected on these dates.

"Your Own Song" Night

A new venture will commence shortly in the Bar on Wednesday 4th May next at 9pm and every Wednesday night thereafter.   Its called "Your Own Song" a night of music, singing, and the odd waltz.    Your MC is John O Reilly and music will be by Donal Ring.   So tell your friends and bring them along for a great night of entertainment.

Fundraising 1st Event

Due to the lack of support for the "Sports Predictor 2016" the closing date has been extended to the 7th April so the fundraising committee are asking everyone to get behind this event and return all their cards with their 10e as soon as possible and mentors of all the teams are reminded to chase up on getting all the cards returned before the 7th April next.  

Result of Over 60's Talent Competition

The Over 60's Talent Competition was held recently in the Bar in front of a large crowd.   There were 8 singers in the contest and they all sang great songs.  There were also guest artists including the winners from 2015,2014 and 2013 and a great sing song ensued.   Paddy O Brien was the MC for the night.  But it had to come down to one winner and we are very happy that John O Reilly of Parklands won with his rendition of "Caledonia".   John now goes onto represent Na Piarsaigh in the semi finals which take place on the 24th April next in the City Hall, and we wish him the best of luck.   We wish to thank the organisers and everyone who took part in the competition and we hope to run it again next year and for a very long time.

Membership 2016

The closing date is fast approaching for membership, all players and mentors must have their membership paid before the 31st March next same can be handed in behind the bar or left in the Office with Brenda.

Over 60's Talent Competition

The Over 60's talent competition for the Farranree/Fairhill heat will take place at the Club on Tuesday 8th March next at 8pm in the Bar.   So if you would like to take part either, singing, dancing or playing an instrument we would lover for you to attend on the night.   Your MC for the night will be Paddy O Brien and all are welcome.   If you are interested in taking part and for more information please contact Neilus O Sullivan 0862291161 or Frank O Shea 0879922896 so for a very enjoyable night of entertainment we hope to see you there.

Fundraising Meeting & 1st Event

A meeting will be held tonight at 8pm in the club.    All teams are to be represented right down from ud5/6 to senior, all are welcome.   The Fundaising Committee will go through what they have planned for the year in respect of fundraising so that we can get our hurling alleys developed.    The alleys have been cleared out so we must now fundraise ourselves to come up with the balance needed.    The alleys are very important in developing the skills needed by both our underage, camogie and senior teams to be a successful club, so your attendance and support would be very much appreciated. 

The first of these Fundraising events is the "Sports Predictor 2016"  this is a list of 36 sporting events throughout the year starting with the Aintree Grand National on the 9th April and finishing with Formula One Drivers Championship on the 27th November, and in between will be GAA questions, soccer questions, rugby questions etc.   Right across the board all underage, camogie and adult teams will be given a card and will be asked to test their knowledge on receipt of 10e.   All cards and entry fees must be returned before the 13th March.   A leaderboard will be updated quarterly on the club website.   Points will be awarded for correct answers that are clearly indicated beside the question, the person with the highest points when the event has finished will be the winner.  1st Prize is 500e, 2nd Prize is 200e and 3rd Prize is 100e and maybe some spot prizes in between.   All proceeds raised will go towards the Hurling Alley Development Fund

Quiz Night (fundraiser)

We are holding a table quiz in aid of the club and will be held in the back bar on Saturday 30th January next at 8pm sharp, 20e for a table of 4.    Music afterwards, and all are welcome.  Great craic. 

Our thanks to everybody who took part in the Quiz Fundraising.    Congratulations to the winners.   Also our thanks to everyone who donated a spot prize.   A great night was had by all and it was great to see young and not so young taking part.

Membership 2016

Membership for 2016 is now due and has to be paid before the 31st March 2016.  All players, and mentors are to have their membership paid.   Details are as follows:

  • Full Membership                                    100.00

  • Student/full time education no earnings    30.00

  • Student/part time work                           70.00

  • Pensioners - 65 years and over               20.00

  • Unemployed-in receipt of state payment   50.00

Winners of Xmas Draw 2015

Christmas Draw Winners 2015

1st.     Kelly Casey c/o Graham Casey
2nd.    Edel Desmond
3rd.    Jilly O Connor
4th.    Garry Harris c/o Bill Kelleher
5th.    Blake Cambridge
6th.    Ita Desmond
7th.    Brian Daly c/o Pat Daly
8th.    Louise O Callaghan
9th.    Helen O Donoghue
10.    Angela Lombard

On behalf of the Juvenile Committee we wish to sincerely thank everyone who sold and bought tickets, to all our sponsors and members who gave prizes, if it wasnt for your generosity our Underage and Juvenile Sections would struggle financially.    Again many thanks, and we wish you all a very merry christmas.

Championship 2016

The draw for the 2016 championship was made lately and the following are the pairings:

Senior Hurling: Round 1 (B) Douglas .v. Na Piarsaigh -
Round 2A (winners from Round 1) B .v. L (Imokilly/UCC).
Round 2B (losers from Round 1) B a bye.

Premier Intermediate Football: Round 1 (H) Kiskeam .v. Na Piarsaigh -
Round 2A (winners from Round 1)  H .v. C (Castletownbere/Naomh Aban)
Round 2B (losers from Round 1) H .v. C

Intermediate Hurling Championship: (A) Na Piarsaigh .v. Argideen Rangers -
Round 2A (winners from Preliminary Round & Round 1) A .v. J (Kilbrittain/Ballymartle/Grenagh)
Round 2B (losers from Preliminary Round & Round 1) K (Kildorrery/Ballygarvan) .v. A

Membership Cards 2015

Membership Cards for 2015 can be collected behind the Bar by members.    They will also be given out at the AGM for those who haven't collected them.   The remainder will be posted out after the AGM.

Long Puc 2015

Members and supporters should note that the Annual Long Puc takes place this year on Monday 28th December.    Get ready, organise your teams, and we hope to see a big turn out on the day.    Great day guaranteed.  New teams always welcome!

Club Shop - Christmas Orders

Orders for Santa for the Club Shop are now being taken, dont leave it to the last minute and be disappointed, ring Peter Bell on 0879533986 for your orders.

Annual Dee O Leary & Barry O Leary Fe11 Football Tournament

The annual Dee O Leary and Barry O Leary Fe11 Football Tournament takes place this Saturday 31st October.    Teams taking part are Austin Stacks Tralee, Kilshannig, Glanmire, Valley Rovers and ourselves.    Games begin at 10.30am and we expect to see a big crowd for support.

AGM Sunday 6th December 2015

Members please note that the hurling & football AGM will be held on Sunday 6th December next at 2.30pm.    Members will be served with their nomination papers in due course.    Please note the date in your diary.    

Underage & Juvenile Christmas Draw 2015

Our christmas draw this year has been taken over by the Underage & Juvenile Committee and tickets are at present being given out to all our teams.    Members will also be given tickets to sell to help fund the underage and juvenile sections for kids aged between 5years to 18years to buy training equipment, gear, hurleys, sliotars and to fund tournaments and buses.   Members are asked to make a big effort to buy the tickets book of 3 for 5e.   The prizes money this year has been increased and are well worth 5e.  Draw takes place on Sunday 20th December in the Bar.   Tickets can also be bought behind the Bar.

1.  Hamper + 200e voucher
2.  Hamper + 75e voucher
3.  Hamper + 50e voucher
4.  100e Cash - Peig Twomey
5.  Drinks Hamper - Member
6.  Special Prize - Square Deal
7.  Pantomime Tickets - Cork Opera House
8.  50e cash - Member
9. 50e cash - Member
10. 6 bottles of wine - Member
Plus spot prizes on the night.


Annual Pat Kelleher Fe14 Hurling Tournament

The annual Pat Kelleher Fe14 Hurling Tournament takes place on Saturda 24th October next at 10.30am.    Teams attending are Valley Rovers, Inniscarra, Naomh Barrog (Dublin) and ourselves.   Matches start at 10.30am.     Anyone who wishes to give a hand in the tournament are more than welcome.

25 Years On - Cork SHC Winners 1990

On the 11th October next our lads who played in the 1990 Cork County Senior Hurling Championship Final against the Barrs will be honoured at half time at the Co.Final.     The lads will also be honoured at a reception in the club on Friday 10th October and we hope to see them all there and have a great night.   Music will be provided by "Damien".    Photos of that historic win can be seen in the Photo Gallery under 1990 Archives.

Relegation Final Premier Intermediate Football

Well here we are fighting relegation in football, we play Ballinure on Friday 25th September in Pairc Ui Rinn at 7.30pm we ask that we all support our footballers on this day.   It is very important that we retain our premier intermediate football status within the club.   Good luck to the lads.

Also coming up on Saturday is the annual Austin Stacks fe13 Football Tournament which takes place in Tralee.    Our first game is at 12 o clock and again we are asking the parents to support the lads.      Good luck to all the lads.

Junior A Hurling Championship Semi-Final

On Saturday 22nd August sees our Junior A Hurlers play the semi final of their championship against a very fancied Nemo Rangers team in Ballinlough at 6.45pm.    Your support please for the lads.

Report on fe21 Hurling Final (Irish Examiner 10th August 2015)

Blackrock's second-half goal blitz proves decisive (10th August 2015)

Blackrock 3-18 Na Piarsaigh 1-12: Blackrock completed a five-in- a-row in the Seandun Sportsturf Solutions U21 A hurling championship following a 12-point win over Na Piarsaigh at Ballinlough on Saturday.

Na Piarsaigh will feel gutted with the final scoreline as Blackrock keeper Gavin Connolly produced four top class saves that earned him man of the match accolade.

The Rockies paved the way for their win with a three goal blitz in the second-half during a 10 minute period that eventually put this game to bed. In the opening half the hurling was crisp with both sides displaying superb skills in the art of hooking and blocking and with Blackrock leading 0-5 to 0-3 in the 13th minute Piarsaigh responded with a splendid goal.   A inch perfect through ball from Dayne Lee found Paul Cunningham who drilled a low shot to the corner of the net.

Na Piarsaigh played by far the better hurling in the half but after playing with the wind they only went in at the break with a three-point lead 1-7 to 0-7.   On the restart Na Piarsaigh were denied what looked a golden goal opportunity but somehow Connolly parried Dayne Lee’s tremendous effort to safety.

In the 38th minute the Rockies goal-fest began when Cathal Cormack billowed the back of the net with a fabulous strike.   Two more goals in the 46th and 47th minutes from Michael O’Halloran and Cathal Cormack put the icing on the cake for Blackrock as Na Piarsaigh’s challenge petered out.

No doubt the loss of Na Piarsaigh’s full back Eddie Gunning at half time was a huge blow to the northside club who posed the champions numerous problems over the hour.

Blackrock greeted the sound of the final whistle with elation as manager Fergal Ryan praised his troops.  “We knew coming here that Na Piarsaigh would be stiff opposition for us.   “However, I think we demonstrated in the second-half our scoring power when the opportunities arose.  “We must now regroup and concentrate on winning the county championship where I am sure tougher hurdles await us.”

Scorers for Blackrock:
Cathal Cormack 2-2, M O’Halloran 1-5 (0-1f), S Murphy 0-3 (f), I O’Keeffe 0-3, Ciaran Cormack 0-2, L O’Sullivan 0-2, D O’Brien 0-1.

Na Piarsaigh:
D Lee 0-5, P Cunningham 1-1, D Gunning 0-3, P Guest 0-2 (0-1f), E Sheehan 0-1.

G Connolly; J Ryan, J Cashman, D O’Callaghan; A O’Callaghan, N Cashman, C O’Brien; S Murphy, D Meaney; C Cormack, I O’Keeffe, Ciaran Cormack; J O’Sullivan, M O’Halloran, P Lynch.
Subs:  A Nolan for P Lynch (42), L O’Sullivan for J O’Sullivan (42), D O’Brien for Ciaran Cormack (55), B O’Leary for Cathal Cormack (57).

Na Piarsaigh:
D O’Connell; E O’Keeffe, E Gunning, D Bowen; P O’Sullivan, S Curtin, G Joyce; P Cunningham, S Warren; D Gunning, E Sheehan, D Lee; E Hannifin, S Forde, P Guest.
Subs: J O’Connor for E Gunning (inj h-t), S Galgey for E Sheehan (48), C O’Connor for E Hannifin (54).

Referee:  Teddy O’Donovan (Douglas).
(see photographs in Gallery)

Report on fe16 Hurling Championship Final (Irish Examiner 10th August 2015)

Craig Hanafin inspires Na Piarsaigh to title (Irish Examiner 10th August 2015)

Na Piarsaigh 4-16 Glen Rovers 2-15: A final quarter surge, inspired by captain Craig Hanafin, saw Na Piarsaigh claim the Cork Premier 1 U16 HC title on Saturday in Páirc Uí Rinn.
A goal by Evan Sheehan after 90 seconds settled Na Piarsaigh and they added a second courtesy of Alex Cummins in the 10th minute to lead by five points.

However, the Glen were rallied by the skillful Jamie Corkery at full-forward and with eight first-half points - six from frees - they stayed in touch.  Defensively they were ragged however and on 23 minutes, Sheehan raised a second green flag when Dessie Roche was fouled inside the square.

The Glen continued to create chances, however, and in fact outscored Roy O’Meara’s side in the first half thanks to good work by Corkery, Robert Downey and Owen O’Neill, to trail by just two at the turnaround (0-10 to 3-3).

With Hanafin coming more into the game, Na Piarsaigh went in front by five, but when Dale Tynan (44) and Corkery (45) both netted within a minute of each other, the Glen had moved into the lead.   But captain Hanafin began to lord it in midfield when it mattered most, scoring his side’s next five points as his defence finally got to grips with Corkery, who finished with 1-12.     A fourth goal by substitute Kevin Moynihan on the 54th minute sealed the deal for Na Piarsaigh.

Scorers for Na Piarsaigh:
C Hanafin 0-10 (0-4 frees; 0-1 65), E Sheehan 2-3 (1-0 pen), A Cummins 1-2, K Moynihan 1-0 and P Buckley 0-1.

Scorers for Glen Rovers:
J Corkery 1-12 (0-8 frees), D Tynan 1-0, R Duggan and S Busteed 0-1 each, O O’Neill 0-1 (free).

L O’Donovan; S Barrett, J Morrissey, M Walsh; S O’Meara, D Connery, C O’Flynn; C Hanafin (C), J Meaney; E Sheehan, C Allen, G Healy; C Brown, A Cummins, D Roche. Sub: K Moynihan for C Brown (36), A Higgins for S O’Meara (55) and P Buckley for D Roche (61).

R Byrne; D Morrissey, A Murphy (C), D Marshall; C Cullinane, A Cronin, C Horgan; J Higgins, O O’Neill; S Busteed, S Kennefick, R Downey; D Tynan, J Corkery, R Duggan.


D Kirwan (Éire Óg)

(see photographs in photo gallery)

Senior Hurling Championship (Irish Examiner 1/8/15)

Erin’s Own do damage to Na Piarsaigh early

Erin’s Own 3-19 Na Piarsaigh 2-18: What might have appeared to be a stroll in the park for favourites Erin’s Own when they turned over at half-time with a 14 points advantage ultimately proved to be a struggle to gain their quarter-final place in the Cork SHC at Pairc Uí Rinn last evening.
A storming second-half recovery from Na Piarsaigh brought them to within a goal in injury time and the East Cork side were relieved to see top scorer Eoghan Murphy win a close-in free before a final act of drama with Na Piarsaigh free-taker Keith Buckley hitting a 30 yards free against the upright.
Winning manager Martin Bowen conceded they were ‘lucky’ to win, commenting: “there was a strong wind out there....stronger than you’d think. It was a game of two halves and we would consider we were lucky to get out of it.”
In the final analysis what proved decisive was the goal scored by corner-forward Maurice Carroll in the 40th minute and impressive goalkeeping from Shay Bowen, whose brother Alan was one of their stars in attack.
The foundation for the Erin’s Own victory was laid early in the game, once they had begun to impose their will on the game after an opening ten minutes noteworthy for three Na Piarsaigh wides before Stephen O’Sullivan got their opening point. That came in the eighth minute, by which time Erin’s Own had four points on the board.
In general play, Erin’s Own were winning more ball around the middle of the field and more forceful in attack – where Bowen and Maurice Carroll in the corners were to play major roles, along with expert free-taking from Eoghan Murphy. The city side did promise for a while, with Ronan McGregor getting in some good work in the half-back line and Keith Buckley probing on the right flank in attack, but, in comparative terms, the return from their overall efforts was minimal.
The difference in standards was highlighted when Alan Bowen got the first goal for Erin’s Own after 18 minutes and Maurice Carroll – son of former Limerick star Mossie Carroll – followed suit with a terrific solo effort. Followed quickly by a point from Stephen Cronin it put them 10 points clear and Na Piarsaigh’s only real attempt at a goal was foiled when corner-back Cian O’Connor made a vital interception. At the break it was 2-14 to 0-6.

With a few positional switches and a much more determined approach, Na Piarsaigh were encouraged by an Ian McDonnell goal within four minutes and, after Carroll’s goal, Erin’s Own were to be restricted to four points after Carroll’s goal. And they were grateful when Shay Bowen made the first of two crucial saves at the three-quarters stage. The city side were winning much more possession all over and were boosted by the introduction of subs Padraig Guest and 16 year-old Eoin Ó hAinfin, who was to get their second goal in the 62nd minute. Keith Buckley was unerring in his free-taking and they steadily narrowed the deficit to the stage when only a goal separated the sides. After that, anything could have happened but Eoghan Murphy’s late, late free settled the issue.

Scorers for Erin’s Own:
E. Murphy (0-10, 5 frees, 1 65); M. Carroll (2-2); A. Bowen (1-5); S. Cronin and Kieran Murphy (0-1 each).

Scorers for Na Piarsaigh:
K. Buckley (0-7, 5 frees, 2 65’s); E. Moynihan (0-4); I. McDonnell (1-1); E. Ó hAinfin (1-0); P. Rourke (0-2); C. Buckley, D. Lee, S. O’Sullivan and P. Guest (0-1 each).

S. Bowen; C. O’Connor, C. Dooley, D. Dennehy; S. Cronin, S. Murphy (capt.), C. O’Mahony; Killian Murphy, S. Kelly; Kieran Murphy, J. Sheehan, M. Collins; M. Carroll, E. Murphy, A. Bowen.
Subs: C. O’Callaghan for O’Mahony (44); A. Power for Kelly (56); R. O’Flynn for Dennehy (58);

D. O’Connell; A. Brady (capt.), S. Curtin, A. Dennehy; R. McGregor, J. Gardiner, C. Buckley; E. Moynihan, P. Gould; K. Buckley, P. Rourke, D. Lee; S. O’Sullivan, I. McDonnell, C. O’Mahony.
Subs: P. Guest for O’Sullivan (inj. 10); E. Gunning for O’Mahony (22); D. Gunning for Dennehy (43); E. Ó hAinfin for Gould (56).

Referee:  Diarmuid Kirwan (Eire Óg).

Senior, Junior & Fe16 Hurling Championships

This weekend sees players involved in senior, junior a and fe16 hurling championships.  The first of these is the fe16s who again play Douglas (who beat them in the first round) on Friday 31st July in Church Road at 5.45pm in their semi final.   Our senior hurlers play their championship against Erins Own on the same night in Pairc Ui Rinn at 8pm.    Then on Sunday 2nd August our junior a hurlers are out against Passage in the quarter final in Ballinlough at 11.30am.    So a good week and weekend of matches, keep your weekend free and support the lads.

Senior Hurling Championship Draw 2015

At Cork County Board meeting held 19th July in Páirc Uí Rinn the following Round 4 Senior Hurling Championship draws were made.     

County Senior Hurling Championship Round 4
A. Douglas v Duhallow
B. Bishopstown/St Finbarrs v Midleton
C. Glen Rovers v Bride Rovers
D. Blackrock v Newtownshandrum
E. Na Piarsaigh v Erins Own
F. Ballymartle v Carrigtwohill
G. Sarsfields v Youghal
H. Imokilly v Ballyhea

Quarter Finals
A v B
C v D
E v F
G v H

Minor Football & Hurling Championship

Our minor footballers played their football championship against Glenville in Blarney last Wednesday.   Things were going well for us in the first 20 minutes we missed a couple of chances at goal, but on hindsight if they had been put over the bar the result might have been different.    The half time score was Glenville 7pt Na Piarsaigh 5pt. 

Started the second half and it took us nearly 15 minutes to get the ball into the Glenville back line while they were picking off points at ease.    In the last 15 minutes again we tried to go for goals and were very unlucky not to score at least 2 or 3 and we missed a penalty, the final score was Glenville 11pt Na Piarsaigh 6pt.

Now its the turn of the minor hurlers and this is happening on Wednesday 22nd July at the Mardyke at 8pm we play Killeagh/St.Itas to stay in the championship.   We have our hands full in Killeagh who must fancy themselves to win this one but our lads have different ideas and they could be in for a surprise.   Good luck to the players and the mentors.

Not to forget our Junior Footballers they play their championship on Sunday 19th against St.Michaels in Ballinlough at 12.15pm.    Struggling a little bit here but anything can happen in championship, again good luck to the players and mentors.

Nemo Rangers put Na Piarsaigh in dread of drop (Irish Examiner 27/6/15)

Nemo Rangers put Na Piarsaigh in dread of drop

Nemo Rangers 2-14 Na Piarsaigh 3-6: Na Piarsaigh are a game from possibly falling through the trapdoor of Premier Intermediate football after succumbing to city rivals, Nemo Rangers last night.   During the course of an entertaining PIFC third round game at the excellently appointed Mayfield GAA grounds, last year’s runners-up were second best to a well-drilled, more disciplined Nemo side, one inspired by 19-year-old tyro Jack Donovan Donovan looks to have a bright future, and, although wearing the No 5 shirt, the half back directed some lovely kick-passes to his forwards while also showing no fear in front of goal (he notched 1-2), his major coming at a crucial point in the second half.

Up front the Nemo full forward triumvirate of Ryan Kennedy, Conor O’Donovan and Conor Horgan between them scored 1-11, while veterans Brian Twomey and Seán O’Brien called on all their experience to bear in an impressive team display by the Trabeg men.

Na Piarsaigh now must prepare for a relegation final against Ballinora, and face that game without influential veteran, Steven Glasgow, who was red-carded just before half time.    With so much at stake there was bound to be an edge to this cross-city derby. A hard-hitting, sometimes uncompromising, contest had its flashpoints with referee John Bermingham forced to show three black cards(Patrick Rourke, 26mins, Shane Martin 30 mins, Keith Buckley 44mins) and one red card (Glasgow 30mins) in a game that threatened to boil over.   And Glasgow had been Na Piarsaigh’s most influential player in a first half that appeared to be slipping from the Fairhill boys. One barnstorming run by the midfielder just before the interval saw him cynically by Shane Martin. They scuffled, Martin saw black and Glasgow red for apparent retaliation.

Na Piarsaigh started promisingly and, after even minutes, led 1-1 to 0-2, the goal finished on a rebound by John Gardiner from a Seán Warren penalty while the delightfully skilful pair of Conor O’Donovan and Conor Horgan shot Nemo’s openers.

Then it all clicked for Nemo as they attacked in waves. Driven on impressively from the back by Brian Twomey and Shane Martin and up front by Kennedy, O’Donovan and Horgan, they did severe damage to a porous Na Piarsaigh defence in which Seán Óg Ó hAilpín cut a subdued figure at centre back.

Nemo rattled off eight successive points, the pick of which was Martin’s on 22 minutes, who took two heavy hits before nonchalantly arcing the ball between the posts.

Na Piarsaigh did get one back on 28 minutes through Alan Hogan before Glasgow’s promising run ended in personal disaster.   After the break Nemo management moved their extra man, Seán O’Brien, in behind their half back line in a sweeper role but Na PIarsaigh started brightly notching three in a row from Warren, Keith Buckley and Cian O’Mahony to make it 0-10 to 1-5 by the 38th minute.

Nemo were struggling to find their range but suddenly they rediscovered their groove led by Jack Donovan. Given his tender years, Donovan showed remarkable leadership. First he pointed off his instep in the 39th minute before finishing convincingly to the net in a move that involved Twomey and Kevin O’Donovan.

Conor O’Donovan(2) and Jack Donovan moved Nemo nine clear before Warren’s side-line effort in the 47th minute floated fortuitously to the top corner. Seven minutes later Teu Ó hAilpín got a hand to an outfield ball from Eoin Moynihan, and, when Gardiner added a point with three minutes remaining, there were just two between the sides.   However, a combination of ill-discipline and poor option-taking contrived to undo a complete Na Piarsaigh comeback, their low-point coming in injury time when Conor O’Donovan forced the ball to the net after a mix-up from a sideline ball played to Jordan O’Conor.

Scorers for Nemo:  C O’Donovan 1-5; J Donovan 1-2; C Horgan 0-4 (0-1f); R Kennedy 0-2 (fs); S Martin 0-1.

Scorers for Na Piarsaigh:  J Gardiner and S Warren 1-1 each; T Ó hAilpín 1-0; C O’Mahony 0-2; A Hogan and K Buckley 0-1 each.

D Farry; D Barrett, E Weldon, B Twomey; J Donovan, S Martin, K Weldon; M Dorgan, C Kearin; D Kearney, C Dalton, D Kerins; R Kennedy, C Donovan, C Horgan.
Subs: S O’Brien for Kearney (20); K O’Donovan for Kerins (30); G Irwin for Martin (bc, ht); E McCarthy for Horgan (60).

J O’Connor; A Dennehy, E Moynihan, S O’Sullivan; J McDonnell, S Óg Ó hAilpín, T Lawton; S Glasgow, P Rourke; K Buckley, A Hogan, C O’Mahony; S Warren, T Ó hAilpín, J Gardiner.
Subs: P Murphy for Rourke (27), C Buckley for Hogan (43); P Lynch for Buckley (44); E Gunning.

Referee – J Bermingham (Bride Rovers)

Championship Games Coming Up

Friday night sees our intermediate footballers in the 3rd round of the championship against a very fancied Nemo team in Mayfield at 7.30pm.    This game is very important to us all and we would encourage all members past and present and supporters to get behind the footballers as this is a must win game to stay in the championship.

Also on Saturday in Delaneys sees our fe16 play their hurling championship against old rivals Douglas at 4pm.    This should be a very contested game by both teams and the very best of underage hurling will be a treat to watch, so again make it your business to support the lads.

The Annual Farranree Credit Union Fe11 Hurling Tournament

The annual Farranree Credit Union Fe11 Hurling Tournament takes place on Saturday next the 27th June at 10.30am.     Teams competing are Valley Rovers, Cobh, Ballygarvan, Bishopstown, Sarsfield, Blarney.    The finals are expected to be played at 2.30pm (all going well).   Support from  members and parents are expected for this Tournament as Farranree Credit Union sponsor the Juvenile Section of the club financially and with all other tournaments.    Members of the Credit Union will also be in attendance.   All the Juvenile Committee will be expected to help out on the day, and parents who wish to help out are very welcome.

Summer Camp 2016

Its time for our Summer Camp again!  An action packed 3 days of activities for children aged 5-12 throughout July.   They'll get to learn GAA games from qualified coaches in a safe and fun environment in their local GAA Club.  The Summer Camp takes place on the 12th, 13th and 15th July from 10am to 2pm.   The camps are structured so that different aspects of GAA games are worked on each day.    The programme involves coaching specific skills of the GAA games and the opportunity for children to put into practice what they have learned through small sided games.   On the last day of the camp a "blitz" will be organised to provide each child with an introduction to competitive games.   

Price is 35e for first child, 30e for second child and 25e for third child. 

What to bring:
. packed lunch and a drink (not fizzy)
. hurley & helmet (provided for younger kids)
. every child MUST have their own gumshield
. suitable playing gear, tracksuit, shorts, runners, boots
. rain jacket and change of clothes on wet days
. sun cream for sunny days. 

Registration Day will be on Saturday 2nd July from 2pm to 4pm where application forms will then be available.    No registration will be entertained after the 2nd July.   Also there is no registration on line.

Contract Catherine Allen 086-3120574 or Mick McGrath 0866015336

Championship Games Coming Up


  Name  Total 
1 Ciaran Cooke                             117
2 Pat Foley                                    116
3   Christine O'Driscoll  115
4    Mary Fitzpatrick  111
5    Thomas Harrington  111
6    Donna Gould  110
7    Mick Brennan  110
8    Trevor Walsh  110
9     Martin Hourihan  109
10     Vincent O Mahony  107
11     James O Leary  106
12     Michael O Leary  106
13     David Sheedy  105
14     Lucy Cambridge  105
15     Evan Sheehan  104
16     Frank Cunningham  104
17     Gerry Willis  103
18     Jean Howard  103
19     Gavin Quinlan  102
20     Padraig Hosford  102
21     Paul O Sullivan  102
22     Colin O Connell  101
23     Eryka Buckley O Mahony  101
24     Ger O Brien  101
25     Michael O Sullivan  101
26     Alan Daly  100
27     Billy Daly  100
28     Jamie McGrath  100
29     Raymond Casey  100
30     Carrie O Sullivan   99
31     Darragh McNally   99
32     Darren Collins   99
33     Denis Lyne   99
34     Gavin Brett   99
35      Ken Murphy   99
36      Luke O Brien   99
37      Tony Keane   99
38      Alan Casey   98
39      Christine Mannix   98
40      Ciaran O Sullivan       98
41      David Burke   98
42      Frank Nodwell   98
43      Gloria Casey   98
44      Peter Lehane   98
45      Alan O Sullivan   97  
46      Jake O Connell   97  
47      John & Eoin   97
48      John O Sullivan   97
49      Leona Crowley   97
50      Liam Martin   97
51      Lynda Dilloughery   97
52      Patrick McGrath   97
53      Eoghan Hanifin   96
54      Eoin Moynihan   96
55      Finbarr O Neill   96
56      Harry Lynch   96
57      Neilus O Sullivan   96
58      Pa O Mahony   96
59      William O Connor   96
60      Alannah Hosford   95
61      Bryan Hogan   95
62      Cian O Mahony   95
63      Craig Bowen   95
64      David Doyle   95
65      Denis Quilligan   95
66      Joe Byrne   95
67      Kelly Casey   95
68      Cathal O Connell   94
69      Darragh Geaney   94
70      Dave McCarthy   94
71      Kevin O Callaghan   94
72      Patrick Murphy   94
73      Paula Bourke   94
74      Trisha Coleman   94
75      Eimear Guest   93
76      Fiachra MacAogan   93
77      Jason O Connor   93
78      Padraig Martin   93
79      Rebecca Rourke   93
80      Ailish Allen   92
81      Ellie Walsh   92
82      Jack Kelleher       92
83      Jackie O Sullivan   92
84      Paul Murphy   92
85      Ronan McGregor   92
86      Tony Leahy   92
87      Anthony Connolly   91
88      Caroline O Connor   91
89      Daniel Gunning   91
90      Dermot Kearney   91
91      Finbarr O Sullivan   91
92      Frank Murphy   91
93      Ian McDonnell   91
94      John Murray   91
95      Michael Murphy   91
96      Pat Gould   91
97      Scott Kelleher   91
98      T Twomey   91
99      Breanna Walsh   90
100      Colin Farmer   90
101      David Lynch   90
102      Frank Nodwell   90
103      Kieran Fitzgerald   90
104      Kieran Waters   90
105      Leo Mullins   90
106      Olan Finnegan   90
107      Paul Cunningham   90
108      Sarah O Regan   90
109      Stephen O Sullivan   90
110      Ajay & Blake Murphy   89
111      Alan Keating   89
112      Brian Lee   89
113      Dan Connors   89
114      David Regan   89
115      Denis Daly   89
116      Derek Walsh   89
117      Eoin Kenny   89
118      Gus O Brien   89
119      James Tobin   89
120      Jim Walsh   89
121      Mrs.Martin   89
122      Pat Kenneally   89
123      Paul Murphy   89
124      Sophie Burns   89
125      Stephen Funchion   89
126      Tony Hegarty   89
127      Darragh Casey   88
128      Fin Lyons   88
129      Ian Stack   88
130      J Stack   88
131      Jack O Flynn   88
132      John Fitzpatrick   88
133      Karyn Buckley   88
134      Liam Hourihan   88
135      Mary O Connell   88
136      Padraig Guest   88
137      Ross Herlihy   88
138      Anna O Connor   87
139      Aobha Lynch   87
140      Barry O Leary   87
141      Brian Kelly   87
142      Brian O Connell   87
143      David Lehane   87
144      Edward Kenny   87
145      Mark/Ross O Sullivan   87
146      Mary Brady   87
147      Michael Kieran   87
148      Michael O Leary   87
149      Shane Barrett   87
150      Alan Bell   86
151      Andrew Newman   86
152      Carlyn McCarthy   86
153      Colin O Sullivan   86
154      Ger Keogh   86
155      Gerard Quinlan   86
156      Ian Fitzgerald   86
157      John O Leary   86
6   Eryka Buckley O Mahony  50
7   Kieran Fitzgerald  50
8   Martin Hourihan  50
9   Vincent O'Mahony  50
10   Dave McCarthy  48
11   Gavin Quinlan  48
12   Donna Gould  47
13   John Murray  46
14   John O'Sullivan  46
15   Pat Foley  46
16   Alan Casey  45
17   Billy Daly  45
18   Evan Sheehan  45
19   Liam Martin  45
20   Lucy Cambridge  45
21   Thomas Harrington  45
22   Trevor Walsh  45
23   Denis Quilligan  44
24   Darragh Casey  43
25   Kelly Casey  43
26   Natalia Golka  43
27   Olan Finnegan  43
28   Raymond Casey  43
29   Ciaran O'Sullivan  42
30   Darragh McNally  42
31   David Cunningham  42
32   Fiachra MacAogan  42
33   Fin Lyons  42
34   Finbarr O'Neill  42
35   Jack O'Flynn  42
36   Jim Lehane  42
37   Karyn Buckley  42
38   Leo Mullins  42
39   Michael O'Sullivan  42
40   Padraig Guest  42
41   Cian O Mahony  41
42   Jason O Connor  41
43   Lynda Dilloughery  41
44   Michael O'Leary  41
45   Ailish Allen  40
46   Alannah Hosford  40
47   Anthony Hourihan  40
48   Ciaran Cooke  40
49   Colin Buckley  40
50   Colm O'Connell  40
51   Darren Collins  40
52   Edward Daly  40
53   Eoin Moynihan  40
54   Finbarr O Sullivan  40
55   Frank Cunningham  40
56   Frank Nodwell  40
57   Frank Nodwell  40
58   Jean Howard  40
59   Luke O'Brien  40
60   Mary Fitzpatrick  40
61   Mary O'Connell  40
62   Michael Crowley  40
63   Michael O'Leary  40
64   Noel Ryan  40
65   Noirin O'Leary  40
66   Pa O'Mahony  40
67   Padraig Hosford  40
68   Padraig Martin  40
69   Padraig O Donovan  40
70   Roisin Ryan  40
71   Sophie Burns  40
72   T Twomey  40
73   Alan Daly  38
74   Alan O Sullivan  38
75   Bryan Hogan  38
76   Michael Murphy  38
77   Patrick Rourke  38
78   Caroline O Connor  37
79   Carrie O'Sullivan  37
80   Ger O Brien  37
81   John Fitzpatrick  37
82   Neilus Sullivan  37
83   Paul Murply  37
84   Scott Kelleher  37
85   Shane Barrett  37
86   Tim Hourihan  37
87   Alan Craughwell  36
88   Alan Keating  36
89   Barry O'Leary  36
90   c/0 Brian Buckley  36
91   David Lynch  36
92   Denis Murphy  36
93   Gloria Casey  36
94   Jack Kelleher  36
95   Leona Crowley  36
96   Patrick Mc Grath  36
97   Shane O'Sullivan  36
98   Stephen O'Sulivan  36
99   Tony Leahy  36
100   Abbey Murphy  35
101   Adrian Brady  35
102   Aidan McGrath  35
103   Alan Brady  35
104   Andrew Newman  35
105   Anthony Connolly  35
106   Brian Kelly  35
107   Brian O'Connell  35
108   Carlyn Mc Carthy  35
109   Cathal O'Connell  35
110   Craig Bowen  35
111   Dan Connors  35
112   Denis Daly  35
113   Denis Lyne  35
114   Edward Lynch  35
115   Ellie Walsh  35
116   Gavin Brett  35
117   Harry Lynch  35
118   Ian Mc Donnell  35
119   Jason Kelleher  35
120   Jim Walsh  35
121   John O'Connor  35
122   Jonathon Ormond  35
123   Kevin O'Callaghan  35
124   Kieran Waters  35
125   Pat Gould  35
126   Peter Lehane  35
127   Robert O'Meara  35
128   Sarah Slaughter  35
129   Shauna O'Connell  35
130   Tony Keane  35
131   Tracey Twohig  35
132   Trisha Coleman  35
133   Eoghan Hanifin  34
134   Cillian O'Leary  33
135   John Lynch  33
136   Neil O'Connor  33
137   Noel Sheehan  33
138   Robert O'Mahony  33
139   Adrian Greene  32
140   Alan Bell  32
141   Aoife Moynihan  32
142   Caroline O Connor  32
143   Conor O'Donovan  32
144   Donal Hourihan  32
145   Eoin Cronin  32
146   James Barrett  32
147   Ken Murphy  32
148   Kian Kiniry  32
149   Michael Kiernan  32
150   Mick Brennan  32
151   Morgan McCarthy  32
151   Patrick Buckley  32
153   Paul Foley  32
154   Paula Bourke  32
155   Rachel O'Reilly  32
156   Ross Herlihy  32
157   Shane O Mahony  32
158   Wayne Heffernan  32
159   Wiliam Ahern  32
160   Breanna Walsh  31
161   Caroline O Connor  31
162   Christine Mannix  31
163   Denis Cosgrave  31
164   Diarmuid Kearney  31
165   Eamonn Butler  31
166   Emma Buckley  31
167   Michael Murphy  31
168   Alan Sheedy  30
169   Christian Nason  30
170   Colin O'Sullivan  30
171   Colm O'Connell  30
172   Conor Forde  30
173   Darragh Geaney  30
174   David Regan  30
175   Derek Walsh  30
176   Dominic Keohane  30
177   Eimear Guest  30
178   Emma Clare  30
179   Emma O'Mahony  30
180   Gearoid Daly  30
181   Gerard Quinlan  30
182   Gus O'Brien  30
183   Ian Fitzgerald  30
184   Ian Stack  30
185   Jackie O'Sullivan  30
186   Jake O Connell  30
187   Jason Mannix - Leona  30
188   Jenny Keane  30
189   Joe Byrne  30
190   Joe Cummins  30
191   John & Eoin  30
192   John O'Leary  30
193   Kenny O' Leary  30
194   Liam Hourihan  30
195   Martin Caulifeld  30
196   Martin Mooney  30
197   Michael O'Neill  30
198   Michael Twohig  30
199   Mick McGrath  30
200   Nikita Hayes  30
201   Noel Brady  30
202   Paddy Bourke  30
203   Pat Kenneally  30
204   Patrick Dorgan  30
205   Patrick Murphy  30
206   Paul Murphy  30
207   Paul O'Sullivan  30
208   Rebecca Rourke  30
209   Rita O Connor  30
210   Robert O'Meara  30
211   Salim Daly  30
212   Sam Hewitt  30
213   Sarah O'Regan  30
214   Shauna Bell  30
215   Siobhan Irwing  30
216   Stephen Funchion  30
217   Thomas Murray  30
218   Tony Guest  30
219   Tony Hegarty  30
220   Trevor Hawkins  30
221   William Daly  30
222   Eoin Mc Carthy  28
223   Pa O'Mahony  28
224   Frank Murphy  27
225   Helen Crowley  27
226   J Curtin  27
227   Jim Hanifin  27
228   Pat Drummond  27
229   Shelley O'Donovan  27
230   Tony Cooney  27
231   Tony Duff  27
232   Tracey Drummond  27
233   Amy/Trevor Coleman  26
234   Anna O'Connor  26
235   Anna O'Connor  26
236   Brendan O Donoghue  26
237   Caroline O Connor  26
238   Colin Quinn  26
239   Craig O'Sullivan  26
240   Gillian Morrissey  26
241   Ian Saville  26
242   J Stack  26
243   James Collins  26
244   Jamie Mc Grath  26
245   Jerry Walsh  26
246   John Middleton  26
247   John O Leary  26
248   Keith Dorney  26
249   Lauren Twohig  26
250   Mrs Martin  26
251   Niall Lane  26
252   Niall O'Driscoll  26
253   Wiliam Ahern  26
254   Wiliam O Connor  26
255   William O Connor  26
256   Aaron Higgins  25
257   Alan O Sullivan  25
258   Brian Lee  25
259   Cian O Mahony  25
260   Con Keane  25
261   Daniel Gunning  25
262   Denis Mulcahy  25
263   Emily O'Sullivan  25
264   Eoin Moynihan  25
265   Ger Keogh  25
266   Gerry Wills  25
267   Gordon Joyce  25
268   Hilary McCarthy  25
269   James Tobin  25
270   Jamie Coughlan  25
271   Karen Mc Carthy  25
272   Kevin Butterworth  25
273   Lauren Kent  25
274   Mark O Driscoll  25
275   Molly Murphy  25
276   Pat Lynch  25
277   Paul Cunningham  25
278   Robbie Dalton  25
279   Ronan Mc Gregor  25
280   Ryan Lyons  25
281   Trevor Harrington  25
282   Willie Hill  25
283   Ajay & Blake Murphy  22
284   Chris Meade  22
285   Daire Connery  22
286   Dean Brosnan  22
287   Denis Buckley  22
288   Diarmuid Shuel  22

This weekend sees us playing 2 important championship games.    The first of these is our fe14 premier two county final against a fancied Blarney side this takes place on Saturday 30th May in Ballinlough at 1.30pm.    The second of our championships also take place on Saturday this time its the turn of our Premier Intermediate Footballers who play Bantry Blues in the second round in Enniskeane at 6.15pm, again this is a very important game for us and always produces some goo football,  and your full support is needed for these games.

FE14HC Semi-Final

Our fe14 team are playing the semi final of their championship tonight Friday at 7.30pm at Rostellan against Killeagh/St.Itas.     Members are asked to support the lads.

SHC -v- Youghal (Irish Examiner 18/5/15)

Ian McDonnell leads Na Piarsaigh blitz with goal hat-trick

Na Piarsaigh 5-13 Youghal 0-12: Ian McDonnell scored a hat-trick of goals as Na Piarsaigh ensured that their passage to round four of the Cork Senior Hurling Championship was relatively straightforward at Cloyne on Saturday evening.

Last year, the city side were beaten by Blackrock in the first round and then fell to Youghal in their second game before regrouping and reaching the semi-finals.

Manager Leonard Forde was delighted to have cleared the opening hurdle in such convincing fashion.

“We’re delighted to be over the first round,” he said. “We were worried after last year’s performances in the early rounds but we really stepped up and I’m delighted for the players.  “Losing to Youghal last year did spur us on a little bit, but I think the players themselves realised that they didn’t play up to their potential then. They stood up on Saturday.”

It wasn’t one-way traffic throughout – Youghal led 0-3 to 0-1 after 10 minutes despite playing against the considerable breeze – but once McDonnell struck his first goal, a super finish after winning Eoin Moynihan’s delivery, Piarsaigh wouldn’t trail again. By half-time the lead was 2-7 to 0-6 and less than five minutes of the second half had elapsed before McDonnell and Pádraig Gould added further goals to secure the outcome.   “We felt that there were goals in this team and today it worked out,” Forde said. “We took a while to settle, but once we did there was only one team in it.”

Two Brendan Ring frees and a point by the lively Andrew Joyce gave Youghal an early boost while the wind at Piarsaigh’s backs wasn’t helping them as they shot five wides before the goal.   Ring, who scored seven of Youghal’s total, did level things at 1-1 to 0-4 on 14 minutes with a free after Brett Moloney was fouled, but Na Piarsaigh would score another 1-4 before Youghal had a score.

The second goal on 18 minutes again came from McDonnell. When Youghal full-back John Grace had been unlucky not to make an interception, the break fell to Keith Buckley, who fed McDonnell for a fine finish.

Immediately after that, Moloney might have had a Youghal goal but Adam Dennehy took his effort off the line and points from Cian O’Mahony and Stephen O’Sullivan pushed Piarsaigh 2-5 to 0-4 in front.

Two Ring frees gave the East Cork men hope but too often their short passing was leading to nothing. Moloney did have another half-chance of a goal but once more Dennehy was alert and points at the other end from Gould and Buckley ensured that Na Piarsaigh’s seven-point advantage was restored by the break.

An early Youghal goal was required on the resumption if they were to make a game of it, but instead Na Piarsaigh got it. Having pointed within 15 seconds of the restart, McDonnell got his hat-trick after good work from O’Sullivan. That made it 3-8 to 0-6 and, while Joyce set up Moloney for a Youghal point, Gould struck a fourth goal on 35 minutes, racing in along the endline, selling a dummy before firing home.

That was pretty much that. Youghal brought Brendan Ring to centre-forward with Bill Cooper moving to the edge of the square but the ploy failed to return much. Twice they won 20m frees, but Cooper and then Ring had their efforts kept out by Na Piarsaigh goalkeeper Alan Keating.

Even with the loss of John Gardiner after a knock, the Piarsaigh defence remained resolute, with Rónán McGregor slotting seamlessly into centre-back.

The fifth goal arrived on the three-quarter mark as O’Sullivan claimed a Cian Buckley sideline cut and turned and shot with vigour.   Keith Buckley added further points as they saw out time, leaving 16 in it at the end and putting them safely into the fourth round.

A derby with Killeagh beckons for Youghal in round two.

Scorers for Na Piarsaigh:  I McDonnell 3-1, S O’Sullivan 1-2, K Buckley 0-5 (three frees, one 65), P Gould 1-1, C O’Mahony 0-2, J Gardiner, P Rourke 0-1 each.

Scorers for Youghal:  Brendan Ring 0-7 (four frees), A Joyce, C O’Mahony, B Cooper, B Moloney, N Roche 0-1 each.

NA PIARSAIGH:  A Keating; A Brady, S Curtin, A Dennehy; R McGregor, J Gardiner, C Buckley; E Moynihan, P Gould; D Lee, P Rourke, K Buckley; I McDonnell, S O’Sullivan, C O’Mahony.  Subs:  E Gunning for Gardiner (44, injured), E Hanifin for McDonnell (54).

YOUGHAL:  R Cunningham; J Ormonde, J Grace, Barry Ring; K Walsh, C Spillane, O Dempsey; A Joyce, A Frahill-O’Connor; C O’Mahony, B Cooper, D Ring; B Moloney, Brendan Ring, A Curtin.  Subs:  N Roche for Spillane (29-half-time, blood), Roche for Curtin (half-time), C O’Sullivan for Brendan Ring (37-38, blood), B O’Sullivan for Barry Ring (37), C O’Sullivan for Moloney (44).

Referee:  D Copps (Ballyhea).

Thomas Gardiner Annual Golf Trophy 2015

The Thomas Gardiner Annual Golf Trophy 2015 took place recently at Mahon Golf Club.  This event is organised each year by Thomas Gardiners family and has been very successful and is a great day out.   This year the trophy was won by John Gardiner Sen, John Gardiner Jnr and Darragh Hanifin second place went to Gearoid Daly, William Daly and John Daly and third place went to Matthew Broderick, Maurice Scanlon and Paul Gardiner.

The longest drive was won by Darragh Hanifin and the nearest to the pin was won by Kevin Cunningham.    The Gardiner family wish to thank everybody who took place in the tournament.

Championships 2015

Our 2015 championships are now fast approaching and the first of these was our Premier Intermediate Football Championship which was held on Friday 1st May last in Brian Dillons pitch on a very damp wet windy night against our local rivals St.Vincents.   Unfortunately we didnt get the result we needed and we lost to St.Vincents on a score of 1.9 to 8pt, we now play Bantry Blues (yet again) in the 2nd round of the championship and hopefully we can produce a win to progress into the third round.    The following day Saturday 2nd May our Junior Footballers went into their championship again against a St.Vincents team for the second time but on this occasion we won on a score of 3.7 to 1.8

Now its the turn of the hurlers and our Senior Hurling Championship is down for Saturday 16th May next at 7pm in Cloyne against Youghal, for the second year running in the first round of the championship.    Then the following day Sunday 17th May our Junior A Hurlers are out in their championship against Whitescross in Ballinlough at 11.30am, so your support will be needed for these championships make it your business to be there.   Not forgetting about our Juvenile Section our Fe14s are also out in round 2 of their championship on Saturday 16th against Ballygarvan watch this space for further details regarding venue and time.

New Sponsors

Na Piarsaigh H&F Club are proud to announce that we have new sponsors for the next 3 years, namely Kevin O'Leary I Opel, Silversprings Cork and wish both ourselves and Kevin O Leary Opel all the best for the future.

Kevin O Leary Group - Open Kit for Clubs

What is Opel Kit for Clubs?
Opel Kit for Clubs is Opel's way of giving something back to GAA clubs whose membes support opel.   For every test drive, service or purchase you make from the Opel range through dealer network, your club is awarded poionts which can be built up and redeemed against high quality kit for your club.   It's that simple!   How does it work?

5 simple steps:
1.  Register your club
2.  Print off your voucher with 7 digit ID number
3.  Visit your local dealer
4.  Take a test drive/service/purchase a new Opel
5.  Order your kit.

What points can my club get?
Every time a member of your club test drives or purchases an Opel vehicle through our dealer network, you get the following points:
1 service = 10 points
1 test drive = 10 points
1 purchase = 200 points
The more engagement your club has with Opel Kit for Clubs, the more kit your club can get!

What Kit can my club get?
Any of the kit on the website www.opelkitforclubs.com can be redeemed against the points your club builds up.

Example of items:
.   Full set of team jerseys                                                    800 points
.   Sliotar                                                                                   5 points
.   Footballs                                                                             10 points
.   Training cones                                                                     20 points
.   Set of 8 water bottles provided with plastic carrier             50 points
.   Training ladder in poly bag                                                  30 points
.   Set of 6 hurdles                                                                   50 points
.   Lightweight portable posts                                                100 points
.   Lightweight training tops                                                     50 points
.   Large gear bag with dry pocket for boots/shower gear      30 points
.   Tackle bags                                                                        100 points
.   Light mesh breathable training bibs (15 bibs per set)         75 points


Friends of Jamie Wall

Cork .v. Kilkenny Senior Hurling Challenge Saturday 25th April at 7pm. Cork senior hurlers will play Kilkenny in a challenge game in Páirc Uí Rinn in aid of the 'Friends of Jamie Wall' fund. This is an all ticket promotion.

The Cork Senior Hurling team v Kilkenny will line out as follows:
1. Anthony Nash (Kanturk)
2. Shane O’Neill (Bishopstown)
3. Aiden Ryan (Midleton)
4. William Kearney (Midleton)
5. Brian O’Sullivan (Fermoy)
6. Mark Ellis (Millstreet)
7. Killian Burke (Midleton)
8. Brian Lawton (Castlemartyr)
9. Andy Walsh (Killeagh)
10. Patrick Cronin (Bishopstown)
11. Bill Cooper (Youghal)
12. Darren McCarthy (Ballymartle)
13. Jamie Coughlan (Newtownshandrum)
14. Paudie O’Sullivan (Cloyne)
15. Stephen Moylan (Douglas)
16. Patrick Collins (Ballinhassig)
17. Damien Cahalane (St. Finbarrs)
18. Stephen McDonnell (Glen Rovers)
19. Lorcáin MacLoughlin (Kanturk)
20. Cormac Murphy (Mallow)
21. Aidan Walsh (Kanturk)
22. Conor Lehane (Midleton)
23. Seamus Harnedy (St. Ita's)
24. Patrick Horgan (Glen Rovers)
25. Anthony Spillane (Castlelyons)
26. Luke O’Farrell (Midleton)
27. Alan Cadogan (Douglas)
28. Rob O’Shea (Carrigaline)
29. John Cronin (Lisgoold)
Team Management: Jimmy Barry-Murphy (St. Finbarr’s) - Manager, Mark Landers (Killeagh) - Coach, Johnny Crowley (Bishopstown), Seánie McGrath (Glen Rovers).
Medical Officer: Dr. Con Murphy. Chartered Physiotherapist: Declan O’Sullivan.

Tickets available online through tickets.ie and participating Supervalu & Centra stores.
Admission: Tickets €10.00 adults and €5.00 U16’s.
Proceeds from all ticket sales goes directly to Friends of Jamie Wall Fund.
Further information from - http://www.friendsofjamiewall.ie 

Jamie Wall – ‘I can’t force my legs to start working, the only thing I can control is my attitude’
Last June, Cork GAA player Jamie Wall lined out for his county but a freak incident has left him facing a big battle since.

Cork City Marathon 2015

                      Cork City Marathon/Friends of Jamie Wall Trust

Every year Na Piarsaigh Hurling and Football organise relay teams for the Cork City Marathon. They select a charity/ fundraising group every year. This year they have selected the Friends of Jamie Wall Trust for the Marathon on 1st June 2015 . Each entrant pays €20 registration to enter the marathon relay teams. Walkers , joggers and runners are all welcome. Teams of 5 are then organised by the club. Each team will have a captain who will liaise with the club for gear pick up etc. Each participant will then receive a sponsorship card for the marathon. The proceeds of this sponsorship card will be divided evenly between the club and The Friends of Jamie.
You may enter individually and we will organise you in a team or you may enter as a team. A registration night will be held in the club on 1st April at 8 pm. Friends of Jamie Trust will be in attendance as will all of the Na Piarsaigh Fundraising committee.
On the day of the marathon a bag drop facility , transport to Cork City and changing / shower facilities can be arranged if there is a demand.
For more information on the marathon feel free to contact the organisers:
Dommie 086 3205493
Denis 086 8183188.
William @ wdoconnor@hotmail.com
For any further information on Jamie Wall Trust feel free to contact : Tommy @ 087 7612894 or tommy_gunning@hotmail.com
William O Connor will be in the Bar on Sunday 26th April between 1pm/1.30pm for registration.

Slimming World

Ladies and Gents Slimming World is coming to Na Piarsaigh H&F Club.     Slimming World starts in the function hall on Wednesday 29th April at 7.30pm.    Your consultant is Carolyn and she can be contacted on 086-8776701.    So come on and give it a try.

Thomas Gardiner Memorial Golf Trophy

The annual Thomas Gardiner Memorial Golf Trophy takes place this year on Sunday 10th May at Mahon Golf Club from 11am to 1pm.   Its a three ball scramble, 120e per team with meal included.    Anyone interested contact either Brian Gardiner on 0868457871 or Brenda on 4306549 during office hours.    Hurry and book your places as they are very limited lads!

Garda Vetting Forms

There are new garda vetting forms available and everybody who is coaching or as a selector with kids etc., must be garda vetted, forms are available on line or can be got from the office.   Those of you who have not yet filled in your forms please arrange to do so as soon as possible.

Last call for Membership 2015

Lads! the closing date for membership is fast approaching ie. 31st March 2015.    All mentors from underage, juvenile and senior and all adult players must paid their membership before that date.    We thank everyone who has already paid.

Topaz - Cash for Clubs

                       Topaz are proud to be launch  ‘Cash for Clubs’.

Topaz Cash for Clubs gives you the chance to win thousands of Euro for your local club. The great thing about Cash for Clubs is that it is open to all clubs and all communities. All club types and sizes can enter our draw and every club that meets the threshold will be rewarded.

Ask your friends, family and work colleagues to get behind your club’s effort and start collecting for your local club today.

The Cash for Clubs initiative runs until Sunday 10th May 2015 after which date all complete entries will be entered into a random draw for a chance to win Thousands of Euro!

Collect a stamp when you spend 40e or over on fuel at Topaz Garage Mallow Road, Cork.

Here’s the registration code which you will need to place on your Cash for Club Stamp Cards: 10631.

 Thank You and get collecting.


Referee Recruitment Programme 2015 - Foundation Course

A Foundation Course for new referees is planned for February 16th in Páirc Uí Rinn.

Interested candidates can confirm their details with Referees Recruitment Officer Colm Lyons on email: refereerecruitment.cork@gaa.ie or with Mairead in the office at Páirc Uí Chaoimh Tel: 021 496 3311

Applications for this course close 9th February 2015

Senior & Intermediate Championship Draws 2015

Senior Hurling Championship
Round 1
A: Douglas v St. Finbarr's
B: Ballyhea v Blackrock
C: Na Piarsaigh v Youghal
D: Midleton v Killeagh
E: Glen Rovers v Ballymartle
F: Carrigtwohill v Erin's Own
G: Sarsfields v Newtownshandrum
H: Bride Rovers v Bishopstown
Round 2 : A v B  C v D  E v F  Gv H


Premier Intermediate Football

Round 1
A: Béal Átha'n Ghaorthaidh v Macroom
B: Ballinora v Mallow
C: Castletownbere v Carrigaline
D: Naomh Abán v Grenagh
E: Bantry Blues v Éire Og
F: Newmarket v Kiskeam
G: St. Vincent's v Na Piarsaigh
H: Nemo Rangers v St. Michael's
Round 2: H v A  G v E   D v F  C v B

Membership 2015

Happy New Year to all our members, players and supporters.    Membership is now due and the closing date is the 31st March 2015.     All players playing in adult teams will have to pay membership before their leagues commence as otherwise you are not eligible to play and will not be covered under the GAA insurance.    So it is imperative that all adult players from minor to senior pay their membership on time.    It is up to the Managers of the teams to push all players to pay.  Membership can be paid to either Jim Hanifin or Neil O Connor or can be left in the office with Brenda.  

Membership is as follows:
Full membership                                                100.00
Student/full time education no earnings             30.00
Student/part time worker                                   70.00
Pensioners - 65 years and overs                        20.00
Unemployed - in receipt of state payment only  50.00

Anyone whose membership is paid will be added to the texting list which will give details of all matches and any events that are happening in the club.  You can add your mobile telephone number to the list when membership is paid by contacting Brenda in the office.


Christmas Draw Results

The christmas draw was drawn in the Bar on Sunday 21st December last and herewith is a list of the winners.

1.   Caoimhe Martin c/o Paudie Martin
2.   Sean Fitzgerald
3.   Sophie O Keeffe
4.   Tony Nagle
5.   Michelle O Sullivan
6.   Alan O Sullivan
7.   Jerry Connolly
8.   Emily O Rourke

The Committee wish to thank everybody who supported the draw and bought tickets and wish all members and supporters a very merry christmas and a happy new year.

Selectors for 2015/Juvenile AGM

Anybody interested in doing an adult team including senior, intermediate, junior and 21 for 2015 contact Alan Daly on 0879972249.    Also members are informed that the Juvenile AGM takes place on Monday 15th December at 7.30pm sharp.

Fundraising Quiz Night

A major fundraising quiz night is taking place in the Bar on Friday 12th December next at 9pm.  Table of 4 at 5euro a person.   Vouchers for the winners, and loads of spots on the night.  No mobile phone allowed.   Your support please for this fundraising event.   Good christmas crack on the night.

Christmas Draw Tickets

To all members and players christmas draw tickets and monies can be left behind the Bar or paid every Sunday morning from 12 to 2pm to Dommie Keohane.    Members are asked to make a big effort.

Long Puc Christmas 2014

Members and patrons should be aware that the Na Piarsaigh H&F Club Annual Long Puc takes place this year on Sunday 28th December check in at 12 o clock.   Please tell your friends and other clubs.

Bingo is Back

We are very happy to inform members that on Thursday 20th November next at the new time of 8pm our Bingo is Back in the club.     We would hope to see all our patrons who supported us back and we welcome any new patrons to join us.    It will be great to see the old crowd again and have a joke and a laugh and more importantly to win prizes.    Please tell your family and friends.   See you then!

Annual Christmas Draw 2014

Our annual christmas draw is upon us and tickets will be posted out to members to sell and we would hope they make a big effort to help ease the financial burden on the club.  Tickets aer 2e each or a book of 3 for 5e.   The draw takes place on Sunday 21st December in the bar, teams will also get their quota and Managers are asked to ensure all tickets are returned sold.   Additional tickets can be bought behind the bar.

Annual General Meeting 2014

Members should be made aware the our AGM 2014 takes place on Sunday 7th December next at 2.30pm sharp in the club.    Letters will be posted to members next week.  Please note this date in your diary.

Premier Intermediate Football Final -v- Valley Rovers (Irish Examiner 20/10/14)

Valley Rovers 0-12 Na Piarsaigh 0-8

Three years after their relegation, Valley Rovers are back in Cork senior footballing ranks after a good first half laid the foundations for victory over Na Piarsaigh at Páirc Uí Chaoimh yesterday. Leading by 0-11 to 0-2 at the break after being helped by the elements, the Innishannon side only added a single second-half point to that tally but did enough to ensure that a full-blown Na Piarsaigh comeback couldn’t become a reality.   For manager Gerard Slyne, it was a case of dealing with what was thrown at them: “Not pretty, we struggled for a while but we knew that it was always going to be tough today,” he said.   “Finals are a different animal to any other game, regardless of their league form Piarsaigh were going to be difficult, they didn’t want to lose any final.  “We had a cushion at half-time but we knew that they’d be at us in the second half. The turning point was when the sub Ben Murphy came on and got a point, our heads lifted a bit there and we were glad to get over the line.”   Being limited to just a point in the second half may not have been something that Slyne would have foreseen, but he was expecting a backlash. “There was a gale of wind there, we knew that Piarsaigh would push on,” he said. “The cushion was nice but we knew that if we could go nine points ahead they could do the same to us in the second half.”
Despite having the utility of the strong breeze blowing towards Blackrock and the open sea, Valleys took a while to get going. Once they did, they took near-complete control and with a nine-point half-time lead it was always difficult to foresee a turnaround in the second period. While Kevin Canty had two points in as many minutes from the restart and Hughie O’Donovan added a free, it didn’t signal an immediate procession.  There was an element of prudence in the Innishannon side’s set-up, O’Donovan operating deeper to allow Fiachra Lynch and John Cottrell the benefits of a two-man full-forward line, but Na Piarsaigh opted to allow Eoin Moynihan remain spare and that initially dented the supply.

At the other end, a close-range Stephen Glasgow free was followed by Alan Hogan’s pass and with 10 minutes on the clock it was 0-3 to 0-2. Game on? That was the sign, but it looked as if it wouldn’t materialise given how the rest of the half transpired.
Na Piarsaigh wouldn’t score again until the second half, but Valleys were sloppy and it wasn’t until the key five-minute spell before the interval that they really asserted themselves.

The lead had extended to 0-6 to 0-2 before they turned on the turbo. First, the excellent Jack Murphy got on the end of a move involving David Lynch and Aidan Walsh, then John Cottrell converted a free and Hughie O’Donovan did likewise after Fiachra Lynch drew a foul.  With all of the play now close to the Piarsaigh goal, Jack Murphy got another and then Fiachra Lynch ensured a nine-point lead at the break with a brilliantly-taken score from the left. The notion that they wouldn’t add to their tally until the 52nd minute was hard to believe at the time, but after the restart it was their turn to be penned back in the face of extreme pressure.

Piarsaigh’s shooting wasn’t as clinical, however. Though Seán Óg Ó hAilpín was influencing proceedings more after his moved from full- to centre-back, it took until the 38th minute for them to get a score, though half-time sub Shane Duggan.
That did at least pave the way for more to follow, with Stephen Glasgow kicking an excellent long-range effort while John Gardiner brought them to within six after linking with Pádraig Gould.

When Cian O’Mahony added a pair of points around the three-quarter mark, the questions were getting louder, but at the same time the wastage of other efforts, coupled with the failure to fashion goalscoring opportunities, meant that Valleys’ nerves never got near the shredder.  Sub Ben Murphy gave them a bit of breathing space again with his first touch after Cottrell and Hughie O’Donovan had done well, and the breaking of Na Piarsaigh’s stranglehold upset their rhythm.  By the closing stages, Cottrell was the only Valley Rovers player in the opposition half and the massed ranks were doing enough to frustrate their opponents. Gearóid Fitzgerald did get a late Piarsaigh point but that was as good as it got. Manager Diarmuid McDonnell was pleased with the fightback but accepted that the first half had built too much of an obstacle.  “It gave us a huge mountain to climb but at the same time we knew that we weren’t out of it at half-time,” he said. “The wind was quite strong but we kicked a lot of wides in the second half, that was the difference. You have to take your chances when you get them and unfortunately we didn’t do that today. You can’t fault the workrate and the effort though, the lads were outstanding.”
The five points scored by Valleys between the 26th minute and half-time were crucial as it meant that they led by nine points at the break.

Scorers for Valley Rovers: H O’Donovan (two frees, one 45), J Murphy 0-3 each, J Cottrell (frees), K Canty 0-2 each, F Lynch, B Murphy 0-1 each.

Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: C O’Mahony, S Glasgow (free) 0-2 each, G Fitzgerald, J Gardiner, A Hogan, S Duggan 0-1 each.

VALLEY ROVERS: A Quirke; N O’Donovan, J Lynch, J Lyons; T Cummins, D Lynch, A Walsh; K Canty, G Farrell; D Murphy, J Murphy, S Manning; F Lynch, J Cottrell, H O’Donovan.
Subs: E Delaney for S Manning (42), E Fallon for Farrell (45), B Murphy for Cummins (51), M Murphy for Cottrell (54), D Crowley for F Lynch (59), E Manning for Walsh (60, injured).

NA PIARSAIGH: J O’Connor; E Moynihan, S Óg Ó hAilpín, A Dennehy; G Fitzgerald, S O’Sullivan, A Brady; P Rourke, J Gardiner; K Buckley, S Glasgow, P Gould; S Warren, A Hogan, C O’Mahony.
Subs: S Duggan for Warren (half-time), A Keating for Buckley (38), J O’Rourke for Glasgow (52), E Hanifin for Hogan (56).

Referee: D Murnane (Macroom).

Senior Hurling Championship Semi-Final (Irish Examiner 29/9/14)

                            Sarsfields 1-18 Na Piarsaigh 0-14
The final scoreline gives a more comfortable look than the reality, but, at the same time, Sarsfields never looked like being denied in this Cork SHC semi-final at Pairc Ui ­ Chaoimh yesterday.

Five times since 2008, the Glanmire club have been victorious at this stage and their start here leading 1-5 to 0-1 inside 13 minutes indicated they were in the mood to wrap things up quickly and without fuss. To Na Piarsaigh to their credit, they managed to build up a head of steam and twice in the second-half clawed their way back to within a point.    When the game was there to be won, Sars finished with five unanswered points to ensure victory, calling on all their experience at the business end of the championship.

Cian McCarthy was the Sars talisman, scoring 1-10, winning good ball and displaying a deadly accuracy from placed balls. In defence, William Kearney and Ray Ryan were heroic as time and again Piarsaigh half-chances of goals were smothered. Early on, it was all Sars, with a 0-4 to 0-1 lead augmented as McCarthys sideline pucked sailed serenely to the Piarsaigh net and then Gavin O Loughlin put seven in it.

Points from Keith Buckley and Patrick Rourke helped the city side to get going though and, by half-time, the margin was down to four points, 1-8 to 0-7.    On the resumption, Chris Joyce who had an engaging tussle with Cork colleague Daniel Kearney at midfield was the Piarsaigh driving force, scoring a point and assisting others for Buckley and Anthony Dennehy, with just a point between the teams after 39 minutes.

Buckley missed a chance to level with a free though, and then at the other end McCarthy gave Sars more breathing space after Daniel Kearneys driving run was illegally halted.

Adam Dennehy responded for Piarsaigh after Rourkes good lay-off but Sars had weathered the worst of the storm and McCarthy got his eighth and ninth points. Rourke might have goaled immediately after, but his shot from a narrow angle flashed over and that was Na Piarsaighs final score. As they have so often done in the past, Sars showed the necessary temperament to book their place in the decider. While sub Robert O Driscoll was denied a goal as Alan Keating came off his line quickly, the impressive Cormac Duggan and then Daniel Kearney pushed them four ahead again.

The Sars defending was resolute as Na Piarsaighs efforts to find a goal were repelled. McCarthy, Eoin O Sullivan and Duggan all helped themselves to points as they finished seven ahead. Perhaps a shade flattering, but definitely not unearned.

Scorers for Sarsfields: C McCarthy 1-10 (1-0 sideline, 0-6 frees, 0-1 65), C Duggan 0-3, G O Loughlin 0-2, E O Sullivan, T Og Murphy, D Kearney 0-1 each.
Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: K Buckley 0-4 (0-2 frees), P Rourke 0-3, C Joyce, I McDonnell 0-2 each, Adam Dennehy, C Buckley, Anthony Dennehy 0-1 each.

SARSFIELDS: A Kennedy; W Kearney, C Leahy, C O Sullivan; D Roche, R Ryan, A Martin; D Kearney, E Quigley; E O Sullivan, G O Loughlin, C McCarthy; K Murphy, C Duggan, T Og Murphy.   Subs: R O Driscoll for K Murphy (49), R Murphy for O Loughlin (57).

NA PIARSAIGH: A Keating; A Brady, E Gunning, E Moynihan; Adam Dennehy, J Gardiner, S Og O hAilpÃin; C Joyce, C Buckley; K Buckley, P Gould, P Rourke; D Lee, I McDonnell, Anthony Dennehy.   Subs: E Hanafin for Lee (43), S Duggan for McDonnell, S O Sullivan for Gould (both 52), C O Mahony for K Buckley (60), A Kenneally for Joyce (60, injured).

Referee: N Wall (Carrigaline).

Piarsaigh goals crucial as Newtown collapse(Irish Examiner 15/9/14)

Na Piarsaigh 3-15 Newtownshandrum 0-14

Oh how quickly it all unravelled for Newtownshandrum.

Ahead on two occasions early in the second-half, the north Cork outfit had recovered from a Keith Buckley goal to restore parity (1-9 to 0-12) entering the final quarter. Indeed, with Jamie Coughlan razor sharp from placed balls and forward colleagues Ryan Clifford and James Bowles proving more than capable in their supporting roles, Liam Ryan’s side held pole position turning the bend for home.

Alas, when Cathal McAllister sounded the final whistle shortly before 4pm, the Newtownshandrum players found themselves 10-points adrift, and few complaints can they have with the margin of defeat.

In a soulless and error-ridden affair, it was a most intriguing final quarter – Newtownshandrum inexplicably collapsing, Na Piarsaigh pouncing for two hugely opportunistic goals.

Keith Buckley and Padraig Gould swatted points to re-establish Na Piarsaigh’s two-point advantage and although James Bowles cut the deficit to the minimum, by the time Newtownshandrum again added to their tally they would trail by eight-points.

On 50 minutes, Buckley attempted to find Anthony Dennehy from a close range free. The pass didn’t find its intended target, but Newtownshandrum struggled to clear their lines. Possession was returned to Buckley who rounded corner-back Dermot Gleeson and dispatched clinically beyond ’keeper Willie Biggane. Buckley split the posts in the ensuing passage of play and from a contest which had ebbed and flowed all through, here were Na Piarsaigh with a 2-12 to 0-13 lead.

The city club rubberstamped their semi-final berth in the subsequent action, Padraig Gould batting to the net after Biggane had produced a smart save to deny Dwayne Lee.

Anthony Dennehy, his fourth of the afternoon, and a Padraig Gould brace rounded off a remarkable closing spurt from the winners – 2-4 to 0-2 they outscored Newtownshandrum in the final 15 minutes of action.

“Goals win games and that was very much the case here,” reflected Na Piarsaigh coach Sean Guiheen.

“The first goal was crucial in that if gives you a lift. We thrived on it. We kicked on and it gave us confidence. We weren’t as nervy as we had been up to that point. The goals certainly came at the right times for us.

“Keith’s second goal was the one that saw us home. There was only 10 minutes to go at that stage. ”

Newtownshandrum operated a two-man full-forward line during the opening half, with Patrick Rourke plying his trade behind the half-back line. From the perspective of limiting Na Piarsaigh’s forward openings, it had the desired effect. At the other end of the field, however, they struggled to make any real headway close to goal. With James and Michael Bowles outnumbered, and in truth out-hurled, inside, Newtownshandrum were forced to shoot from distance. The collective radar, though, was far from in perfect working order. Seven first-half wides they clocked, added to four efforts dropped into the hand of Na Piarsaigh keeper Darragh O’Connell.

The losers finished the half with six different scorers – Ryan Clifford, Cathal Naughton, Conor Twomey, Jerry Lane, Mattie Ryan and Coughlan on target; the latter saw his penalty drive deflected over the crossbar at the end of the first quarter.

Na Piarsaigh, meanwhile, were heavily reliant on Anthony Dennehy and Keith Buckley – the pair contributing all but two of their first-half tally, the sides deadlocked 0-7 apiece at the break.

And so Na Piarsaigh march on to a second successive semi-final appearance, Sars providing the opposition on this occasion.

“We certainly will not fear Sars,” continued Guiheen. “We know we will have to perform the next day. Sars will be raging hot favourites, but on our day if we perform we know we can beat anyone in the competition. ”

Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: K Buckley (2-5, 0-4 frees); P Gould (1-4, 0-1 pen); Anthony Dennehy (0-4); S O’Sullivan, P Rourke (0-1 each).

Scorers for Newtownshandrum: J Coughlan (0-6, 0-3 frees, 0-1 pen, 0-1 ’65); J Bowles (0-2); M Thompson, C Twomey, M Ryan, C Naughton, J Lane, R Clifford (0-1 each).

NA PIARSAIGH: D O’Connell; A Brady, D Mannix, E Moynihan; Adam Dennehy, J Gardiner, S Óg Ó hAilpín; C Joyce, C Buckley; K Buckley, P Rourke, P Gould; D Lee, Anthony Dennehy, A Kenneally.  Subs: A Keating for O’Connell (HT), S O’Sullivan for Kenneally (HT).

NEWTOWNSHANDRUM: W Biggane; G O’Mahony, R Fallon, D Gleeson; J Herlihy, C Twomey, M Ryan; PJ Copse, C Naughton; R Clifford, J Coughlan, J Lane; M Bowles, J Bowles, JP King.   Subs: T O’Mahony for Lane (28 mins), J O’Mahony for G O’Mahony (38 mins), M Thompson for M Bowles (51), D Stack for Naughton (55).

Referee: C McAllister (Aghada).

Na Piarsaigh Hurling & Football Academy

A reminder to members, parents, supporters that Na Piarsaigh Hurling & Football Academy continues against this Friday the 12th September at 6.30pm, so anybody interested in becoming involved either at coaching or playing are more than welcome and they should turn up this friday night.

New Dates for championship

Members and supporters should note the following changes to our senior hurling championship and premier intermediate football championship:

Senior Hurling Championship -  Sunday 14th September Pairc Ui Chaoimh 2.30pm .v. Newtownshandrum.

Premier Intermediate Football Championship (Replay) - Sunday 20th September Blarney 5pm .v. Mallow.

Schools Development Coach

Notice: A Schools Development Coach for approximately 20 hours per week is required, any person interested can apply to Tony O Sullivan on 0862455982 by Monday midday 1st September next.

Fe16 Hurling Championship Final (Irish Examiner 21/8/14)

Sarsfields 1-20 Na Piarsaigh 1-17

A historic night for Sarsfields in Páirc Uí Rinn as they were crowned Carrigaline Court Hotel Rebel Óg Premier 1 U16 hurling champions for the first time.

This was an amazing match, the East Cork side snatching the win courtesy of three injury-time points in one of the finest games of hurling to be seen at this level.

The opening 30 minutes had the sides locked together on five occasions. The scores were top-drawer. Sarsfields recorded some fine points, in particular from Shane O’Driscoll, Liam Healy and Sean Higgins. The Na Piarsaigh reply was swift, with duo Evan Sheehan and Dan Gunning standing out as the teams turned around at 0-9 apiece.

Na Piarsaigh drew first blood in the second half through a Jamie McGrath goal but Sarsfields raised their game and when Tristan O’Leary netted in the 50th minute, it was game on.

The teams were tied three more times before Sarsfields eventually got their noses in front. Jack O’Connor pointed twice and O’Driscoll also scored as the Imokilly outfit finished at their brilliant best.

Scorers for Sarsfields: J O’Connor 0-5, T O’Leary 1-1, S O’Driscoll 0-4 (1f), S Higgins (1f) and L Healy 0-3 each, D Lonergan 0-2 (2f), J O’Leary and D Walsh 0-1 each.
Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: D Gunning 0-8 (4f, 1 65), E Sheehan 0-5, J McGrath 1-1, C Hannafin 0-2, C Allen 0-1.
SARSFIELDS: C Looney; S Higgins, K Crowley, S Garvey; C Roche, D Lonergan, Z Walsh; J O’Leary, S O’Driscoll; S Higgins, L Healy, J O’Connor; D Walsh, T O’Leary, P O’Driscoll.
Sub: A Hackett for P O’Driscoll (36).
NA PIARSAIGH: S O’Meara; A Lehane, K Power (Capt), M McCarthy; D Roche, G Healy, D Morrissey; K Ahern, C Hanafin; J Morrissey, D Gunning, C Allen; J McGrath, E Sheehan, K Forde.
Subs: C Bowen for A Lehane (60), D Maguire for C Allen (62, inj).

Referee: Brian Coniry (Crosshaven).

Premier Intermediate Football Championship

Just to let members and supporters know that our Intermediate footballers play their quarter final of the County on Saturday 30th August against Mallow in Blarney at 6pm, and again all your support please for this very important match.

Leaving Certificate

Congratulations to all our boys and girls who sat their Leaving Cert and who have now received their results.   We hope that they got the points they wanted, and just remember one thing boys and girls, ye are both playing championship this week so go easy, very easy on the celebrations.


Our club lotto has now reached 4,400e this week, so come on members buy an envelope for 2e at the Bar.   Be in with a chance to win.  We need all your support as our lotto has lapsed somewhat in the last couple of months, we need to build on this.

Tickets - Ud21 Final - Cork -v- Clare

Buy your tickets in advance for Munster U21 Final online or at Centra/SuperValu and save €5! See www.gaacork.ie​ for info

Bórd Gáis Energy Munster U21 Hurling Final
Wednesday July 30th- Clare v Cork - 7.15pm @ Cusack Park, Ennis

Tickets are now sale online at gaa.tickets.ie and at Centra/SuperValu stores. Admission is €15 for adults, with usual concessions, and U16s are FREE. Buy your tickets in advance save €5 on adult tickets - just €10 if purchased up to 3 hours before throw-in!

Senior Hurling Championship (Irish Examiner 28/7/14)

Piarsaigh battle bravely for priceless victory
Cork SHC: Na Piarsaigh 1-22 Killeagh 2-15

Na Piarsaigh scored a crucial four-point win over Killeagh in the Cork SHC at Páirc Uí Rinn yesterday, setting up a fourth round meeting with Bride Rovers following this epic do-or-die third round battle.   For long periods in the second half the northsiders looked to be exiting the championship but seven unanswered points in the closing 10 minutes proved crucial.

Relief was the primary emotion of coach Sean Guiheen. “For the future of the club and the future of the young fellas, we just couldn’t go down the road of relegation,” he said.
“We had a meeting last Monday night after the Youghal game (second round) to clear the air. And thankfully we did, and the manner in which we won is very pleasing.
“We played Killeagh already twice this year and they beat us both times. We knew coming down here we were going to have to play. And as soon as we got fast quality ball into our forward line we got the scores. The boys in there are young and very talented and very skilful.”

This will be a difficult one for Killeagh to stomach, as they dominated for long periods. Having played against the wind in the opening 30 minutes they led by a point, and with 50 minutes gone they were in front by a goal but they fell away and failed to score again.

Na Piarsaigh utilised the wind to open up a 0-6 to 0-2 advantage, Keith Buckley was responsible for four points. However, Killeagh were right back in contention when Gary Leahy broke through to shoot a wonderful goal after 14 minutes. The sides were level three more times and with the Killeagh defence in excellent form, they went ahead through well-taken points from Leahy and the superb Andrew Walsh.
At the break, they led 1-8 to 0-10 and turning to play with the elements were in a favourable position.

This prompted change from Na Piarsaigh with Anthony Dennehy and Alan Kenneally coming in to join Dayne Lee who was introduced earlier in the half. However, it was Killeagh who continued to enjoy good fortune. Joe Deane pointed from play and a free, as their whole forward unit looked sharp. Approaching the end of the third quarter they enjoyed a 1-13 to 0-13 lead.
By contrast, there wasn’t a whole lot of quality ball going into the Na Piarsaigh attack. Still, what possession they did get, they converted. Keith Buckley bagged three vital points and when Christopher Joyce set up Kenneally for a point, the margin was reduced to the minimum. Patrick O’Rourke then drove a long ball forward and when Shane Duggan got a flick to it, referee Diarmuid Kirwan consulted with his umpires to confirm it was a goal – and the lead for Na Piarsaigh 1-15 to 1-13.

Killeagh’s response was impressive with Walsh goaling from the puck-out. They launched over another two points to remain in the driving seat. Na Piarsaigh never panicked though. Lee, Padraig Gould, Cian Buckley and Keith Buckley struck four quick-fire points to regain the lead, 1-19 to 2-15. Well into their stride now, they closed out with another trio of points, Gould (2) and Lee.
Killeagh now meet Courcey Rovers in the relegation final.

Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: K Buckley (0-10, six frees), P Gould (0-4), S Duggan (1-0), D Lee (0-3), S Curtin, E Moynihan, A Kenneally, C Joyce and C Buckley (0-1 each).
Scorers for Killeagh: A Walsh (1-4), J Deane (0-7, three frees, one 65), G Leahy (1-1), J Budds, M Murphy and D Walsh (0-1 each).
NA PIARSAIGH: D O’Connell; A Brady, D Mannix, Adam Dennehy; C Joyce, J Gardiner (Capt), S Óg Ó hAilpín; E Moynihan, C Buckley; P Gould, S O’Sullivan, P O’Rourke; C O’Mahony, S Curtin, K Buckley.
Subs: D Lee for C O’Mahony (12), Anthony Dennehy for E Moynihan, A Kenneally for S O’Sullivan (both half-time), S Duggan for S Curtin (39).
KILLEAGH: B Rochford; A Keniry, P O’Brien (Capt), C Fogarty; D Cahill, B Barry, D Walsh; B Collins, J Deane; P Carroll, A Walsh, J Budds; S Long, G Leahy, M Murphy.

Referee: Diarmuid Kirwan (Éire Óg).

Senior Hurling Championship (Irish Examiner 21/7/14)

                          Youghal 2-14 Na Piarsaigh 1-15
It was a night for Youghal to celebrate a significant victory after the bitter disappointment of losing in the first round following their return to senior ranks in the Cork SHC.

And their supporters acknowledged it in kind by applauding them off the field in Carrigtwohill on Saturday.

Conversely, it was another setback for a confident Na Piarsaigh who made the early running only for their challenge to be undermined by two goals in the second quarter and weakened by inefficient forward play in the second half.

Notably, rising Cork star Bill Cooper played a key role in the Youghal victory, having a bigger impact than Christopher Joyce for Na Piarsaigh. John Gardiner never really settled, was yellow-carded in the 19th minute, cautioned after giving away a penalty and didn’t appear for the second half.

The city side’s unhappiness with the outcome was reflected in a polite refusal to publicly comment. In sharp contrast, winning manager Christy Cooney was in high spirits after the final whistle, describing it as “a great night for the Youghal club”.

“It’s always hard when you come from intermediate up to senior,” he said, adding that they were “in better shape” for this test.

“We played very few matches — just a lot of hurling on the field — and our lads were well up for it. I know Na Piarsaigh got a goal in the last minute but we were always that bit better. It’s upwards and onwards for us now. We’re thrilled. It takes enormous pressure off us to be in a position to stay up senior.”

Named at centre-back but lining up at the edge of the square, Gardiner had little involvement in the early stages and the best of Na Piarsaigh’s play came from the forwards. Padraig Gould and Cian O’Mahony were quick to make an impression on the two wings and good approach play generally saw them lead 0-6 to 0-2 after 11 minutes.

The two Youghal points had come from Brendan Ring, the first from a free won by Bill Cooper and – praised by Cooney for his “class” – he was to finish top scorer with 1-8. His goal, the result of good work by full-forward Brett Moloney, came in the 14th minute and, followed quickly by a point from Moloney, it had them level and in a position which didn’t appear likely earlier on.

Opposed by Ó hAilpín, Cooper covered a lot of ground on the right wing and his inspired play enabled the seasiders to become more competitive. And, he was the player fouled by Gardiner for the 23rd minute penalty from which Leigh Desmond scored to complement his general play around midfield.

Almost immediately afterwards, Na Piarsaigh had an opportunity to get the ball in the net, from an opening made by Alan Kenneally, but as he attempted to strike on the turn, wing-back Michéal Ó Cróinín blocked his shot. Half-time saw Youghal lead 2-6 to 0-11, with all of Na Piarsaigh’s scores coming from play and all six forwards contributing. Resuming with Joyce at full-back (before moving outfield later), Na Piarsaigh paid the penalty for some early missed chances. Cooper showed the way for Youghal with a well-worked point and while they added four more up to the threequarters stage, the city side were confined to a single score from O’Mahony in the same period.

The last ten minutes saw Na Piarsaigh penetrate more, except that they found it increasingly difficult to get sores against a defence in which John Grace and Conor Spillane were commanding in the centre. Indiscipline at the other end also proved costly, meaning that the game was as good as decided before Gould goaled from an angled free in injury time.

Scorers for Youghal: B Ring (1-8, 0-4fs), L Desmond (1-0 pen), B Cooper and B Moloney (0-2 each), AF O’Connor and C O’Mahony (0-1 each).
Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: P Gould (1-3, 1-0f), C O’Mahony (0-4), K Buckley (1 65), S O’Sullivan and E Moynihan (0-2 each), P Bourke and A Kenneally (0-1 each).

YOUGHAL: R Cunningham (capt); B O’Sullivan, J Grace, Barry Ring; M Ó Cróinín, C Spillane, K Walsh; L Desmond, O Dempsey; B Cooper, AF O’Connor, D Ring; N Roche, B Moloney, Brendan Ring.
Sub: C O’Mahony for Dempsey (29).

NA PIARSAIGH: D O’Connell; D Mannix, J Gardiner, C Buckley; A Dennehy, C Joyce, S Óg Ó hAilpín; E Moynihan, R McGregor; P Gould, P Rourke, C O’Mahony; A Kenneally, S O’Sullivan, K Buckley.
Subs: A Dennehy for Gardiner (ht), S Warren for O’Mahony (39), S Curtin for McGregor (42), S Duggan for Kenneally (44).

Referee: Nathan Wall (Carrigaline).


Eye Spy News - Journey's On Us.

Eye Spy News

If you have any news on births, weddings, birthdays celebrations etc or any other stories you would like included in the next issue of Rail Brief, please email them to: railbrief@irishrail.ie.


Again this year we are running the initiative “The Journey’s on Us”, to support organisations and groups in the voluntary, community, sporting and charity sector. Let all your family and friends involved in such organisations know about this great offer:-

“The Journey’s On Us”, will provide up to 100 groups with a free group travel return journey for up to 50 people per group during 2014. The travel facilities will be ideal in particular for organisations bringing a group to a special event, or as part of a specific support to the members of the group which requires travel. Over the last three years we have had applications from organisations such as Choirs, Family Support Groups, School Groups, Men’s Sheds, Scout Groups, Social Action Groups, Community Groups, Ladies Groups, Sporting Groups and many, many more!

When filling in the application, don’t forget to tell us why you think your organisation should be one of our lucky winners, as the more information we get the stronger your application will be!

Applications can be made on our website www.irishrail.ie/journeys or by email to journeys@irishrail.ie . The closing date is next Monday, 14th July.

If you’re not in – your Club cannot Win!!

Annual Pat Kelleher Fe13 Hurling Tournament 2014

The annual Pat Kelleher fe13 Hurling Tournament takes place on Saturday the 5th July next.    Teams participating will be Cobh Cork, Blackrock Cork, ourselves and Inagh/Kilnamona from Co.Clare.     Games start at 11am and we expect our tournaments to be supported by parents and members.    Also we require help on the day to make sure the day runs smoothly so anyone who can give 2 or 3 hours on Saturday are very very welcome.

Summer Camp 2014

Summer Camp 2014 - 28th July to 1st August (Mon/Wed/Fri)
Time 10am to 2pm
(for boys and girls aged 5years to 12 years).

Application Forms can now be obtained by either contacting team Managers or collecting a form in the Arena.     Cost is the same as last year 1st child 25e - 2nd child 40e - 3rd child 50e.    Closing date is Sunday 13th July.   There is a 15e deposit to be paid on signing.   So come on parents and get your children to join our Summer Camp for 2014 where they will enjoy themselves, have fun and also learn the skills of hurling and football with our qualified coaches.  

Senior Hurling Championship

                         Blackrock 3-14 Na Piarsaigh 1-16 (Irish Examiner 21/6/14)
Cork SHC: In the end, Blackrock did enough to ensure they held off Na Piarsaigh in the opening round of the Cork SHC at Páirc Uí Rinn last night.

Leading 3-8 to 1-3 at half-time, the Rockies had to play the second-half with 14 men after Ger Regan, who scored 1-4, had been sent off in first-half injury time. A Na Piarsaigh side which had laboured badly began to find its rhythm and the gap was two goals, 3-14 to 1-14, when Keith Buckley bundled the ball to the Blackrock net after John Gardiner’s delivery.

Referee Cathal McAllister ruled the goal out, however, and though Na Piarsaigh did get a pair of late points, the margin proved too much to overhaul.
A relieved Blackrock manager John Browne was pleased with that adjudication.
“We got lucky in the end, I think,” he said.
“The ref called a square ball, if that goal had gone in then we’d have been under a lot of pressure for the last minute or so. I think we played well in the first-half and playing 35 minutes on a hot night with 14 men was tough, so credit to the lads. The sending-off was the turning point, really, but we won and that’s the main thing.”
The former Cork defender is well aware of the double-edged sword presented by a first-round win, however. Last year, the Rockies overcame Killeagh first time out but then lost to Ballymartle in the fourth round more than three months later, the south-east side having played two more games.
“The difficulty now is when we’ll play again,” Browne said.
“Last year, you’d wonder if it was better to win the first round or not. It all depends on Cork but the situation is a bit of a disaster.

“We were prepared for two weeks ago and it was postponed four or five days beforehand. The clubs have to be looked after better than that, ourselves and Piarsaigh were both missing players who would have been around for the original date.”

Regardless of who they were missing, much of Blackrock’s play for the opening 30 minutes was sparkling, even allowing for the wastage in the form of seven wides. Regan was in unplayable form, winning balls with ease, and his goal in the 19th minute, when he flicked to the net from Kevin O’Keeffe free from deep, made it 2-5 to 0-1.
Patrick Deasy had already breached the Piarsaigh rearguard two minutes previously after nice play involving Shane O’Keeffe and David Cashman, and though Chris Joyce responded to Regan’s strike with a Piarsaigh goal, Blackrock responded emphatically.
Cashman and Regan had fine points before Eoin O’Farrell fed Deasy, who showed great pace before firing across Darragh O’Connell and in for a 3-7 to 1-2 lead.
Each side had another point before the interval but the main incident was Regan’s dismissal for an off-the-ball occurrence, with little dissent from those in green and gold.
The numerical disadvantage didn’t seem to be of great effect as Shane O’Keeffe extended the lead on the resumption and Na Piarsaigh’s Pádraig Gould had a tame 20m free saved, but then the northsiders began to find their groove.
More direct play yielded a greater return, even if the wides tally was building, but Keith Buckley was in great form, scoring seven points between the 35th and 52nd minutes, Eoin Moynihan and Gardiner also weighing in.

Though Blackrock sub Olann Kelleher did steady things somewhat with two scores, it was 3-13 to 1-13 with six minutes left. Deasy could have put the issue beyond doubt when he was played through and his shot did beat O’Connell but full-back Darren Mannix managed to get a brilliant flick to divert the ball to safety.

At the other end, Joyce kicked a goal effort wide and then as the pressure mounted, Buckley had his non-goal. In the end, it was a case of restored pride after the first half but they must now await the losers of tomorrow’s Newtownshandrum-Youghal clash.

Scorers for Blackrock: P Deasy 2-0, G Regan 1-4, D Cashman 0-5 (one free, one 65), S O’Keeffe, O Kelleher (one free) 0-2 each, K O’Keeffe 0-1 (free).
Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: K Buckley 0-8 (three frees, two 65s), P Gould 0-3 (one free), C Joyce 1-0, E Moynihan 0-2, J Gardiner, P O’Rourke, C Buckley 0-1 each.

BLACKROCK: A Long; S Murphy, B Aherne, R Laide; A Murphy, E Smith, G Norberg; D O’Farrell, K O’Keeffe; C O’Leary, S O’Keeffe, E O’Farrell; G Regan, D Cashman, P Deasy.
Subs: O Kelleher for Cashman (44), A O’Callaghan for O’Leary (45), R Dineen for Smith (50), M Ryan for E O’Farrell (59).

NA PIARSAIGH: D O’Connell; A Brady, D Mannix, E Moynihan; R McGregor, S Óg Ó hAilpín, J Gardiner; Anthony Dennehy, C Joyce; P O’Rourke, C O’Mahony, K Buckley; A Kenneally, P Gould, C Buckley.
Subs: Adam Dennehy for Brady, D Lee for O’Mahony, S O’Sullivan for Kenneally (all half-time), S Duggan for C Buckley (43).

Referee: C McAllister (Aghada).

Cork City Marathon 2014

The club wish all the participants in the Cork City Marathon the very best for the bank holiday Monday.   The proceeds will be going to a very good cause The Childrens Leukaemia Association.  Do yourself proud!!

Reminder the Captains of the marathon teams must be in the City Hall tomorrow to collect the numbers for their teams.    Also all participants must call to the club on Sunday 1st June at 12.30pm where they will receive their tee shirts and to register.   You must attend.

Junior & Leaving Certificate

The club wish all the lads and lassies the best of luck for their upcoming exams, do your best and make us all proud (no pressure of course) Enjoy!!!!

Change of dates for Championships

Members are asked to note that dates and times are changed for our championships.   Our SH championship against Blackrock now takes place on Friday 20th June in Pairc Ui Rinn at 7.30pm (ET) and our Premier Intermediate football championship against Naomh Aban takes place on Saturday 28th June in Kilmurray at 7.30pm (ET).

SHC Tickets Cork -v- Waterford Replay

Ticket Information

Munster GAA can confirm that all pre-purchased adult tickets for the Munster GAA Senior Hurling Quarter-Final Replay between Cork and Waterford will be reduced by €5. Tickets will go on sale via tickets.ie, Centra & Supervalu from Tuesday May 27th.

Pre-purchase Price
Adults Covered Stand – €20
Adults Uncovered Stand – €15
Juveniles (Under 16s) for both stands & terrace – €5
Adults Killinan End Terrace – €10

Venue Price on the day
Adults Covered Stand – €25
Adults Uncovered Stand – €20
Juveniles (Under 16s) for both stands & terrace – €5
Adults Killinan End Terrace – €15​

Munster Senior Hurling Q/F - Cork -v- Waterford - Tickets

Tickets for the Munster Senior Hurling Quarter-Final, Cork v Waterford (Sunday, 4pm in Thurles) will be on sale at Páirc Uí Rinn today 1pm-3.30pm.

Adults Covered Stand – €25
Adults Uncovered Stand – €20
Juveniles (Under 16s) for both stands & terrace – €5
Adults Killinan End Terrace – €15

Tickets are also available online at http://gaa.tickets.ie/ and at Centra/SuperValu stores.​

Suggested tweet: Tickets for Cork v Waterford will be on sale at P. Uí Rinn today 1pm-3.30pm - for prices etc see gaacork.ie


Underage Street Leagues

Our underage street leagues begin on Sunday next 18th May from 11am to 1pm for boys aged between 5yrs - 9 years.     So if your son is interested in competing in the Street Leagues you should contact Thomas Gardiner on 0860645183 as soon as possible.

Tony O Sullivan Underage Street Leagues 2014

Farranree - Mentors Tony Guest, Kieran Coleman
Blarney/Hollyhill/Knocknaheeney/Wilton - Mentors John Kearney, Aidan McGrath
Gurranabraher/Carrigtwohill/Bweeng - Mentors John Sullivan, Alan Daly
Fairhill - Mentors Jim Lehane, Donal Hourihan
Killeens/Rathpeacon/Whitescross - Mentors Jason Moloney, Ger Fitzgerald
Parklands/Onslow Gardens - Mentors Mark Sullivan, Michael Lyons
Larchfield/Ballyvolane/Dublin Hill/Donoughamore - Mentors Neilus Sullivan, Damien O Sullivan

Table                    P          W            D             L              Pts
Parklands             10          6             3             1              15
Killeens                 10          6             1             3              13
Blarney                 10          5             2             3              12
Fairhill                   10          3             3             4               9
Gurranabraher      10          1             4             5               6
Farranree              10          1             4             5               6


11.30am               Plate Final                      Fairhill .v. Killeens

11.30am               Shield Final                     Blarney .v. Gurranabraher


12.15PM                                  PARKLANDS .V. FARRANREE

All parents are asked to come out and support all the kids who took part in the Street Leagues.




Junior A Football Championship

Our Junior Footballers play their championship tonight against Mayfield in Ballinlough at 6.45pm.     All your support please for the Liam Martin and the lads.


The lotto has now reached 2,700e next week and the draw takes place in the Bar on Sunday night.   So come on and buy your tickets 2e each or 5e for three.

Cian Durkin Memorial Hurling Tournament

On Monday 5th May our fe15 hurlers went to Ballyboden St.Endas GAA to play in a tournament to remember young Cian Durkin who passed away at a tragically young age on December 1st 2006 while playing in a feile game in Mallow.  In 2007 the inaugural tournament began and has been very successful since then.   

Our lads had 2 games, one against Ballyboden St.Endas (2) and the second against Kilmacud Crokes, they won their group and went on to play Ballyboden St.Endas (1) in the final which was a thriller.   We were all fed in their clubhouse and looked after very well, our Camogie girls who were beaten in their final joined the lads for their final and we all had a great day.    We wish sincerely to thank Tom O Donoghue of Ballyboden who went out of his way to look after us (him being a Corkman!!! of course).

Congratulations to the fe15 team and their mentors for bring the Cian Durkin Cup back to the Club and no doubt we will be invited back next year to defend our title.

You can see photographs of this tournament in our Gallery.

Inter County Open Nights

                       Inter-County Open Nights

It's that time of year again... As part of the national promotion of the Senior Hurling and Football Championships, the inter-county Open Nights will run again this year! 


The Cork Senior Hurlers invite all their fans to come along to training at Páirc Uí Chaoimh on Tuesday, May 6th from 6.45pm approximately. After training, you'll be able to meet the players for photos, autographs etc, and we might have a few little surprises too!!

On Friday, May 9th, it's the turn of the Senior Footballers to welcome supporters to Páirc Ui Chaoimh, and we hope that as many of you as possible will join us at either or both of these events.

Come along and meet your heroes! 


Premier Intermediate Football Championship

Well lads, its that time again when our premier intermediate footballers are playing their championship on Saturday 3rd May next against Bantry Blues in Dunmanway at 6.45pm.  All your support please for this very important match.

Munster Senior Hurling Championship Quarter-Final

Cork v Waterford
Sunday May 25th
4pm @ Thurles 
*Preceded by IHC Q-Final at 2pm

Good quality tickets, including central stand tickets, for this game are now available for sale online at gaa.tickets.ie and via Centra & Supervalu stores (subject to availability). Prices are as follows:
Adults Covered Stand – €25
Adults Uncovered Stand – €20
Juveniles (Under 16s) for both stands & terrace – €5
Adults Killinan End Terrace – €15

For more information, see munster.gaa.ie.

Centra/Supervalu Ticket Outlets
SuperValu Hollyhill Cork
SuperValu Blarney Cork

SuperValu Blackrock Cork
SuperValu Glanmire Cork

SuperValu Ballincollig - Quish's Cork

SuperValu Togher Cork
SuperValu Merchants Quay Cork
Centra Bishopstown Cork
Centra Tower Cork
Centra Togher Cork

The Pavilion Cafe Bar Cork

Pluggd Records Cork​

Club Juvenile Discount Package

Attention Clubs:  Purchase Juvenile (under16) Stand tickets for 3euro each and get one mentor free entry for every 10 juveniles.
Contact Mary O Mahoney at Munster GAA 061-338593 or mary.omahoney.munster@gaa.ie


Minor Hurling Championship

Our minor premier hurlers are playing their hurling championship on Sunday the 20th April next against Douglas in Pairc Ui Rinna t 11.30am.     We expect to see everyone there supporting the lads and mentors

Etihad GAA Hurling

What will your club do to win the biggest prize in the game?

This 12-month package will include:
€10,000 cash… Special guest coaches… Etihad flights…
All-Ireland tickets and more…

As one of our four finalists, your club has a fantastic chance to win, and your vote can help make that happen.    

Go to etihadgaa.ie to find out more and make your vote count!

Etihad Airways - Official Sponsor of the GAA Hurling All-Ireland Championship

Etihad Airways has a proud tradition of supporting and sponsoring sporting competitions and clubs, all over the world.   Because we understand the crucial role that GAA clubs play in communities throughout Ireland,  and appreciate the issues which many of them are currently facing, we want to help one deserving Irish hurling club, by giving them a year’s worth of Etihad sponsorship www.etihadgaa.ie

We are asking all members to inform their families and workmates to log on and vote for us.  We are one of 4 clubs across Ireland the only one from Cork who are in with a chance of winning fabulous prizes.

Feile Hurling & Minor Premier Football Championship

Our feile hurlers play their qualifying rounds on Saturday 12th April in Bishopstown.   They will play Bishopstown, Nemo Rangers, Ahan Gaels & Fermoy.   Matches start at 11.30am, 12.15pm, 1pm and 1.45pm.   

Also our Minor Premier Footballers play their losers round of the championship against Clonakilty on Saturday in Ballinaspittle at 2.30pm.    Your support please for these important matches.

Cork City Online Foundation Course

                            Cork City Online Foundation Courses

We will be running a Foundation course in the coming weeks for Hurling and Football in the City.  It is an online course, with a 1 hour practical session for each code at the end.
To register, contact shane.supple@gmail.com for details on registration and enrollment key codes.

​Participants have until 6pm on Wednesday 9th April, to complete the online segment of the course. It should take 3 hours approx to complete in total. There are 7 different modules to complete in each code, with some overlapping of content. It does not have to be completed in one go and people usually do it over a few days with a different module every day.

After doing the online content, to finish the course, you must complete the Hurling and Football practical at the end, which will take place in the Indoor Hall, Nemo Rangers from 8-10pm on Wednesday 9th April. (Registration starts at 7.45pm)

​The cost of the course is €20, which is to be paid on the night of the practical workshop. If people only wish to do Hurling or Football separately, the cost will still be €20. I would advise participants to do both, as it will open up areas for future Coach Education progression, to Award 1 level and beyond.
If you do not complete all the online modules or attend the workshop, then you will not gain any accreditation.

Colm Crowley
GDA Seandun

Minor Football Championship

Our Minor Premier 1's begin their football championship on Sunday 30th March next at UCC Mardyke at 2.30pm where they take on a very fancied Douglas team.   Your support please for this game.

Membership 2014

This is the last call for committees, selectors, players and members to pay their membership, 4 days left.    Also underage and juvenile membership is due.

Thomas Gardiner Golf Memorial Trophy

The annual Thomas Gardiner Golf Memorial Trophy takes place this year on  Sunday 6th April at Blarney Golf Club.   It will be a 3 ball scramble cost 120euro and this includes a meal.   Tee times from 11.30am to 2pm.   One Na Piarsaigh member required on team to win the cup, and three non members can only win the visitors prize.   Contact number for tee off is the office on 4306549 (Brenda).   Senior Committee decision is final in all matters.

Fe21 Football Championship

The start of our championships this year is the fe21 which takes place on Saturday 22nd March against Douglas in Ballinlough at 4pm.    Your support please.

Membershp 2014

The closing date for membership is fast approaching ie. 31st March.    All members including players are to have their membership paid.   Avoid the rush and pay now.

Championship Draws

Senior Hurling Championship
Round 1 - A. Na Piarsaigh .v. Blackrock
Round 2 (Losers Round) A. Na Piarsaigh/Blackrock .v. Newtown/Youghal

Premier Intermediate Football Championship
Round 1 - E. Bantry Blues .v. Na Piarsaigh
Round 2 - E. Bantry Blues/Na Piarsaigh .v. Naomh Aban/Nemo Rangers

Minor Premier 1 Hurling Championship
Preliminary Round - C. Na Piarsaigh .v. Douglas
Round 1 H. Losers C .v. Fr.O Neills
Loser Round - I. Loser E (St.Finbarrs/Duhallow/Glen) .v. Loser H

Premier 1 fe16 Hurling Championship
Preliminary Round - C. Na Piarsaigh .v. Ballincollig
Round 1 - E. Loser C .v. Midleton
Loser Round - I. Loser E (Na Piarsaigh/Ballincollig/Midleton) .v. Loser F. Bishopstown/Aghabullogue/Aghada)

Premier 1 fe15 Hurling Championship
Round 1 - C.Shandrum .v. Na Piarsaigh
Semi Final - Winner B (Glen/Douglas) .v. Winner C (Shandrum/Na Piarsaigh)

Premier 1 fe14 Hurling Championship
Round 2 - G. Na Piarsaigh .v. Winner D (Ballincollig/Douglas)
Semi Final - Winner G (Na Piarsiagh/Ballincollig/Douglas) .v. Winner H (Blackrock/Duhallow/Mallow)

Minor Premier 1 Football Championship
Preliminary Round - A. Douglas .v. Na Piarsiagh
Round 1 - D. Clonakilty .v. Loser A (Douglas/Na Piarsaigh)
Loser Round - H. Loser D (Clonakilty/Douglas/Na Piarsaigh) .v. Loser F (Nemo/St.Finbarrs).

Premier 1 fe16 Football Championship
Round 1 - C. Nemo .v. Na Piarsaigh
Loser Round - F. Loser B (St.Michaels/Douglas/Beara) .v. Loser C (Nemo/Na Piarsaigh)

Premier 1 fe15 Football Championship
Round 1 - D. Douglas .v. Na Piarsaigh
Semi Final - Winner C (Barrs/Fermoy/Eire Og) .v. Winner D

Premier 1 fe14 Football Championship
Preliminary Round - A. St.Michaels .v. Na Piarsaigh
Round 1 - H. Winner A .v. Mallow

Summer Hurling & Football Tournaments 2014

Na Piarsaigh Summer Hurling & Football tournaments Programme 2014

This coming summer we are holding tournaments for age groups

11-16 years old.

·         These tournaments are run off in one day

·         Hot Lunch is provided for team and selectors

·         Tea/coffee/sandwiches provided for supporters/parents

·         4 Teams per tournament. This could change depending on interest in each age group.

·         Guaranteed 3 group games (15 mins a side)

·         Teams will play in Plate or Main Final (15 mins a side)

·         Medals for all Players (11-14 Years Only)

·         Teams invited from all over the country so players can experience different syles of   hurling/Football

·         Official referees for all games.

·         Dates for each tournament will be confirmed once all entries are received.

                  Tournament Fee is €150 (€50 returned on day of tournament)
      fee cannot be returned if a club cancels 4 weeks prior to tournament

Clubs with fee/Form returned will be given priority

If you have a team that is interested please fill in form and return with the fee to :

Brian Buckley ,

Tournament Committee,

Na Piarsaigh ,The Commons ,Fair Hill, Cork


Club Name: _________________________


Age Group



Fe 11



Fe 11



Fe 12



Fe 13



Fe 14



Fe 15



Fe 16




As most clubs are busy with their own domestic competitions within their Counties please let us know when would best suit your club to play



If  you need anymore Information please ring Brian Buckley @ 085-7275777.

Club Lotto

Club Lotto has now reached 1600.00 and we would ask all members to support the club as all monies raised are going to our Underage and Juvenile Sections.    Envelopes are available in the Bar.  The normal cost is 2euro for one envelope, 5euro for 3 envelopes or the lotto can now be supported by taking out a direct debit at a cost of 12euro per month for 3 envelopes.  Contact Brenda about the direct debit.

Cork City Marathon 2014

A registration list for the forthcoming Cork City Marathon is posted up in the Bar for anyone who wishes to take part in a worthy fundraising event.   You can also ring Denis O Neill on 0868183188 - Tony O Sullivan on 0862455982 or William O Connor on 0876782103.

Presentation Night

The Juvenile Section had their presentation night on last Saturday where our last years fe12s won the fe13c hurling league, our fe13s won the County Championship and our fe14s won the hurling league.    Christopher Joyce presented all the medals together with our Club President Kathleen Martin and a special presentation was made to Evan Sheehan for being the All Ireland Feile Skills Winner.   A great night was had by all.   The lads were fed and then a DJ played in the Bar for the parents.    We wish to thank everyone who helped out.   You can view all the photgraphs taken on the night in our Photo Gallery.  We apologise for photographs not uploaded but they were very blurred.

Cork/Limerick Game

Cork .v. Limerick Allianz Hurling League game on Saturday 15th 7pm.
If you buy adult tickets in advance of the 15th there is a €5 discount, and will cost you 10e,  and of course to highlight the fact that U16s are free - as we anticipate a very large crowd that night, we really want to push the pre-sales to help avoid queues at the stiles on the night.   Tickets can be got at Singletons SuperValu Hollyhill, Cork.

Arena Phone

Anybody wishing to book the all weather or the arena, should contact the Arena on a new mobile phone the number is 0858643077

Referees Foundation Course

A four night Foundation Course for new referees commences in Pairc Ui Rinn on March 10th continuing on March 13th, 18th anad 20th, commencing at 7.30pm each night with registration at 7.15pm on March 10th.    To apply for a place on the course and for further details, please contact County Referees Administrator Michael Keane on 0833450456.
NB: Referees must be membes of a GAA Club.   Note change of date for referees course now commences in Pairc Ui Rinn on 13th March continuing on 18th, 20th and 24th.

Presentation Night 18/1/2014

Last Saturday the 18th January we held our presentation night in which our senior hurlers who won the Redfm Senior Hurling League, our Fe21s who won their hurling championship and our Minor B’s again who won their hurling championship were presented with their medals.    A great night was had by all.   We have a fabulous trad night music being provided by Christy O Donovan and friends and the lads were well fed.    We thank Brian O Sullivan and the Ladies Committee for looking after everyone on the night.   Roll on 2014.    Photographs of the night can be seen in our Gallery.

Membership 2014

A note to all members and mentors, membership is now due and is the same as last year.  Full membership 100euro (employed) 50euro (unemployed/in receipt of state payment) 30euro (student in full time education) 70e (student/part time worker) 20e (pensioner).    Note closing date to have a vote is 31st March 2014.

Welcome to 2014

Welcome back to 2014 time to get ready for a busy year ahead and to start off our Juvenile AGM takes place on Monday 20th at 7.30pm in the club.    We wish all new committees the best of luck for the coming year both on and off the field.    We wish all outgoing officers the best and hope they will stay involved in one way or another.   Hopefully by working together we can make Na Piarsaigh H&F Club be proud on the field for 2014 and win a couple of extra trophies to add to our trophy cabinet.    Members would have received a text about selectors for 2014, and anyone who is interested in taking a team, names to be received before Saturday to Jim O Sullivan on 0873328639.  

Christmas Draw Results

On behalf of Na Piarsaigh H&F Club we wish to sincerely thank everybody who supported our christmas draw, it was with the support from all committees, the underage/juvenile and camogie sections Blackpool Shopping Centre and Ballyvolane Shopping Centre.   Herewith a list of the winners and those who have not yet collected their prizes can do so by calling to the club any night after 8pm.

  • 1st prize Grahame Coolthorne, Dyke Parade,Cork ticket 02810
    2nd prize Jessica O Neill c/o Roy Cooke ticket 02951
    3rd prize Shirley Higgins ticket 08428
    4th prize Lafayettes Ladies c/o Imperial Hotel ticket 00311
    5th prize Chris Jones c/o Dominic Keohane ticket 16357
    6th prize Kevin Bell ticket 01987
    7th prize Emma Gardiner ticket 09605
    8th prize Olivia Morrissey Fairfield Square ticket 04142


Christmas Well Wishes

On behalf of Na Piarsaigh H&F Club I wish all our members, players, mentors, committees, staff and customers a very merry christmas and a prosperous new year both on and off the field from the Senior Committee

Seamus O Suilleabhain

Long Puc

Na Piarsaigh H&F Club annual long puc takes place on Saturday 28th December next.   Registration is at 12 noon.   Three players per team.  Entry fee 30euro per adult team and 15euro per juvenile team (12-14).   So why not get a team together and join us on the 28th.     Hot soup and sandwiches served afterwards.   Music in the Bar with DJ Brendan from 6pm - 9pm and then music with Tony Manning till late.     We hope to see a big crowd there as a great nights entertainment is guaranteed.


Christmas Draw

Our christmas draw takes place on Friday night in the Bar at 9pm.   We are disappointed that some members have still not returned their tickets, everyone is asked to do their bit and support their club.  Tickets are to be returned tonight and Friday night.    There will be some of the committee in the club tonight at 8pm to collect these.  

Redfm Senior Hurling League Final

Battling Piarsaigh bounce back

Na Piarsaigh 0-20 Sarsfields 2-09
Na Piarsaigh coach Sean Guiheen was full of praise for his team after they turned around a six-point half-time deficit to claim victory in the RedFM Cork SHL final at Páirc Uí Rinn on Saturday.

It is 16 years since they won the Conroy Cup and after their heavy defeat by Midleton in the county championship semi-final, Guiheen was delighted to end the season on a high.    “I’m very proud of the lads. We didn’t play well against Midleton in the championship,” he said.   “We were very poor that day. But the lads have worked very hard. They are an honest bunch and they are very committed.   “This team needs a bit of silverware, something to build on. And I am delighted with the manner in which we won. We never panicked. At half-time we looked dead and buried. They proved a point, that there is a lot of bottle in them.”

Defeated county finalists Sarsfields were looking to regain the trophy they last held in 2011. Missing a number of first-choice players, and Michael Cussen who was listed on the programme but withdrew due to injury, while former county skipper Kieran Murphy, who was involved in both Sars goals, didn’t return for the second-half, also injured. However, this should not detract from the Na Piarsaigh performance.

Sarsfields were on top for the opening 30 minutes after which they led 2-7 to 0-7 thanks to a brace of Cormac Duggan majors in the 17th and 22nd minute, but the second half was one-way traffic as a superior Na Piarsaigh outscored Sarsfields 13 points to two.

“We told them they would get chances. The scoreboard was ticking over and we had missed a few goal chances. We told them not to panic, to keep plugging away. We fought for everything in the second-half.    “We tightened up considerably. There is great credit due to them, especially after what happened against Midleton,” added Guiheen.

Midfielder Eoin Moynihan (0-12) was in tremendous form, particularly from placed balls, punishing any indiscretion from Sarsfields. Their resolute defence headed up by Sean Óg Ó hAilpín and Christopher Joyce grew in stature only allowing Sars two points after the changeover (one from play).

A point from full-forward John Gardiner around the three-quarter mark saw Na Piarsaigh draw level for the first time, 0-14 to 2-8. Daniel Roche pegged one back for Sars after linking with Cian McCarthy. However, they failed to score again as Na Piarsaigh closed out with six unanswered points – four wonderfully converted Moynihan frees, and a point each from Padraig Gould and Cian O’Mahony.

Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: EMoynihan (0-12, 8fs, 2 65s), P Gould (0-3, 1f), C O’Mahony (0-2), S Óg Ó hAilpín, K Buckley and J Gardiner (0-1 each).
Scorers for Sarsfields: C Duggan (2-0), C McCarthy (0-4, 3fs), D Roche and G O’Loughlin (0-2 each), T Óg Murphy (0-1).

NA PIARSAIGH: A Keating; A Brady, D Mannix, A Bell; R McGregor, C Joyce, S Óg Ó hAilpín; C O’Mahony, E Moynihan; C Buckley, P O’Rourke, K Buckley; P Gould, J Gardiner, S O’Sullivan. Subs: I McDonnell for S O’Sullivan (43).

SARSFIELDS: A Kennedy; R Ryan, J Barry, C English; W Kearney, C Leahy, T Crowley; D Kearney, R Duggan; D Roche, C McCarthy, G O’Loughlin; C Duggan, K Murphy, T Óg Murphy.
Subs: E O’Sullivan for K Murphy (ht, inj), G Grey for C English (49), J Flannery for R Duggan (53), I Burke for J Barry (55, inj).

Referee: D Kirwan (Éire Óg).

Sean Og O hAilpin Autobiography

Book signing - Sean Og will be at the club on Sunday December 22nd from 12 noon to 4pm for book signing and photographs.   Books will be available to buy on the day.   Why not make a christmas present of his book to a GAA supporter for family and friends home and away.

Reardens Annual SHC All Star Awards

Congratulations to Darren Mannix who got the nod at corner-back in Reardens Annual SHC All Star Awards last Monday night after hurling efficiently as we got to the semi-final against Midleton.


Members should be aware that our AGM has been rescheduled for Sunday 5th January 2014.


From January 1st 2014 all Gaelic footballers in all age grades including all adult grades must wear mouthguards.

.  Gaelic footballers in all age grades must wear a mouthguard from January 1st 2014
.  It is the responsibility of each individual player to use a mouthguard
.  A properly fitted mouthguard is the best available protective device for reducing the incidence and severity of sports-related dental injuries 
.  Players can be sent-off in a game for not wearing a mouthguard 
.  Players will not be covered under the GAA player injury scheme if they don’t comply with the mouthguard rule 
.  No Mouthguard? No Game!

New Football Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations



GAA Rules and Regulations Section Image

The Gaelic Football Rule Changes which become operative on 1 January 2014 are as follows:
1. Introduction of a Black Card for Cynical Behaviour Fouls.
2. Change in the number of substitutes allowed.
3. Distinction between Deliberate and Accidental Fouls.
4. Definition of the Tackle.
5. Introduction of a clearer Advantage Rule.
6. A player in possession may score a point with an open-handed hand-pass.

Cynical Behaviour Fouls
1. Deliberately pull down an opponent.
2. Deliberately trip an opponent with the hand(s), arm, leg or foot.
3. Deliberately body collide with an opponent after he has played the ball away or for the purpose of taking him out of a movement of play.
4. Threaten or to use abusive or provocative language or gestures to an opponent or a teammate.
5. Remonstrate in an aggressive manner with a Match Official.

The penalty for the above fouls are:
i. Free Kick from where the foul occurred.
ii. Order Off offender by showing him a Black Card*.
iii. Allow a replacement from within the substitutions permitted*.
• Increased to SIX per team.
• Maximum of THREE permitted for Black Card Offenders.

Immediate Ordering Off Infractions (Red Cards)
1. Striking or attempting to strike with arm, elbow, hand, knee or head.
2. Kicking or attempting to kick with minimal force or with force or causing injury.
3. Behaving in any way which is dangerous to an opponent.
4. Spitting at an opponent.
5. Contributing to a melee.
6. Stamping.
7. Inflicting injury recklessly.
8. Abusive language towards a Referee, Umpire, Linesman or Sideline Official.
These are unchanged.

Cautionable Infractions (Yellow Cards)
1. To block or attempt to block with the boot when an opponent is kicking the ball from the hand(s).
2. To prevent or attempt to prevent an opponent from lifting or kicking the ball off the ground by striking an opponent’s hand, arm, foot or leg with the boot.
3. To engage in any other form of rough play.
4. To attempt to achieve an advantage by feigning a foul or injury.
The above are all currently existing Yellow Card Infractions.

Noting Infractions
1. To hold an opponent with the hand(s).
2. To use the fist on or around the body of an opponent for the purpose of dispossessing him of the ball.
3. To charge an opponent in the back or to the front.
4. To charge an opponent:
i. Who is not in possession of the ball, or
ii. Is in the act of kicking the ball, or
iii. If both players are not moving in the direction of the ball to play it.
5. To charge an opponent for the purpose of giving an advantage to a team-mate.
Noting Infractions remain unchanged – Two Notings result in a Caution (Yellow Card) with a third resulting in an Order Off (second Yellow, followed by Red).

Summary of Disciplinary System

At all levels a Black Card results in a player missing the remainder of the game.

Additionally at Senior Inter County Level:

3 x Black Cards = 1 Game suspension

3 x Double Yellow Cards = 1 Game suspension


A Combination of both (totaling 3) = 1 Game suspension

Only in senior inter-county league and championship games within the same year.

At All Other Levels:

2 x Double Yellows within 48 weeks = 2 week suspension

2 x Yellow followed by a Black Card within 48 weeks = 2 week suspension


A combination of both = 2 week suspension

At all levels except senior inter-county league and championship.

Deliberate v Accidental Fouls

A Card shall be issued only where the Infraction is deemed by the Referee to have been deliberate and not accidental.

The Tackle
The Tackle is re-defined as:
“The Tackle is a skill by which a player may dispossess an opponent or frustrate his objective within the Rules of Fair Play. The tackle is aimed at the ball, not the player. The tackler may use his body to confront the opponent but deliberate bodily contact (such as punching, slapping, arm holding, pushing, tripping, jersey pulling or a full frontal charge) is forbidden. The only deliberate physical contact can be a Fair Charge i.e. Shoulder-to-shoulder with at least one foot on the ground. More than one player can tackle the player in possession.”

Advantage Rule is defined as:
“When a foul is committed the referee may allow the play to continue if he considers it to be to the advantage of the offended team. He shall signal that advantage by raising an arm upright. If he deems no advantage to have occurred, he may subsequently award a free for that foul from where it occurred*. The referee shall allow the advantage to run by maintaining his arm in the upright position for up to five seconds after the initial foul or for less time if it becomes clear that no advantage has accrued. He shall apply any relevant disciplinary action.”

Point with Open Hand
A player in possession may score a Point with the open hand or fist.




Reardens GAA All Stars 2014

THE cream of Cork GAA will gather in Reardens Bar and Complex on Monday night November 25 at 7.30pm for the announcement of the Reardens GAA All-Stars for senior club hurling and football for the championships just ended.  Also on the night a player of the year presentation will be made to the senior footballer, hurler, camogie and ladies footballer of the year.  “Last year was a huge success,” Reardens owner Paul Montgomery said.  “The interest and debate over the team selections raged on for weeks and for those picked on the team of the year it was a great honour.  We had some great games, some great performances this year and we look forward to welcoming all the nominees and their clubmates to the event on Monday night.”


Goalkeepers: Tommy Wallis (Midleton), Deccie McCarthy (Ballymartle) 

Full-backs: Killian Burke, Patrick O’Mahony, Alywin Kearney (Midleton), Darren Mannix (Na Piarsaigh), Conor O’Sullivan (Sars), Shane O’Neill (Bishopstown) 

Half-backs: Eanna Martin, Eoin Quigley (Sars),  Finbarr O’Mahony, James Nagle (Midleton),  Seamus Corry, Patrick Dwyer (Ballymartle)  

Midfielders: Daniel Kearney (Sars), Peter Dowling, Paul Haughney (Midleton), Brian Murray (Bishopstown)

Half-forwards: Conor Lehane, Padraig O’Shea, Aidan Ryan (Midleton), Darren McCarthy (Ballymartle),  Cian McCarthy (Sars), Jamie Coughlan (Newtown)  

 Full-forwards:  Michael Cussen (Sars), Alan Cadogan (Douglas), Paul Virgo (Glen Rovers), Ian Lordan (St Finbarr’s), Ian McDonnell (Na Piarsaigh), Seamus Harnedy (UCC).

 Good luck to Darren and Ian.


Our senior AGM has now been fixed for Sunday 1st December next at 2pm.   All paid up members are asked to attend.  New members are welcome.

Senior Hurling Championship .v. Midleton (Irish Examiner)

Monday, October 21, 2013
By Jim O’Sullivan

Midleton 2-21 Na Piarsaigh 1-06
IT may have taken them a while to find their form and settle into a winning rhythm in Pairc Uí Chaoimh yesterday, but once they succeeded in restraining Na Piarsaigh after a promising start, Midleton’s young lions were on course for an appearance in the Cork SHC final after a lapse of 19 years.
Conor Lehane, again their leading scorer, inspired them with a vital goal in the 28th minute and they virtually owned the second-half with a powerful all-round display.
Team coach Peter Smith agreed they could have done with a sterner test, saying: “you could only play what was in front of you. Sars had a similar path. But, for the first half it was in the balance. The guys that are there won’t even remember the great years. They are making their own history and hopefully this will be the time they get over the line.”

Selector Bill Kelleher accepted Na Piarsaigh could have ‘no excuses.’ He admitted: “We had a good start, but for the first goal Midleton got, we lost the ball in the forward line. It kind of settled them and they came into the game and picked off their scores at will after that. We are disappointed, but they were superb on the day.”
With John Gardiner passing a fitness test, the city side got the perfect start when Cian Buckley followed the opening point with a 10th minute goal awarded by the umpire when goalkeeper Tommy Wallace was adjudged to have caught the ball behind the line. It reflected much better play, particularly in defence where Sean Óg Ó hAilpín bettered Lehane in early exchanges, while Gardiner was to the fore at midfield.
Notably, however, Midleton were quick to respond, with Luke O’Farrell opening their scoring and the second of two points from Brian Hartnett bringing them level in the 15th minute. The other score had come from Aidan Ryan and these three were to play major roles, along with Lehane who put them in front two minutes later (after switching to full-forward).
Additionally, the backs quickly grew in confidence and once more Paul Haughey and Peter Dowling formed a capable midfield pairing.
Na Piarsaigh remained in contention, but under mounting pressure, and went 10 minutes before Keith Buckley got their third score. However, by then it was clear Midleton were in the ascendancy, much more forceful in attack – with captain Padraig O’Shea also very prominent in the half-forward line .

In contrast, it was a struggle for the city side to get scores despite the work of the former Cork stars and current county man Christopher Joyce. Midleton went four points clear with their opening goal in the 26th minute — created by Hartnett’s industry in the corner — with Aidan Ryan kicking the ball over the line after ’keeper Alan Keating had stopped a powerful shot from him. In another two minutes, they had the ball in the net again, Lehane the scorer this time (O’Farrell the provider) with another demonstration of his brilliance and it saw them turn over at half-time leading 2-8 to 1-4.
Na Piarsaigh resumed with a third pointed free from Ian McDonnell and the fact they were confined to just one more point for the rest of the game (from sub Stephen O’Sullivan in the 41st minute) amply illustrated the grip Midleon were to exert on the play. Lehane, starting again on the wing on Ó hAilpín before again moving inside, put over a free and then scored from play and (having earlier pointed from a sideline), demonstrated his accuracy by putting over a ’65. That was in the 42nd minute, after Keating had denied O’Farrell a goal.
From there to the finish, it was virtually one-way traffic and Midleton could afford the luxury of replacing Lehane, Haughney and O’Farrell in the closing minutes.

Scorers for Midleton: C. Lehane 1-8 (0-3f, 0-1 ’65, 0-1 sideline); A. Ryan 1-2; B. Hartnett 0-4; L. O’Farrell, P. O’Shea and C. Walsh 0-2 each; P. O’Keeffe 0-1.
Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: C. Buckley 1-1; K. McDonnell 0-3 frees; K. Buckley and S. O’Sullivan 0-1 each.
MIDLETON: T. Wallace; K. Burke, P. O’Mahony, A. Kearney; S. O’Farrell, F. O’Mahony, J. Nagle; P. Haughney, P. Dowling; P. O’Shea (capt..), A. Ryan, C. Lehane; D. Ryan, L. O’Farrell, B. Hartnett.
Subs: C. Walsh for D. Ryan (35); P. O’Keeffe for Lehane (54); E. Walsh for Haughney (55); K. Mulcahy for O’Farrell (57); E. Mulcahy for P. O’Mahony (59).

Na PIARSAIGH: A. Keating; A. Brady, D. Mannix, E. Moynihan; S. Óg Ó hAilpín, C. Joyce, A. Dennehy; C. O’Mahony, J. Gardiner; K. Buckley, P. O’Rourke, I. McDonnell; S. Duggan, P. Gould, C. Buckley. Subs: A. Hogan for Gould (ht); S. O’Sullivan for Duggan (38); R. McGregor for Mannix (inj. 41); P. Cumming for K. Buckley (44); S. Glasgow for McDonnell (49).
Referee: Diarmuid Kirwan (Eire Óg).
© Irish Examiner Ltd

Rebel Og Academy 2013/2014

The Rebel Og Academy is currently seeking applications for coaches interested in becoming mentors with Cork Development Squads for the coming year 2013 / 2014.
Interested parties are asked to read the outline of possible roles below and the application process outlined underneath.
Appointments will be made to the following teams in both football and hurling. All age groups are based on 2014 competitions.
The full Rebel Og Academy programme for the next twelve months will be published in the coming weeks.

It is proposed to run the U17 programme along the same lines as the Cork Minor programme (to a limited degree), a proposal which has been agreed in principle with the Cork Minor Football mentors. This age group would not then be part of the camp programme.

As the Cork Minor hurling management is not yet in place, the calendar of dates for this group has yet to be agreed. However, the U17 squads are still the responsibility of the Rebel Og Academy and appointments will be made by Coiste na nOg as with the younger age groups.

3-5 mentors to be appointed.

U15 / U16 - Regional Teams

These teams will be our second tier and will replace last year's Rebel or B squads. They are currently under the supervision of the GDAs in each area.

Period: Oct 2013 - April 2014
No. of mentors in brackets.
U15 Regional Football Cork West (5) Cork Mid-West (5) Cork North (5) Cork City (5)
U16 Regional Football Cork West (5) Cork Mid-West (5) Cork North (5) Cork City (5)

U15 Regional Hurling Cork East (5) Cork City (5) Cork North (5) Cork West (5)
U16 Regional Hurling Cork East (5) Cork City (5) Cork North (5) Cork West (5)

The teams listed above will play train regionally and play one official inter-regional game each on the Tuesday (hurling) and Thursday (football) of each of the four camps (Halloween, Xmas, Feb mid-term and Easter).

Then on May 1st, the best of these players will mainly form the Cork B squads for the summer programme. The mentors for the Cork B tournament teams will be drawn from the pool of regional mentors.

Mardyke Panels: Period Oct 2013 - Oct 2014
Cork U15 A football - 30 players - 5 mentors to be appointed
Cork U15 A hurling - 30 players - 5 mentors to be appointed

Cork U16 A football - 30 players - 5 mentors to be appointed
Cork U16 A hurling - 30 players - 5 mentors to be appointed

The teams listed will complete the camp programme from October to April and then mainly form the Cork A panel for tournaments for the summer programme.

Camps will take place during school holidays running from 10 am to 2 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The U14s will not go to camp at the Mardyke, but will instead play at regional level from Oct to April, before then forming county squads for the summer programme.
They are currently under the supervision of the GDAs in each area.
No. of mentors in brackets.

U14 A & B Regional Football Cork West (5) Cork Mid-West (5) Cork North (5) Cork City (5)
U14 A & B Regional Hurling Cork East (5) Cork City (5) Cork North (5) Cork West (5)

The teams listed above will play train regionally and play one official inter-regional game each on the Tuesday (hurling) and Thursday (football) of each of the four camps (Halloween, Xmas, Feb mid-term and Easter).

Then on May 1st, the best of these players will form the Cork A & B squads for the summer programme. The mentors for the Cork U14 tournament teams will be drawn from the GDAs and the pool of regional mentors.
Please note that the calendar of dates has been agreed with Coiste na nOg officers, but further consultation with regional committees must follow, before it becomes official.

Coaches are asked to reply to this email, if interested in putting their name forward.

In your reply, please indicate the following:

Name & Club
Whether you are interested in coaching football / hurling or both.
The age group you are most interested in i.e. U14, U15, U16 or U17.
The level i.e. Regional or County which would suit you best in terms of time
The qualifications, capabilities and experience you feel you would bring to the position.

All replies by email only to Kevin O'Donovan at the following email address, before next Wednesday, October 16th.


All applications will be assessed by the appointments committee and based on their subsequent recommendations, all appointments will be made by Coiste na nOg.

Feel free to ring me if you have any queries, but applications must be forwarded by email.

Mise le meas,
Kevin O'Donovan,
Cork Development Squads Administrator

Semi final Championship

Well lads time is fast approaching for the semi final of the County.   Sunday 20th October Pairc Ui Chaoimh at 3.45pm is where we want all our support.    The lads are ready and fit and we expect a big crowd there.   

Also car flags are available in the Office 5euro for 2.    Call in the mornings 10am to 1pm and buy them.

End of Championships

Well lads our juvenile championships are coming to an end and on Sunday next our fe13c's will be playing the semi final of their hurling championship against Bishopstown at home at 11.30.    Followed by our fe14's playing the quarter final of their football championship against the Barrs at home at 2.30pm.    Your support for these games please.

Also outstanding is the final of our Minor B's no date yet for this.

Our fe16c's are playing the semi final of their hurling championship on the 20th October against Blackrock 2 in Church Road at 12 noon.

After our fe13c's finishing out their hurling championship they will be playing their football championship quarter final against Eire Og 2 on the 19th October at home, no time yet for this one.

Our fe15's have yet to play their football championship again no date for this.

Also and more important for the club our Senior Hurlers are out in their semi final of the County on the 20th October at 3.45pm in Pairc Ui Chaoimh against the winners of Bishopstown/Midleton.   We are waiting patiently for this very important game to happen.   Watch this space.

Aussie Football Game 2013.

Well lads its that time of the year again our Aussie friends, the Victoria Amateur Fooball Association of Melbourne are back in town and are out to avenge their loss when we played them back in 2011.  They play us on Friday 4th October next under lights on Pitch 2 kick off at 7.30pm.    Enjoy a game of football with our Aussie neighbours.   There is also entertainment in the Bar afterwards, so why not join us on Friday, your support would be grately appreciated.

Senior Hurling Championship

D Day is fast approaching lads!  we play our quarter final of the hurling championship on Saturday 5th October against Glen Rovers in Pairc Ui Chaoimh at 4.15pm throw in.    Your support please for this very important game we expect a big crowd to attend.  

A supporters bus for our underage will be run from fe10 upwards and will cost 2 euro. Any team going must have at least 1 or 2 mentors with them on the bus.    Meeting in club at 3pm leaving at 3.15pm sharp.   Contact Mick McGrath on 0866015336 and let him know whose travelling. 

Good luck to everyone involved.

fe21 and Senior Hurling Championship

Our fe21s will be playing their championship soon and a date will be put up on the website.    Our senior hurlers will be playing Glen Rovers in the quarter final of the county on Saturday 5th October next at 4.15pm in Pairc Ui Chaoimh, keep this date in your diary and we will advise you all of the fe21 championship.

All Ireland Final (Replay)

We have to do it all again on Saturday 28th September 5pm in GAA headquarters.    This time they have reduced the stand tickets to 45e and the terrace tickets to 25e.    Wont get as big a crowd as they got in the first game I think, cost a lot of bobs to go to the second game.     Nonetheless we will be with them in spirit and looking at the television.    Again good luck to Chris and the Cork Team we should do it this time, Clare had their chance!!


We have two tournaments taking place on Saturday 14th the Christy Coughlan Annual fe14 Hurling Tournament and on Sunday 15th the Micky Coade Annual fe15 Hurling Tournament.    Please note these dates in your diary as we will be looking for helpers anad volunteers to give a hand for an hour just to get things up and running.

Senior Hurling Championship

Its getting very close now our senior team are playing the 1st round of the Senior Hurling Championship on Saturday 1st June at 6pm in Pairc Ui Rinn.    Support is vital for this game and we are asking members and supporters to attend in Pairc Ui Rinn.     We wish Sean and the lads all the best - Na Piarsaigh Abu -

The Underage will be running a bus to the match for the kids so anyone from aged 11 to 16 that want to go in the bus please ring Mick McGrath on 0866015336 to book your seat.

Coffee Morning 96fm Radiothon/Mercy Hospital

The Juvenile Section wish to thank everybody who took part in the Coffee Morning last Saturday.    The day went off very well and we raised a total of 1000e for 96fm.    We wish to thank all those who contributed money to this event give yourself a pat on the back!.
We thank the Ladies Committee and all other committees who helped out. 

Coffee Morning - 96fm Radiothon

Again we are running a coffee morning in aid of the 96fm Radiothon in the club.  Everybody is invited to this coffee morning so why not make a day of it and join us for a coffee and scone also we have the Cashman Cup fe10s playing on the pitch in the morning

Presentation Night

Our presentation night will take place on Saturday 25th May in the function hall to present medals to last years winners ie. fe13s, fe16a, fe16b and Minor B on winning their championships and league titles.   All players and mentors are asked to attend with club gear on them as pictures will be taken by the Evening Echo.    Parents are also invited to attend we hope to see a big crowd there.   Food will be provided to the players and tea and sandwiches to the parents.

Camogie Feile Final

Good luck to our ladies tonight who play the final of the Feile B in Castle Road, Mahon at 6.15pm against Clonakilty.    Our girls also play the semi final of the Junior A League against Enniskeane on Saturday 18th May again in Castle Road at 3.30pm.    So come on and support our girls.

I gCuimhne Pol O Concubhair R.I.P.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Paul O'Connor

 THE MEMORY of former Na Piarsaigh and UCC hurling legend Paul O’Connor will be honoured at a new primary school hurling tournament which takes place tomorrow.

Gaelcholáiste Mhuire AG will host the Paul O’Connor Memorial Blitz for fourth and fifth class pupils at their grounds from 9.30am. Fittingly, the final of the competition will be held in Na Piarsaigh’s main pitch at 2pm.

O’Connor, who died tragically last September, had strong links to the North Mon, and won a Harty Cup and Croke Cup in 1980 as part of a highly-talented team that included Tony O’Sullivan and Tomás Mulcahy, and was coached by Donal O’Grady.

He was best known for his involvement with UCC in the Fitzgibbon Cup, landing a remarkable five titles as a player and five as a manager, and was named in the Centenary Fitzgibbon team at midfield. UCC’s John Grainger and the Fitzgibbon trophy, which the College won in his honour this year, will be present tomorrow.

The blitz was organised by Gaelcholáiste Mhuire principal Donal Ó Buachalla in conjunction with Na Piarsaigh and eight schools will take part: Scoil Íosagáin, Scoil Mhuire Fatima – which is the North Mon’s primary school, Sunday’s Well NS, Blarney NS, Rathpeacon NS, Cloghroe NS, Watergrasshill NS, Carrig na bhFear NS and Gaelscoil Peig Seyers.

Paul O’Connor had a grá for the Irish language as well as a passion for hurling and his family were delighted to see him remembered in the tournament, which will become an annual event.

Na Piarsaigh and the North Mon have always been closely connected, and that bond has been maintained in the Gaelcholáiste arm of the Mon.

They reached the Dean Ryan final last year, losing to De La Salle, and the starting 15 in the decider featured 10 Na Piarsaigh players and five from Glen Rovers. This year’s Na Piarsaigh Féile team, coached by Paul’s nephew and namesake, included 12 players who attend Gaelcholáiste Mhuire.

The expectation is the school’s Harty Cup team will be highly competitive over the next two seasons, and they have access to top-class facilities, including an astroturf hurling wall and a large indoor PE hall.

Intermediate Football Championship

Piarsaigh’s powerful rally proves decisive

By Barry Coughlan

Na Piarsaigh 2-17 Kiskeam 2-10 (AET)
Fourteen-man Na Piarsaigh came good in the latter stages of yesterday’s intense battle for supremacy with Kiskeam to snatch a deserved Cork Premier Intermediate Football Championship victory against the odds.Na Piarsaigh looked destined to have to go through the backdoor route as they trailed by five points with just four minutes of normal time remaining.
Suddenly, they found new reserves of energy and a couple of quick-fire points and a brilliant 58th minute goal from Steve Glasgow, with the all important perfect cross from Niall Cronin, put them back on level terms.
Even then, Kiskeam struck back to take the lead with a Billy Dennehy point and it took an injury-time score from Alan Hogan to push this delicately balanced game into extra-time.
For much of the opening 60 minutes there was little between the sides, even if Na Piarsaigh had fallen away to allow the west Cork side power into a five point lead, 2-9 to 0-10 after a nip and tuck first-half that left the city team a point to the good at the break, 1-3 to 0-7.
There were significant scoring contributions from Kiskeam’s Billy Dennehy and from both Steve Glasgow and John Gardiner for Na Piarsaigh.
It all added up to a great battle but Kiskeam generally played the more constructive football for a good period of the second half with Michael Casey the standout player on view.
Many teams might have thrown in the towel as the minutes ticked away, but it was Kiskeam who panicked instead and they allowed Na Piarsaigh come with that late rally by falling back in defence. It was to cost them dearly.
The extra 20 minutes proved to be a bridge too far for Kiskeam, although Na Piarsaigh could still only muster one point in the first half of extra-time, the score coming from Glasgow courtesy of a free.
The dismissal of Hogan for a second yellow card offence could have been costly for Na Piarsaigh, but if anything they rallied as a result.
Gardiner and Gould each pointed to put a goal between the sides and with three minutes remaining, Sean Óg Ó hAilpín sent Cian O’Mahony away to crash home a goal that settled the issue. Gardiner had the last say with a pointed free and Kiskeam were left to rue their inability to protect that normal time lead.
Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: S Glasgow 1-4 (0-3 from frees), C O’Mahony 1-2, J Gardiner 0-7 (0-3 from frees), A Hogan 0-3, P Gould 0-1.
Scorers for Kiskeam: B Dennehy 1-6 (0-4 from frees), N Cronin 1-1, M Herlihy, A J O’Connor, G Casey 0-1 each.
NA PIARSAIGH: J O’Connor, C Hourigan, E McCarthy, E Moynihan, T Lawton, P Rourke, A Brady, S Óg Ó hAilpín, J Gardiner, G Joyce, S Glasgow, C O’Mahony, P. Cumming, A Keating, A Hogan,.
Subs: K Buckley for Joyce (55), P Gould for Keating (70), C Lynch for Glasgow (73).
KISKEAM: B Daly, S Linehan, J Dennehy, D J Casey, AJ O’Connor, D Linehan, P Cronin, M Casey, E O’Mahony, D Fitzgerald, M Herlihy, R Carroll, G Casey, B Dennehy, N Cronin.
Subs: J McAuliffe for Linehan, T O’Sullivan for Carroll (both 63).
Referee: J O’Leary (Mallow).

Non Exam Groups

The non exam groupings have now been made and are as follows:-

Hurling - Group 1 (B): Bishopstown, Inniscarra, Na Piarsaigh, Sliabh Rua, Blarney
Football - Group 1 (A): Bishopstown, Douglas, Macroom, Na Piarsaigh, St.Finbarrs, St.Nicholas.

1st Round Games:  Hurling - Na Piarsaigh .v. Sliabh Rua
1st Round Games: Football - Macroom .v. Na Piarsaigh

Air Fresheners & Key Rings

Air Fresheners and Key Rings in our club colours are now being sold behind the Bar the price of each is 2e why not support your club and buy one.

Club Lotto

Hey lads the Lotto is now at 12,300e highest it has ever been.   Get your envelopes for 2e behind the Bar or in the Arena.    For 2e you could be in with a chance to win.   Lotto can also be played online at locallotto.ie.   If your not in you cant win.

Cork City Marathon

You can still register for the Cork City Marathon.  The date has been extented to the middle of next week.   Contact Denis O Neill on 0868186188 or Declan Ahern on 0872282287.

Also thanks to all the people who have registered for the Marathon.   Everybody should now have a sponsor card- if not contact Denis O Neill or Declan Ahern.    It is vital that we collect as much as we can for our chosen cause Break the Silence - please get all cards and monies back as soon as possible.

Irish Lessons

A new term of irish lessons start in the club this Thursday.    All beginners and new students are welcome.   25euro for an 8 week course.   Contract Ainle on 0861766030 to book a spot.

Club Lotto

The club lotto has still to be won it has now reached the highest ever and stands at 11,900 buy your ticket for 2e envelopes are behind the Bar draw takes place next Thursday at 9pm.

Feile Hurling Group Stages


News about National Hurling Feile

Féile na nGael 2013 is being hosted in Limerick from July 5-7.


Féile na nGael is a national festival of Hurling, Camogie and Handball for boys and girls under 14 years of age and is based on the GAA club unit. Féile na nGael is currently sponsored by Bus Éireann. Each year some 25,000 boys and girls take part in this festival in all 32 counties. London and Warwickshire also participate in this festival. When the preliminary competition is completed in each county, the winning club then travels to the host county or province where they are hosted by families and engage the host club in hurling, camogie and handball games. Since 1971 over one million boys and girls have participated in this great festival.   
On March 20th, the draw took place for the hosting clubs for National Feile. Forty-one hurling clubs and thirty-two camogie clubs were each paired with a team from a visiting county by means of an open draw.
Cork will be hosted by Limerick club Na Piarsaigh.

Group 2:         @ Coachford - Saturday 13th April 2013

                          Pitch 1                                                       Pitch 2

10.30 am   Aghabullogue  v  Charleville      St. Colmans  v  Na Piarsaigh 
11.15 am   St. Colmans  v  Aghabullogue   Charleville  v  Na Piarsaigh
12.00        St Colmans  v Charleville            Na Piarsaigh  v  Aghabullogue

Ahan Gaels have withdrawn from this group                      



Diary Dates


1.     Senior Hurling Championship .v. Glen Rov Saturday 21st Sept 2013 in Pairc Ui Rinn time (tbc)
2.     Junior B Hurling Championship .v. Mayfield Sunday 1st Sept., 2013 in Ballinlough at 2.30pm
3.     MP1HC .v. Glen Rovers Wednesday 28th August in Pairc Ui Rinn at 6.45pm

Cork City Marathon

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the Cork City Marathon.   We have 80 runners/walkers participating from Na Piarsaigh/Break the Silence.    There is still room available for additional entrants.   You can contact Denis O Neill 0868183188 or Declan Ahern 0872282287.

Membership 2013

Senior Membership is now due and is very slow to come in.  The closing date is the 31st March.    Would all members please arrange to get their membership in before that date.    Underage and Juvenile membership is also due would Managers please arrange to collect their players membership and inform either Thomas Gardiner or Mark O Sullivan as soon as possible. 

Club Lotto

The club lotto has now reached 11,100.00 buy your tickets over the weekend in the Bar or go online at locallotto.ie and follow the steps.    Draw takes place next Thursday in Bingo, so hurry and buy your ticket.  Someone has to win it, and if your not in you cant win.  

Feile na nOg Corcaigh 2013


Press Release

Féile Peile na nÓg – Cork Area 2013.

St. Patrick’s Weekend promises a feast of football with the commencement of Féile Peile na nÓg (Under 14) at various venues throughout the county. A record sixty two teams participate with forty three clubs allocated to the “A” competition while the remaining nineteen teams play in the secondary competition.

The “A” grade is divided into eight groups and each group of teams will play a round-robin competition on Saturday 16th March, commencing at 10.45a.m. at different grounds across the county. The same arrangements pertain to the four groups in the “B” competition. The winners of each group qualify for the knockout stages on Monday 19th March with both finals fixed for Saturday 23rd March.  Na Piarsaigh host Kilmurry,Youghal, Bishopstown and Valley Rovers in Group 3. 

All teams are in with a great chance of doing well and some very exciting games are assured. The winners of ‘A’ competition will represent the county at the National Féile Peile finals which this year are being held in Derry during the early summer.

Group 3 @ Na Piarsaigh
Pitch  One                                                               Pitch Two
10.45 am Na Piarsaigh v Kilmurry                   Youghal v Bishopstown
Valley Rovers a bye
11.30 am Bishopstown v Na Piarsaigh           Youghal v Valley Rovers
Kilmurry a bye
12.15 pm Valley Rovers v Bishopstown          Kilmurry v Youghal
Na Piarsaigh a bye
1.00 pm Bishopstown v Kilmurry                     Valley Rovers v Na Piarsaigh
Youghal a bye
1.45 pm Kilmurry v Valley Rovers                    Na Piarsaigh v Youghal
Bishopstown a bye

Na Piarsaigh H&F Club

A clear signal of desire from young Na Piarsaigh players

On Wednesday the 20th of Febuary 2013, a 9 strong delegation of young Na Piarsaigh Players attended the annual Cork County Board Tráth na gCeist in Bishopstown GAA club. The quiz and the nights proceedings were conducted solely ‘as Gaeilge’, and all Na Piarsiagh representatives are to be commended on their attendance. The club entered 3 teams in to the Tráth na gCeist, which is the biggest ever contingent to attend such an event form the club.
Although neither of our 3 teams finished in the prize positions on the night, a much more robust and important result was gained form the night. Na Piarsaigh were by far the best represented club in attendance, with no other club represented by more that one quiz team. Furthermore, 7 out of the 9 fluent Gaeiligeoirí in attendance were members of the current minor and under 16 squads in the club. A special mention was given to the Na Piarsaigh delegation on the night by the quiz master,  that it was great to see such a young crowd, and new faces coming in to the quiz, to which the rest of the room responded with a heart-warming applause.
More important still, is the fact that we as a club are represented on and off the field by young men and women, who are proud to be from Na Piarsaigh, and proud to carry on living the ideals on which the club was founded in 1943 by men of a similar age.  The fact that our 16, 17, and 18 year olds are happy and willing speak their native language so fluently and shamelessly among themselves and among strangers, ensures that the Irish language will flourish not only within the club, but outside the club as well. 
This night at the quiz is a strong statement of intent from our young players and members that they want to play our games, communicate using our language, and develop the Irish culture within our club and further afield. It was a proud moment to see Na Piarsaigh members being applauded for their Irishness, and their willingness to unapologetically express themselves through their native tongue. This is both a glowing endorsement of the character of our young players, and also another step forward in the march to strengthening our culture and ideals in a time where they are often overlooked or shunned.
I would encourage all Na Piarsaigh members to take inspiration from the young men who have clearly signalled their desire to actively promote the ideals set out by our founding members. Irish classes are held on a weekly basis in the club at 7pm every Thursday, and all are welcome. It is now up to the club membership to encourage each other to speak the ‘cúpla focail’ when possible, and to communicate as Gaeilge with each other when possible to make Na Piarsaigh a strong hold not only of our Gaelic games, but also of our language and our culture.
Na Piarsaigh Abú. Gaelach agus Saor.
Ainle Ó Cairealláin
Oifigeach Gaeilge agus Chultúir
Na Piarsaigh CLG

Volunteers & Helpers Wanted

Our Underage Section especially our Ud6,7,8,9 and 10's are badly stuck for helpers - we are seriously asking people, parents, and past players for their help to give only 2 hours a week of your time to any one of these teams.    Please urgently contact Mick McGrath on 0866015336 or Noel Sheehan on 0868196568.

Membership 2013

Membership is now due and the closing date for same is the 31st March 2013.    So those who haven't yet paid please arrange to do so.

Also Underage/Juvenile membership is due will Managers for each of the teams please ensure that all their players have paid before the closing date.

Fun Table Quiz

A fun table quiz in aid of the Camogie/Ladies Football section will take place in the club on Friday next the 8th March at 9pm admission 5e per person.   Parents are expected to support this fundraiser which is only a once off event.

Cork City Marathon Meeting

Please note the meeting for next Tuesday night 5th March for registration for the Cork City Marathon has been changed to 7pm.   We expect to see a big crowd at the meeting

Championship Draws - Juvenile Section

Premier 1 Minor hurling championship 1st round: Na Piarsaigh .v. Ballincollig
Losers round: Killeagh/Glen Rovers .v. Na Piarsaigh/Ballincollig
U16 Premier 1 hurling championship 1st round: Fr.O Neills .v. Na Piarsaigh
Losers round: Fr.O Neills/Na Piarsaigh .v. Carrigtwohill/Duhallow/Douglas
U15 Premier 1 hurling championship 1st round: Blackrock .v. Na Piarsaigh
quarter final: Winners Blackrock/Na Piarsaigh .v. Sarsfield
U14 Premier 1 hurling championship quarter final: Na Piarsaigh .v. Duhallow/Ballincollig.
U13 Premier 1 hurling championship quarter final: Na Piarsaigh .v. Sliabh Rua

Premier 1 Minor football championship 1st round: Na Piarsaigh .v. St.Nicks/Douglas
Losers round: Losers St.Finbarrs/Ballincollig/Nemo Rangers .v. Losers Na Piarsaigh/St.Nicks/Douglas
U16 Premier 1 football championship preliminary round (A) Na Piarsaigh .v. Ballincollig
1st round: Douglas .v. Losers of Na Piarsiagh/Ballincollig
Losers round:Douglas/Na Piarsaigh/Ballincollig .v. St.Finbarrs/Carrigaline
U15 Premier 1 football championship quarter final:  Carrigaline .v. Na Piarsaigh
semi-final: St.Finbarrs/Glanmire .v. Carrigaline/Na Piarsaigh
U14 Premier 1 football championship 1st round: Na Piarsaigh .v. St.Michaels
quarter final: Winners Na Piarsaigh/St.Michaels .v. St.Finbarrs/Beara
U13 Premier 1 football championship quarter final: Na Piarsaigh .v. Nemo/Valley Rov.
semi final: Winners Na Piarsaigh /Nemo Rangers/Valley Rov .v. St.Michaels/Douglas.

Minor Hurling C3 championship preliminary round: (B)Na Piarsaigh .v. Glen Rovers
1st round: Valley Rovers .v. Losers Na Piarsaigh/Glen Rovers
Losers round: Valley Rov/Na Piarsaigh/Glen Rov .v. Inniscarrs/St.Finbarrs/Blackrock
U16 hurling C3 championship preliminary round (D) St.Finbarrs .v. Na Piarsaigh
1st round: Losers St.Finbarrs/Na Piarsaigh .v. Douglas
Losers round: St.Finbarrs/Na Piarsaigh/Douglas .v. Blackrock/Blarney
U13 hurling C3 championship 1st round: (A) Na Piarsiagh .v. St.Finbarrs
semi-final: Bishopstown .v. Winners Na Piarsaigh/St.Finbarrs

Minor football C3 championship preliminary round: (A) St.Nicks .v. Na Piarsaigh
1st round: Bishopstown .v. Losers St.Nicks/Na Piarsaigh
Losers round: Bishopstown/St.Nicks/Na Piarsaigh .v. Inniscarra/Douglas/Ballincollig
U16 football C3 championship preliminary round: (B) Na Piarsaigh .v. St.Finbarrs
1st round: Douglas .v. Losers Na Piarsiagh/St.Finbarrs
Losers round: Douglas/Na Piarsaigh/St.Finbarrs .v. Nemo Rangers/St.Michaels/Carrigaline
U13 football C3 championship quarter final: Na Piarsaigh .v. Eire Og
semi final: Winners Douglas/St.Finbarrs .v. Winners Na Piarsaigh/Eire Og

Tom Creedon Cup Final

Hegarty and Ryan fire St Michael’s into final

By Therese O’Callaghan

St Michael’s 2-09 Na Piarsaigh 0-11
A contribution of 1-7 from corner-forward Eric Hegarty helped St Michael’s to victory in a highly competitive Tom Creedon Cup final at Macroom yesterday.   The ace attacker also was involved in his side’s other goal, when his long delivery was bundled over the line by full-forward Mark Ryan. The teams were level five times over the hour but strong finishes to both halves proved decisive for St Michael’s.
Na Piarsaigh led 0-6 to 0-3 after 15 minutes and had they been more efficient when the teams were locked 1-7 to 0-10 at the three quarter stage the result might have been different.
They wasted a couple of good chances, including a goal effort that found the side netting. This was in contrast to some excellent point taking early on from the Gardiner brothers, John and David, Cian O’Mahony and Shane Curtin.
Hegarty got St Michael’s off the mark, kicking three points and when he was put through by Mark Drummond five minutes from the interval, St Michael’s regained the lead by a point, 1-4 to 0-6. Alan Keating and Conor Kilcoyne then traded points to leave the half-time score 1-5 to 0-7.
It was nip and tuck on the resumption. Na Piarsaigh fell two behind but got on level terms following points from David Gardiner, Shane Curtin and a lovely effort from Gould. But Na Piarsaigh came unstuck in front of the posts and St Michael’s outfit took full advantage.
In contrast to Na Piarsaigh’s poor free-taking, Hegarty expertly swung over on 54 minutes to give his team the lead, and he quickly followed with another point from play. The game was effectively killed off when Hegarty lobbed a delivery into the square and Ryan was on hand to distract keeper Jordan O’Connor.
Na Piarsaigh went in search of goals but had to be content with a stoppage time point from Sean Óg Ó hAilpín.

Scorers for St Michael’s: E Hegarty 1-7 (0-4 frees), M Ryan 1-0, C Kilcoyne and S O’Keeffe 0-1 each.
Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: D Gardiner 0-3, S Curtin 0-2, S Óg Ó hAilpín, C O’Mahony, A Hogan, J Gardiner, A Keating (free) and P Gould 0-1 each.

ST MICHAEL’S: A Deasy; C Shaughnessy, B O’Sullivan, D Crowley; R Dineen, A O’Driscoll, J Lenihan; C Kilcoyne, P Doyle; P Cronin, S O’Keeffe, M Drummond; D Cremin, M Ryan, E Hegarty. Subs: A Nolan for P Cronin (37 inj), A Murphy for J Lenihan, M Mulconry for P Doyle (both 43), E Buckley for M Drummond (57).

NA PIARSAIGH: J O’Connor; C Hourigan, T Lawton, E Moynihan; G Fitzgerald, C Buckley, D Mannix; S Óg Ó hAilpín, S Curtin; C O’Mahony, J Gardiner, P Gould; A Hogan, D Gardiner, A Keating. Subs: K Buckley for C Buckley (inj), P O’Rourke for C Hourigan (both h-t), T Miller for K Buckley (58 inj).

Referee: D Murnane (Macroom).

Tom Creedon Cup Final

The Tom Creedon Cup Final now takes place on Sunday 24th February in Macroom at 3.30pm against St.Michaels.    Your support please for this final.

Also the Club Lotto has reached a staggering 10,500.00.   Envelopes can be bought in the Bar or the lotto can be played online by logging onto locallotto.ie

Cork City Marathon

Break the Silence/Suicide Prevention in conjunction with the Club will be asking people to walk or run part or all of the Cork City Marathon to raise funds.    A meeting will take place in the club on Tuesday 5th March at 8pm where details will be announced.   Anyone interested would they plese attend this meeting.    Any queries to William O Connor on 087-6782103 or Denis O Neill on 086-8183188.

Valentines Night Function

Due to club related bereavements we find it necessary to cancel the club function tonight.  Tickets purchased will be honoured for a rescheduled date.   We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Division 3 Football

Our Division 3 football league begins on Sunday with an away game to St.Nicks at 3.30pm at the Glen Field.

Tom Creedon Cup Final

Well, great win for our footballers who beat Macroom in the semi final of the Tom Creedon Cup on Sunday who now go on to play the winners of Cill na Matra/St.Michaels in the final which is to be arranged.

Also on Sunday next 17th February we are playing the semi final of the fe21 football championship against Bishopstown in Ballinlough at 12.15pm.    Your support please for this game.

St.Valentines Party

Just a reminder that a celebration of Valentines Day party will be held in the function hall on Friday 15th February from 8pm onwards.   Music by "Edge of Heaven".  Admission 5euro.    So come on members get your family and friends out for this party, a great night in store.

Tom Creedon Cup

On Sunday next the 10th Na Piarsaigh are playing Macroom in the semi-final of the Tom Creedon Cup at home at 3pm.    This is the first year that we have entered this tournament and we are looking forward to seeing a good game of football and hopefully get the right result.    Your support is needed. 

On Saturday 9th our underage gets underway with the football leagues.    Our fe14s are playing Glanmire away at 12 o clock in Buck Leary Cross also on the same day our fe16s are playing Douglas at home at 2pm.   Again your support would be appreciated.

Club Lotto

The club lotto has now reached a staggering 10,100e this week, so come on for just 2e be in with a chance to win.    Tickets can be bough behind the Bar or you can play online by logging onto Locallotto.ie and follow the instructions.   If your not in - you cant win!!

Celebration of Valentines Day

A celebration of St.Valentines Day will take place on Friday 15th February next in the function hall.   Music will be provided by "Edge of Heaven".   Doors open at 8pm till late.   Admission 5euro.     All members are asked to support and tell their family and friends.   A great night is expected.  Tickets can be bought in the Bar or by contacting Tony O Sullivan, Dommie Keohane or Declan Ahern.

Clothes Collection

A fundraising event, clothes collection is taking place at Na Piarsaigh H&F Club.   Anyone who has bags of old clean clothes, bed linen (not pillows) and pairs of old shoes that they want to dispose of can drop them to the arena in black bags any time from monday to friday.


Mouthguards which are now compulsory in all underage teams upto Minor in football are on sale in the Club Shop.    There are different types of mouthguards and the cost are as follows.  You can ask Peter about these when purchasing.

OPROshield Bronze     - 7euro
OPROshield Silver       - 13euro
OPROshield Gold         - 21euro
OPROshield Platinum  - 27euro

Tom Creedon Cup

The annual Tom Creedon Cup (football) starts for us on Saturday 26th and our first game is against Ballinora in Ballinora at 2.30pm.  

Sciath na Scoil 2013

Sciath na Scoil - Indoor Hurling Finals - Na Piarsaigh Arena - March 12th/13th/14th

Any school who wishes to carry out practice sessions on our Arena Surface same is now available.     Please contact the Arena on 4307039 for times.

Ranganna Gaeilge @ Na Piarsaigh

 Ranganna Gaeilge @ Na Piarsaigh

8 Week Beginners Irish Course
Conversational Irish in a fun and friendly environment.
Qualified teachers and practical classes that will get you chatting as Gaeilge in 8 weeks.
7pm Every Thursday (starting Thursday 31st January @7pm)
25 Euro for 8 week course
Contact Ainle to Book your Spot
“Is Fearr Gaeilge Bhriste ná Béarla Cliste


Club Lotto

The lotto this week is a staggering 9100e so come on and be in with a chance to win, buy your ticket behind the Bar or in the Arena or online.  Start off your new year with a couple of bob in your pocket!!

Juvenile Section AGM

The Juvenile Section AGM will be held in the club on Monday 28th January next at 7.30pm.     We hope to see a big crowd there.    Just a reminder to members that the fe16 hurling league final (2012) .v. Glen Rovers will take place on Saturday 26th January at 2pm in CIT.  We hope to see good support there.   Also lads the Juvenile Section are looking for coaches, managers and selectors for the coming year for all ages.   If your interested please contact Trevor Coleman as soon as possible.

Santa Visits the Underage for Xmas

Just before we broke up for the christmas Santa made a surprise appearance to the last day of fun and games at the Underage section and each of the kids there got a selection box from Santa.   Some pictures are put up on the website, but as there are too many photographs and not enough space we have only put up a couple. 

Christmas Draw Winners




1.    Sam Hanley c/o Peter Buckley

2.    Kathleen Lucey c/o Ferrero                              01306

3.    Breda O Sullivan                                             00577

4.    Dinny O Mahony c/o Christy Donovan               01587

5.    Denis Daly c/o Club                                         01346

6.    Mgt Boland c/o Denis Cooke                             00962

7.    Neil O Brien                                                     00369

8.    Maura Burke c/o Bill Kelleher                             01590

9.    Denis O Sullivan (Farran) c/o Laddie Coade         00814

10.   Michelle Ryan                                                 01698
The Fundraising Committee wish to thank sincerely everybody who helped organize and sell tickets on behalf of the club and wish all our members, sponsors and patrons a very happy New Year.


Womens Little Christmas

Womens Little Christmas will take place in the function hall on Sunday 6th January 2013 at 9pm sharp.    Music is provided by "Edge of Heaven".  A great night of music and craic is expected so come on ladies get yourselves and your friends down here on the 6th. 

Long Puc 2012

The long puc this year was another great success, with 71 teams participating the winners were Shane Curtin, Danny Morrissey and Cian Buckley.    Well done to everyone who participated and well done to the Committee for organising such an event.   We also wish to thank our sponsors of the long puc Apache Pizza and all others who donated prizes for this event.   Look at our photo gallery for extensive photographs of the teams who took part and the wonderful night that came afterwards which was enjoyed by everyone.

Christmas Greetings

Na Piarsaigh H&F Club wish all their members, patrons, sponsors a very happy christmas and an even better New Year.

Senior Hurling & Intermediate Football Championship Draw 2013

The draw for the senior hurling championship and intermediate football championship for 2013 was made recently at Pairc Ui Chaoimh.

Senior Hurling Championship 2013
Erin's Own .v. Na Piarsaigh

Round 2 (Losers' Group)
Ballymartle/Newtownshandrum .v. Erin's Own/Na Piarsaigh

Intermediate Football Championship 2013
Na Piarsaigh .v. Kiskeam

Round 2 (Losers' Group)
Béal Athá an Ghaorthaidh/Carrigaline .v. Na Piarsaigh/Kiskeam


All underage and juvenile mentors are reminded that as and from the 1st January 2013 it is mandatory that all kids from starting age upto minor will have to wear mouthguards when training and playing football matches.   Mouthguards that carry the CE (European Confirmity) mark are acceptable in terms of complying with the new GAA rules.  

Christmas Opening Hours for Bar

  • Saturday 22nd                                        2pm
  • Sunday 23rd                                           12 noon
  • Monday 24th (Xmas Eve)                        2pm
  • Tuesday 25th (Xmas Day)                      11am - 1pm (Sharp)
  • Wednesday 26th (St.Stephens Day)      12 noon
  • Thursday 27th                                        2pm
  • Friday 28th (Long Puc)                           11am
  • Saturday 29th                                         2pm
  • Sunday 30th                                           12 noon
  • Monday 31st (New Years Eve)                2pm
  • Tuesday 1st Jan (New Years Day)           2pm

Long Puc 2012

Na Piarsaigh H&F Club will hold their annual long puc on Friday 28th December next at 12 o clock for registration.  Application forms are available on the day.  Teams of 3 cost 30e.  Juvenile teams cost 15e.   Rules are set out below.


1. Each team is allowed two sliotars
2. If the 2 sliotars are lost, the team can be reinstated by purchasing another ball at a cost of 5e.
3. If a sliotar is lost the shot is counted. The next shot must be taken from the previous position by the next person.
4. Sliotars may only be substituted in the event of the loss of the sliotar in use.
5. Shots ending directly in a field result in a penalty stroke - two shots penalised (shot taken and one penalty) and play continues from the road, opposite the balls position in the field.
6. A genuine effort may be made to follow the road.
7. Players must take two shots in strict rotation.
8. Only one senior player is allowed per team.
9. Two juvenile teams cannot play together.
10. Completed cards must be signed by both participating captains and returned to the competition committee.
11. In the event of a tie or dispute the committee decision is final.
12. The committee entrusts the administering of the rules of fair play to opposing captains.  Each captain is responsible for his opposite teams adherence to the rules.

A great day is expected so get your teams ready and be prepared!!

Music - December 2012

  • Saturday 1st December          Shadow
  • Sunday 2nd December            2 of a Kind - 9pm -11pm
  • Saturday 8th December          Tony Manning
  • Sunday 9th December             DJ Shaft - 6.30pm - 8.30pm
  • Saturday 15th December        Radar
  • Sunday 16th December           Billy Lynch - 6.30pm-9.30pm
  • Sunday 22nd December          Caution
  • Sunday 23rd December           Edge of Heaven - 9pm - 11pm
  • Wednesday 26th December (St.Stephens Night)     Phantom Sound
  • Saturday 29th December        Nightstyle
  • Sunday 30th December           The Ferrymen
  • Monday 31st December (New Years Eve)     Duo Tone

Christmas Draw

Na Piarsaigh H&F Club will be holding a christmas draw shortly.   Card of 6 lines will cost 5euro or 1euro per line. Members are asked to make a big effort to support the christmas draw.  Tickets will also be available in the Bar.   Draw will take place on Friday 21st December in Club.

1st Prize: Christmas Hamper (including turkey & ham)
2nd Prize: Turkey & Ham
3rd Prize: Turkey & Bottle
4th Prize: 50Euro - Peig Twomey
5th Prize: Ham & Bottle
6th Prize: Mini Christmas Hamper
7th Prize: Mini Drinks Hamper
8th Prize: Mini Christmas Hamper
9th Prize: Special Prize
10th Prize: Special Prize
All winners will be notified.   Permit granted by Gurranabraher Gardai.

Reardens Hurling All Star Team 2012

Congratulations to Padraig Gould who was nominated for the Reardens Club Hurling All Star Team for 2012. Hereunder is a note of what was in the Evening Echo Tuesday 21st November.
REBEL hurlers Shane O’Neill, Patrick Cronin, Conor O’Sullivan, Cian McCarthy and Lorcán McLoughlin are  among the players who caught the eye in this year’s club championship and made the first ever Reardens Club Hurling All-Star team. 
However in keeping with the philosophy of the awards, the All-Star selection is dominated by club players, with Sars’ Alan Kennedy and Michael Cussen, Bishopstown’s Diarmuid Lester and Ian Jones, Na Piarsaigh’s Pádraig Gould, CIT’s Stephen White and Courcey Rovers’ Daire Lordan also making the cut.
Wexford imports Eanna Martin — a goalkeeper with his county — and Eoin Quigley were also included for their excellence in helping Sars to a third SHC in five years, while Ballymartle’s Darren McCarthy has picked at corner-forward, though he’s on the Cork panel as a back-up goalie.

Patrick Cronin was picked as the hurler of the year, holding off competition from Sars’ Eoin Quigley.

Reardens SHC All-Stars: Alan Kennedy (Sars); Diarmuid Lester (Bishopstown), Shane O’Neill (Bishopstown), Conor O’Sullivan (Sars); Stephen White (CIT), Ian Jones (Bishopstown), Eanna Martin (Sars); Eoin Quigley (Sars), Lorcan McLoughlin (CIT); Cian McCarthy (Sars), Patrick Cronin (Bishopstown), Padraig Gould (Na Piarsaigh); Darren McCarthy (Ballymartle), Michael Cussen (Sars), Daire Lordan (Courcey Rovers).


SafeTALK - Suicide Alertness For Everyone - Talk Ask Listen KeepSafe

Your might be wondering..........

  • most people thinking of suicide want help to stay alive
  • people thinking of suicide find ways to invite help from others
  • invitations are often missed, dismissed or avoided.
  • the best way to find out if someone is thinking of suicide is to ask directly
  • asking directly about suicide will not give someone the idea
  • avoiding direct and open talk about suicide is not helpful and could be dangerous
  • anyone could have thoughts of suicide
  • everyone can learn how to help.

If you, or you know of someone who has thoughts of suicide or who is depressed you can contact any one of the following people who will talk and listen to you and will put you in touch with someone from SafeTALK.  Just pick up the phone and talk.

  • Christy O Donovan          0863177244          
  • Jim O Sullivan                  0873328639
  • Michael Higgins               0858837752
  • John O Leary                   0862626714
  • Trevor Coleman               0866339005
  • Brian Buckley                   0857275777
  • Brenda McDonnell            0857259653
  • Jack Dorgan                     0862412381
  • Neilus O Sullivan              0862291161
  • Catherine Allen                0863120574
  • Trisha Coleman                0861713903
  • Diane O Regan           
  • Catherine Sloane             0863718696
  • Gary Sheehan                  0872820412
  • Alan Daly                          0879972249
  • Neil O Connor                   0868166171
  • Alan O Leary                     0851241522
  • Ainle O Caireallain            0861766030

AGM Sunday 25th November 2012

On Sunday 25th November next our annual AGM takes place in the club at 2pm sharp.   All fully paid up members are asked to attend.

Club Lotto/Bingo

The club lotto has now reached 8300e envelopes are available in the Bar for 2e also you can play on line by logging onto locallotto.ie why not take an envelope and put your 4 favourite numbers from 1 to 28 on it and be in with a chance to win 8300e christmas is just around the corner lads!   Draw takes place every Thursday night in Bingo.  Bingo is held in the function hall every Thursday night at 8.15pm for anyone who wishes to take part.   No children are allowed and you must be over 18 years of age to play.  Also your 2e supports the Underage and Juvenile Sections of the club.    So search them pockets and put your loose change in an envelope today.

Reardens GAA Cork SFC & SHC All Star Teams for 2012

The biggest GAA event of the year in Cork is almost upon us and you and your team mates, colleagues, committee members are invited to join us at the best GAA event to hit Cork in years.
On Monday November 19 at 7.30pm in Reardens Bar on Washington Street the Reardens GAA Cork SFC and SHC All-Star teams for 2012 will be picked.
Also on the night a SFC player of the year, a SHC player of the year, a camogie player of the year and a ladies senior footballer of the year will be named.

Below are the nominations for the 15 positions.  If you would like to vote for a player you can do so on Readens Facebook page or on their website.


Keepers (4)
Ken O’Halloran (Bishopstown); Alan Kennedy (Sars); Declan McCarthy (Ballymartle); Shay Bowen (Erin’s Own)
Backs (17)
Diarmuid Lester, Shane O’Neill, Ian Jones (all Bishopstown); Conor O’Sullivan, Ray Ryan, Éanna Martin (all Sars);  Stephen White, Michael Aherne (both CIT); Killian Murphy, Peter Kelly (both Erin’s Own); Wayne Sherlock (Blackrock); Eoin O’Sullivan (Cloyne); Brendan Barry (Killeagh); Christopher Joyce (Na Piarsaigh); Vincey Hurley (Courceys); Noel Furlong (Carrigtwohill); Tadhg Healy (Avondhu)
Midfielders (7)
 Eoin Quigley, Daniel Kearney (both Sars); Brian Murray, Kevin O’Driscoll (both Bishopstown);  John Gardiner (Na Piarsaigh),  Seán O’Mahony (Ballymartle),  Lorcán McLoughlin (CIT)
Forwards (17)
 Pa Cronin (Bishopstown) 1-44 (0-26 f, 0-2 65, 0-1 pen) in 6
 Michael Power (Bishopstown) 0-10 in 6
 Cian McCarthy (Sars) 2-39 (0-24 f, 0-4 65) in 5
 Michael Cussen (Sars) 1-6 in 5
 Gavin O’Loughlin (Sars) 0-7 in 5
 Michael O’Sullivan (CIT) 1-10  in 6
 Aidan Walsh (CIT) 1-9  in 5
 Darren McCarthy (Ballymartle) 1-13 (0-5 f) in 4
 Barry Dwyer (Ballymartle) 1-12 (0-5 f, 0-2 65) in 4
 Brian Corry (Ballymartle) 0-7 in 4
 Mickey Da Fitzgerald  (Carrigtwohill) 1-12 (0-6 f) in 3
 Conor Lehane (Midleton) 1-9  in 3
 Daire Lordan (Courceys)  0-20 (0-7 f, 0-2 65) in 3
 Pádraig Gould (Na Piarsaigh) 1-21 (0-10 f) in 5
 Eoghan Murphy (Erin’s Own) 1-19 (0-13 f, 0-1 f) in 3
 Barry Johnston (Bride Rovers) 1-26 (0-20 f, 0-1 65) in 4
 Pat Horgan (Glen Rovers) 0-33 (0-21 f, 0-3 65)

Club breakdown
Sarsfields 9
Bishopstown 8
Ballymartle 5
Erin’s Own 4
Na Piarsaigh 3
Carrigtwohill 2
Courcey Rovers 2
Avondhu 1
Midleton 1
Glen Rovers 1
Bride Rovers 1
Blackrock 1
Cloyne 1
Killeagh 1

Current Rebels (13)
Shane O’Neill, Conor O’Sullivan, Killian Murphy, Christopher Joyce, Daniel Kearney, John Gardiner, Lorcán McLoughlin, Pa Cronin, Cian McCarthy, Michael O’Sullivan, Darren McCarthy, Conor Lehane, Pat Horgan.
Former Rebels (8)
Alan Kennedy, Ray Ryan, Stephen White, Wayne Sherlock, Michael Cussen, Brian Corry, Eoghan Murphy, Brian Johnston.

O hAilpin walks away with head held high after 16 years of majestic service


Saturday November 03 2012

IT started and ended in defeat for Sean Og O hAilpin, but in between his chastening introduction to life as a senior championship hurler in a 16-point defeat by Limerick in 1996 and his last game against Galway in the All-Ireland semi-final last August, lay a career brimming with enough fulfilment and achievement to sustain him through the rest of his life.

He had his disappointments too, of course, including being omitted from the Cork squad by Denis Walsh for the 2011 season but, typical of the self-belief he displayed throughout 16 years at senior level, he battled on defiantly.

His perseverance was rewarded when Jimmy Barry-Murphy, who gave him his senior break four days after his 19th birthday in May 1996, recalled him to the squad for this year's campaign.

"I always felt it was premature to end my career in 2010. It was great to get the opportunity this year to re-establish myself in the team and contribute in a meaningful way to Cork," said O hAilpin in his retirement announcement yesterday.

At the age of 35, and with Barry-Murphy seeking to further freshen the squad for the second season of his second spell as manager, O hAilpin probably wouldn't have seen much action if he made himself available for 2013, but the important thing for him was that he left on his terms.

He made the call to depart, whereas two years ago he was left off the squad.

Leaving of his own volition would have been important to him. Right throughout his career, he set standards which demanded more from himself than anything the various managers he served under would ever have called for.

That was why in those turbulent days when Cork hurlers found themselves sucked into bitter wars with the ruling classes in the county, O hAilpin was always regarded as a leading advocate for what the squad deemed right.

They demanded that certain standards be met, and failure to reach those ran contrary to everything that O hAilpin -- and others -- stood for.

The one thing he deemed even more important was that his own standards of preparation reflected the wonderful skills and athleticism the sporting gods bestowed upon him.

One of the best hurling wing-backs of his generation, his swashbuckling style made him a huge favourite with the public. He nearly always did something spectacular in a game, usually backing it up with a consistent solidity in the basics.

Amid his long list of hurling achievements, it's easy to forget that he was also an outstanding footballer.

He joined the Cork panel in 1998, picked up an Allianz League medal and a Munster medal in the space of a few months in 1999 and found himself poised to emulate Teddy McCarthy by winning the All-Ireland double in the same year when Cork footballers lined up against Meath in the final.

Cork's hurlers had beaten Kilkenny two weeks earlier but their footballers, with O hAilpin at full-back, came up three points short against Meath.

His football career lasted just two more years before he decided to concentrate on hurling. The 2004 and 2005 seasons were hugely successful for the Cork hurlers, who won the All-Ireland double, before Kilkenny returned to power in 2006.

O hAilpin would have loved to have been a professional athlete, devoting all his time to his chosen sport(s). Indeed, he did his best to bring a full-time mentality to amateur sports with a dedication that played a big role in extending his career to the age of 35.

- Martin Breheny

Irish Independent

Music for November

Saturday 3rd November     -     Caution
Sunday 4th November       -     Joe Black

Saturday 10th November   -     Andy Dunne Duo
Sunday 11th November     -     Final Editions

Saturday 17th November   -     Moynihans Bros.
Sunday 18th November     -     Edge of Heaven

Saturday 24th November   -     Phantom Sound
Sunday 25th November     -     DJ D&D - 7pm to closing

Mouthguards and the GAA

From the 1st January 2013 next it will be mandatory to use a mouthguard in all football matches and training sessions for all age grades upto and including minor (and at U21 and adult level from the 1st January 2014).   If a player refuses to comply with a Referee's instruction to wear a mouthguard, he/she will initially be cautioned by the Referee and if the player continues to refuse, the Referee can send him/her off.   It is a matter for each club to ensure the rule is adhered to at training or practice sessions.   Clubs and players should note that players may not be covered under the player injury scheme if they are not wearing a mouthguard.     The new rule only applies to football, however wearing a mouthguard when playing hurling does reduce the risk of dental injury.  All mouthguards once they carry the CE (European Confirmity) mark are acceptable in terms of complying with the new GAA Rules.  There will be a range of official GAA/GPA mouthguards available to purchase in December.   Further information on these products will be circulated to clubs in late November. This will be put on the website when the information is received.

RedFM Senior Hurling Semi-Finals

The Semi-Finals of the prestigious RedFM Senior Hurling League will take place on Saturday next, October 27th, at Páirc Uí Rinn - the perfect start to the Bank Holiday weekend!!

Admission is just €5 for the double-header, and with such fantastic value, this is an event not to be missed!!!

Erin's Own v Na Piarsaigh, 6.30pm 
Ballymartle v Newtownshandrum, 8pm 

Nothing beats being there!! 

Bank Holiday Fixtures

Bank holiday Saturday 27th October brings some great games to watch.   First of these is the fe14 hurling league final against Blarney in Ballinure at 11.30am this should be a  cracker of a game as we were pushed all the way in the championship by Blarney in Delaneys and only beat them by a single point.    The second game is the fe13 semi final of the hurling league against Ballincollig in Ballincollig at 2pm.   Eventhough we beat them easily in the championship, Ballincollig are always a hard difficult team and this should be no different.    Finally our senior hurlers are playing in Pairc Ui Rinn in the semi-final of the RedFM hurling league against Erins Own at 6.30pm.    We met Erins Own about a month or two ago in the club and they beat us, so the next chapter is in Pairc Ui Rinn, dont miss it!

Then on Sunday 28th our Underage Academy takes off from 11am to 1pm from age 5+  We hope to expect a big gathering at this the start of our Academy.  So please support.



Well done to our senior hurlers who beat Carrigtwohill in the quarter final of the RedFM SH League on Saturday night in Pairc Ui Rinn on a scoreline of 2.16 to 2.5.    They now go on to play Erins Own in the semi final.    Details will be posted on the website as soon as dates are confirmed.

Music in Bar for October

Saturday 13th October - Due Tones

Sunday 14th October   - Stevie Rocks

Saturday 20th October - Shadow

Sunday 21st October   - Billy Lynch

Saturday 27th October - Jazz Weekend - Clancy Sisters

Sunday 28th  October  - Jazz Weekend - Clancy Sisters

Look in Gallery to see our October Weekend Special Music Event in the Bar.

Paddy Moore fe10 Hurling Tournament

The annual Paddy Moore fe10 Hurling Tournament takes place on Sunday 14th October next.   First match is at 10.15am.   Teams attending are Ballinora, Erins Own, Inniscarra and Na Piarsaigh.   Volunteers and helpers are asked to attend at 9.15am to help out for an hour or two.  

RedFM Senior Hurling League Playoffs

The RedFM Senior Hurling Leagues are now in the playoff stages, and on Saturday night the 13th October next at Pairc Ui Rinn we take on Carrigtwohill in the quarter final at 7pm.  Your support please.

Thomas Gardiner Annual Golf Memorial Trophy

The Thomas Gardiner Annual Golf Memorial Trophy takes place on Sunday 21st October at Blarney Golf Club.   Tee times are from 11.30am to 1.30pm.

SFC Relegation Final (Irish Examiner 8/10/2012)

Masterful McEnery keeps Nick’s in top flight

Monday, October 08, 2012

Kieran McEnery was the St Nick’s hero in this senior football relegation play-off at Páirc Uí Rinn on Saturday night.

Goalkeeper McEnery saved a first half penalty, made a number of superb stops throughout and then converted two frees late in the second half to maintain their top flight status.

The winners dominated for long periods but wasted numerous chances and were hanging on in the closing minutes as Piarsaigh mounted a late scoring charge.

With the Brosnan brothers, Dean and David, prominent, Nick’s stormed into a 0-4 to 0-1 lead, which should have been far great but for poor finishing.

Na Piarsaigh got a great chance to get back in the game when they won a penalty for a leg block, but McEnery saved superbly from John Gardiner.

The switch of Sean Óg Ó hAilpín to midfield helped Na Piarsaigh control the tie for the remainder of the first half and a succession of points left Nick’s hanging on to a 0-5 to 0-4 interval lead.

Na Piarsaigh threw down the gauntlet to their northside rivals early in the second-half with two points in a row, John Gardiner’s score a magnificent effort from the touchline.

However, Nick’s weathered the storm and regained the initiative when Barry O’Donovan netted after Alan Brady lost possession.

The goal gave Nick’s a 1-7 to 0-6 lead and McEnery brought off a point-blank save from Stephen Glasgow before going up to score two long range frees, they were never going to be caught.

But Piarsaigh didn’t go down without a fight and in the closing minutes they forced Nick’s to live on their nerves as they scored five points in-a-row before time ran out on them.

Forth-six years after they defeated St, Vincent’s in the 1966 intermediate county final to gain senior status, Na Piarsaigh now drop down to that grade again. And it won’t be easy to get back.

Scorers for St. Nick’s: B. O’Donovan 1-3 (0-1 free); David Brosnan, K. McEnery (1 45, 1free) 0-2 each; Dean Brosnan, G. Callanan 0-1 each.

Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: S. Glasgow (0-1 free), J. Gardiner, A. Keating 0-2 each; C. O’Mahony, C. Joyce, P. Gould, G. Joyce 0-1 each.

ST. NICHOLAS: K. McEnery; A. Dunlea, D. Óg O’Donovan, C. Spain; S. Kennefick, T. Spain, D. Cunningham; P. O’Brien, R. Brosnan; G. Callanan, N. Horgan, Dean Brosnan; B. O’Donovan, David Brosnan, A. O’Brien.
Subs: D. Kearney for Horgan (40); D. Goggin for P. O’Brien (55); M. Dooley for A. O’Brien (60).

NA PIARSAIGH: D. Power; A. Brady, M. Prendergast, C. Hourigan; D. Mannix, S. Óg Ó hAilpín, J. McDonnell; P.Rourke, C. Joyce; S. Glasgow, P. Gould, C. O’Mahony; K. Buckley, J. Gardiner, A. Keating.
Subs: G. Joyce for J. McDonnell (40); A. Hogan for C. O’Mahony (55).

Referee: M. Collins (Clonakilty).

Liam Connery fe9 Hurling Memorial Cup

The annual Liam Connery fe9 Hurling Tournament takes place on Sunday 7th October next at 10am.   Teams taking part are Midleton, Blackrock, Inniscarra and Na Piarsaigh.

10.00am     Na Piarsaigh (Black) -v- Blackrock
                     Na Piarsaigh (Amber) -v- Rockies

10.20am     Midleton (White) -v- Inniscarra (Black)
                     Midleton (Black) -v- Inniscarra (White)

10.40am     Na Piarsaigh (Black) -v- Midleton (White)
                     Na Piarsaigh (Amber) -v- Inniscarra (White)

11.00am     Blackrock -v- Inniscarra (Black)
                     Rockies -v- Midleton (Black)

11.20am     Na Piarsaigh (Black) -v- Inniscarra (Black)
                     Na Piarsaigh (Amber) -v- Midleton (Black).

11.40am     Blackrock -v- Midleton (White)
                     Rockies -v- Inniscarra (White)

12.30am     Semi-Finals Winners Group 1 -v- Runner Up Group 2
                     Winner Group 2 -v- Runner Up Group 1

1pm             Plate Final---------------- Losing Semi-Finalists
1.30pm       Cup Final

Volunteers and helpers are asked to attend at 9.15am to help out.   Your support would be appreciated.

Senior Football Championship- Relegation Final

On Saturday 6th October we find ourselves playing a relegation final playoff against St.Nicks in Pairc Ui Rinn at 5.30pm.    It is very important that we win this as it guarantees our senior status in senior football for next year.     Your support is very much needed and we would appreciate a big crowd in Pairc Ui Rinn on the night.   Gool luck to all the players and mentors.

Tom Walsh Ud8 Hurling Tournament

The first ever Tom Walsh Ud8 Hurling Tournament takes place on Sunday next 30th September in the club.  The Walsh family have donated a cup and this will be played for annually as an Ud8 hurling tournament.   The teams involved on sunday are Eire Og, Midleton, Na Piarsaigh and Anor.   First game is at 10am.    Helpers and volunteers are needed from 9am onwards.     Please support this first ever tournament.

Minor B Hurling Championship

Congratulations to our Minor B's who won the championship last night in CIT beating Glen Rovers well done to the players and mentors.

The Gatherine Ireland 2013

The Gathering Ireland 2013 is being supported by the GAA
To all Corkonians
We wish to advise you of the largest community-led tourism initiative this country has ever seen and we need your help!

The Gathering Ireland 2013 responds to the challenge of getting Ireland growing again.  It is an opportunity for those at home and abroad to get involved in a national movement to reconnect with the Irish Diaspora and to increase economic development.

The Gathering Ireland 2013 is a people’s project. It’s about you, your family, your neighbours, your community, your sports club, your town and county. This is your chance to showcase the every best of Ireland by organising a special event and inviting home those with Irish connections to be part of it. The goal is to create a calendar of local events in Cork around The Gathering Ireland 2013 and to have these advertised on the purpose-built national website. We are trying to reach as many people in the Community as is possible to invite them to come to Community Meetings where information on The Gathering will be provided. These meetings provide a forum where groups and individuals can put forward ideas for Cork Gathering events in 2013.
Meetings (details shown below) so you have an opportunity to get involved!
                                      Cork Gathering Meeting
                                 You are invited to be part of it
                           At any one of the following meetings
Celtic Ross Hotel, Rosscarbery on Monday, 17th September at 7pm
Midleton Park Hotel, Midleton on Wednesday, 19th September at 7pm
Springfort Hall, Mallow on Thursday 20th September at 7pm
Cork City Hall, Cork on Monday, 24th September at 7pm 

Championships 2012

Wednesday 12th sees our MP1's in action in the s/f of the County against Blackrock at Pairc Ui Rinn at 6.30pm

Thursday 13th our MBHC Final against Glen Rovers is the second of a double header in CIT at 8pm after our Fe14HC s/f against Ballincollig at 6.30pm.

Then on Friday 14th our Fe21BHC against Nemo takes place at Ballinlough at 6pm.

On Saturday 15th our Fe15HC against Blackrock takes place at Church Road at 2pm.
Keep these dates available and your support would be appreciated.

Club Lotto

The club lotto has now reached a figure of 5700e envelopes can be bought behind the Bar for as little as 2e you can also buy online at www.myclublotto.ie support the underage section by buying a ticket, "if your not in you cant win"  so support our underage section.

Austin Stacks fe13 Football Tournament

The annual Austin Stacks fe13 football tournament takes place on Saturday & Sunday the 15th /16th September in Tralee.   We expect our fe13's to do well in this tournament as they are a good football team, so come on down on Saturday 15th Sept., and support them.

Minor & Fe21 Hurling Championships

Championship time again.   This Thursday 6th Sept., sees our MP1 hurlers take on Carrigaline in the quarter final of the championship in CIT at 7.30pm good game in store. Then on Saturday 8th our fe21 hurlers take on the Barrs in Ballinlough at 5.30pm always going to be a tough game with the Barrs.     Also on Saturday our JunA Camogie girls play their semi-final against Brian Dillons in Castle Road, Mahon at 1.30pm.   A busy time ahead.  Good luck to all the lads and ladies and mentors in their championship games.   Come out and support us.

Senior Hurling Championship q/f (Examiner 3/9/2012)

Fired-up Ballymartle march to semi-final - By Diarmuid O’Flynn

Monday, September 03, 2012

Ballymartle 1-17 Na Piarsaigh 0-17
A hard-earned win over favourites Na Piarsaigh for battling Ballymartle in this Cork SHC quarter-final at summery Páirc Uí Chaoimh on Saturday afternoon but all the sweeter for that, said manager Anthony McCarthy.

"It was an outstanding win for the club — this is bigger than winning the intermediate All-Ireland club title a couple of years ago. We’re now one of the top four senior teams in Cork county and that’s a fantastic achievement for everyone involved, for the players, the coaches, the backroom staff, the whole lot. The commitment we’ve had from players, some of them coming home from abroad early. We had a shaky run-in to the game, could have done with another week but everyone got back and gelled well.

"This is a credit, too, to the panel, to the lads who got us here through the earlier rounds. It was a complete club effort, from the 30 players to the kitman, Paul Madden — everyone."

Right from the first whistle, Ballymartle had the bit between their teeth, three points on the board (Ruarí Dwyer with two, Darren McCarthy with a huge free for the third) before Na Piarsaigh registered (point from the flying Cian Buckley) then another two, to take an 0-5 to 0-1 lead in just the ninth minute. All this after winning the toss and opting to play into the stiff downfield breeze — itself a contentious decision.

Anthony: "There was a big debate between management and players over which way we’d play, a divided debate. The management wanted to play with the wind, the players wanted to play against it — maybe they had more faith in themselves than we had!

"We left the decision to them and they delivered, a great start. I think that was the reason for our win — we were tuned in from the second the ball was thrown in. We were here for a match, not just to make up the numbers — we’ll take great pride in this now."

Referee Cathal McAllister would play a pretty central role for the remainder of the first half, however, several very contentious decisions against the underdogs including a puzzling yellow card for centre-back Patrick Dwyer (had made clean contact on a ball out on the wing), the ball moved forward on umpteen occasions for dissent. With or without the referee’s contribution, however, Na Piarsaigh were always going to come back into this game, and led by their experienced county stars Seán Óg Ó hAilpín (at centre-back) and John Gardiner (midfield), the recovery began.

Gardiner was the point-man (literally) in that fightback, six points before the break, four of those from placed balls, wing-forward Keith Buckley with another, but Ballymartle did manage to chisel out another three points also into that wind, wing-forward Brian Corry (a great battle with Christopher Joyce) with two of those, leaving it tied at the interval, 0-8 apiece.

The wind was now in Ballymartle sails for the second half, however, and it would prove significant.

The sides exchanged points immediately on the restart, the outstanding Seán O’Mahony for Ballymartle, yet another contentious free by Gardiner for Na Piarsaigh. Ballymartle then got a grip on the game, however, three points in a row (Corry, Darren McCarthy, Jamie Dwyer) putting them 0-12 to 0-9 ahead, 40th minute.

Not for long — a minute later it was all square again, 0-12 apiece, Keith Buckley with two fine Na Piarsaigh points, Gardiner with yet another contended free, the ball brought forward a distance for dissent and into scoring range.

The 51st minute was when this game was finally won, however, the only goal of the game. The speedy Darren McCarthy (Cork sub senior keeper) had been causing problems for Na Piarsaigh all game; his pace again saw him inside his marker, bearing down on goal.

Darren’s well-struck shot was well saved by Alan Keating but in perfect position to slot home the rebound was Barry Dwyer. That score put Ballymartle ahead by four points, 1-14 to 0-13, a lead added to seconds later by a fine Daniel Edmonds point.

Na Piarsaigh did apply the pressure down the finishing stretch but a fired-up Ballymartle defence stood strong. And now? Anything is possible, says Anthony McCarthy. "Absolutely — if Carrigtwohill could win it last year, we can win it this year."

Scorers for Ballymartle: Darren McCarthy 0-5 (4f); B Dwyer 1-1; R Dwyer 0-3; B Corry 0-3; J Dwyer 0-2 (1 65); S O’Mahony 0-2; D Edmonds 0-1.
Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: J Gardiner 0-8 (6f); K Buckley 0-3; P Goold 0-3 (1f); C Buckley 0-2; S O’Sullivan 0-1.

BALLYMARTLE: Declan McCarthy; Declan Dwyer, M Tobin, D Coleman; J Kelly, P Dwyer, S Corry; Dan Dwyer, S O’Mahony; B Dwyer, J Dwyer, B Corry; Darren McCarthy, R Dwyer, K Fitzpatrick.
Subs: D Edmonds (Fitzpatrick 30); D O’Leary (R Dwyer 60).

NA PIARSAIGH: A Keating; D Mannix, Adam Dennehy, E Moynihan; C Joyce, S Óg Ó hAilpín, R McGregor; A Brady, J Gardiner; P O’Rourke, S Glasgow (c), K Buckley; C Buckley, I McDonnell, S Duggan.
Subs: Anthony Dennehy (Duggan 23); P Goold (McDonnell 30); S O’Sullivan (Glasgow 56).

Referee: C McAllister (Aghada)

Dee (Denis) O Leary & Barry O Leary Tournament

The Dee (Denis) O Leary and Barry O Leary fe11 football tournament will be held on Saturday 8th September next in the club.    Teams taking part will be Kilshannig Co.Cork, Canovee Co.Cork, Austin Stacks Co.Kerry and ourselves.   

All games 15 minutes
Pitch 1

10.00     Na Piarsaigh     .v.     Kilshannig
11.10     Austin Stacks    .v.     Kilshannig
12.30     Na Piarsaigh     .v.     Austin Stacks

Pitch 2

10.00     Austin Stacks    .v.     Canovee
11.30     Na Piarsaigh     .v.     Canovee
12.45     Canovee           .v.     Kilshannig

1.10       Lunch                         Plate Finalists
1.45       Lunch                         Cup Finalists

2.30       Plate Final                  Pitch 1
3.30       Cup Final                    Pitch 1

We look forward to seeing everyone there for a great day of football.  Helpers and volunteers are needed for the day so if you have an 1 or 2 to spare please be in the club at 9am.    Give your names to either Brian Buckley 0857275777, Jim Hanifin 0863428567 or Colin O Sullivan 0876690231

Ulster Bank GAA Force Roadshow 2012

The Roadshow will visit

NA PIARSAIGH GAA CLUB, Fairhill, Cork on Tuesday 11th September from 7pm-9pm.

Ulster Bank, official sponsor of the GAA Football Championship would like to invite you and a guest to join MC David McIntyre, Kerry legend Pat Spillane and some well known pundits and players for an evening of GAA entertainment.   Have your picture taken with the Sam Maguire, and there's a chance to win tickets to the GAA Football All-Ireland Final!

Places are limited and are by invite only.   Please RSVP by replying to this email info@napiarsaigh.com before Friday 7th September

Senior Hurling Championship Replay(Evening Echo 27/8/2012)


Na Piarsaigh 1-15
Newtownshandrum 1-11
NA PIARSAIGH continue to re-invent themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Cork County SHC after putting an end to  Newtownshandrum’s aspirations at Mallow last Saturday night.
In a replay that had some fine passages of play without ever really igniting, they thoroughly deserved their victory and are now in a much better place than they were after losing the opening round to Douglas.
Next up are Ballymartle in the quarter-final next weekend and the northside team will be energised considerably by what was a solid team display all through.
Newtownshandrum have been raging against the dying of the light for a while now and it was finally extinguished here with little cause for complaint.
They gave it their best shot but had to accept that on the night the better team won because they had the greater balance and a number of individuals that contributed enormously to their cause.
Once again the Cork duo of Sean Óg Ó hAilpín and John Gardiner were very prominent, Ó hAilpín being ultra consistent at centre-back and Gardiner making his presence felt in general play and from placed balls.
Chris Joyce was also very conspicuous while Ronan McGregor put in a very good shift at wing-back.
The loss of their  influential attacker Padraigh Gould to injury in the opening half was a severe blow but his replacement Ian McDonnell made a handsome contribution on the board, delivering the all important goal as well as scoring a tasty point.
Keith Buckley played his part too with some well executed points and this is very much a unit that is starting to raise the bar that bit more with every outing.
For the second time in a week Cathal Naughton was replaced on the Newtown team, being called to the sideline in the 43rd minute and the most influential side of the past 12 years lacked the necessary penetration up front.
They could manage only 1-5 from play over the hour and it’s becoming increasingly obvious that time is beginning to take its toll on a number of players that have been marquee names for a long time.
They trailed by only a point at the break after a very tame opening 30 minutes although to be fair luck was not on their side when they were denied two goals, firstly a rasping shot by Jamie Coughlan rebounded off the crossbar and secondly when Na Piarsaigh ‘keeper Alan Keating denied Ryan Clifford with a splendid save.
Coughlan pointed twice in that opening half as did Gould for the city team before his departure and after the sides were level on a few occasions, a point from Stephen Glasgow sent Na Piarsaigh to the dressingrooms a point to the good, 0-6 to 0-5.
They were deadlocked again when they resumed after Clifford pointed a free but then arrived the game’s opening goal, sub McDonnell getting on the end of a Gardiner free to give Na Piarsaigh the night’s first bit of breathing space.
Keith Buckley embellished their advantage with a point  but Newtown responded as only Newtown can, Kevin O’Connor bursting through for a goal in the 40th minute.
And the sides were level again a minute later when Clifford pointed another free.
It was really up for grabs now but it was Na Piarsaigh who seized the initiative with four unanswered points from Gardiner, Buckley, with two and Gardiner again to lead by four, 1-13 to 1-9.
But again the Newtown response was positive, two more pointed frees from Clifford to make it a two point game with seven minutes remaining.
But that was as good as it got for Newtown and Na Piarsaigh finished it all off with two more points from the impressive Gardiner and the equally impressive McGregor.
Maybe the end of an era for a lot of these Newtown players but for Na Piarsaigh it’s upwards and onwards in their quest to keep the Northside lights burning brightly.
Ballymartle have been warned, they will be facing a side who have a lot of momentum behind them.
Scorers for Na Piarsaigh:  J Gardiner 0-4(f), I McDonnell 1-1, K Buckley 0-3, S Duggan 0-2, P Gould 0-2 (0-1f), P Rourke, R McGregor, S Glasgow 0-1 each.
Newtownshandrum: R Clifford 0-6 (0-5f), K O’Connor 1-0, M Bowles, J Coughlan 0-2 each, B O’Connor 0-1f.
NA PIARSAIGH: A Keating, D Mannix, Adam Dennehy, E Moynihan, C Joyce, S Óg Ó hAilpín, R McGregor, A Brady, J Gardiner, S Glasgow, K Buckley, Anthony Dennehy, P Gould, S Duggan, P O’Rourke.
Subs: I McDonnell for Gould inj (26), C Buckley for Anthony Dennehy (37), A Hogan for K Buckley (60).
NEWTOWNSHANDRUM:  W Biggane, J O’Mahony, P Mulcahy, R Fallon, E O’Connor, B O’Connor, M Ryan, K O’Connor, PJ Copps, M Bowles, Jerry O’Connor, C Naughton, R Clifford, J Coughlan, D Stack.
Subs:  J Herlihy for E O’Connor (36), JP King for Naughton (43).
Referee: C Lane (Banteer).


Senior Hurling Championship Replay

Our Senior Hurling Championship Replay against Newtownshandrum will now take place on Saturday 25th August in Mallow at 6pm again your support is needed and hopefully we will get the right result.

Senior Hurling Championship (Irish Examiner Monday 20th August 2012)

Na Piarsaigh 1-15 Newtownshandrum 2-12
By Brendan Larkin

Monday, August 20, 2012

An injury-time point by Ben O’Connor earned Newtownshandrum a deserved draw in this entertaining fourth round tie at Mallow on Saturday night.

Down by two at the break, Piarsaigh thundered into the game on the changeover, grabbed a goal early into the second half and had another disallowed for a square ball infringement before the magnificent Padraig Gould’s late point looked to have given the city side a shock win.

However, Newtown, showing marvellous composure, carved open the chance for O’Connor to land the equalising point to earn his side a second bit of the cherry.

"We lived to fight another day," said a relieved Newtown coach Bernie O’Connor.

"Wasn’t it marvellous stuff? There was great excitement, some marvellous passages of hurling and I think a draw was the right result. But we were fortunate to get it in the end.

"I don’t know what the reason is but we never seem to play well with the wind to our backs. We turned over two points in front and it looked as if we would win it with something to spare, but you have to give Piarsaigh great credit, they came at us in waves and I have to say we were lucky in the end to get the draw."

Piarsaigh can count themselves a trifle unfortunate not to have won the game. Down 2-7 to 0-11 at the break and turning to play into the wind, it didn’t look good for the city side.

However, the switching of Sean Óg Ó hAilpín to centre-back, John Gardiner to wing back and Padraig Gould to wing-forward worked brilliantly and all three left their mark on the game.

Ó hAilpín succeeded in putting the shackles on his former inter-county colleague Jerry O’Connor, Gardiner was majestic under the dropping ball while Gould used his electric pace to great effect and also showed his prowess with his free-taking.

Two evenly matched sides were level six times. Playing their usual fast hand passing game, Newtown struck for a goal in the fifth minute playing into the strong wind when Donagh Stack rounded off a great move and only a timely block by Darran Mannix a minute later denied Stack a second.

Piarsaigh struggled to cope with the slick inter-passing of their opponents but managed to be on level terms by the 10th minute with a succession of points before Stack struck for his second goal, after he was set up following another great hand passing movement, and they were well worth their 2-7 to 0-11 half time lead.

The positional switches made at half-time worked extremely for the city side and, hurling with far greater authority, they took the game to their opponents and led for the first time with a Keith Buckley goal in the 40th minute.

The pressure on the Newtown defence was immense and Piarsaigh were a trifle unlucky to have a goal ruled out for a square infringement. The pace of the game quickened considerable and as play swung from end to end, the sides traded points at regular intervals to be level five times.

Piarsaigh were having the better of the exchanges, with John Gardiner majestic in the heart of their defence, and, amid tremendous excitement, Padraig Gould showed a clear pair of heels to the Newtown defence before rifling over what looked to be a worthy winning point.

However, as the game went into overtime, there was still a kick left in Newtown and Ben O’Connor, as he had done so often in the past, became their hero with the equalising point.

"Some of our younger players found it difficult to cope with the Newtown style of play. It was the first time they came up against it," said Piarsaigh selector Bill Kelleher.

"We had worked extremely hard in training for this game and while we may consider ourselves a bit unlucky not to have hung on for the win, I’ll gladly settle for another day out," he added.

Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: P Gould 0-9 (6fs), J Gardiner 0-3 (1f), K Buckley 1-1, Anthony Dennehy, S O’Sullivan 0-1 each.

Scorers for Newtown: D Stack 2-0, B O’Connor 0-3 (1f), J Coughlan, M Bowles, R Clifford 0-2 each, J O’Connor, C Naughton, K O’Connor 0-1 each.

NA PIARSAIGH: A Keating; D Mannix, A Dennehy, E Moynihan; S Óg Ó hAilpín, C Joyce, R McGregor; A Brady, J Gardiner; K Buckley, S Glasgow, S O’Sullivan; P Gould, P O’Rourke, A Dennehy.
Subs: S Duggan for O’Rourke (ht), I McDonnell for S O’Sullivan (50), C Buckley for Glasgow (55).

NEWTOWN: W Biggane; D Gleeson, P Mulcahy, R Fallon; E O’Connor, B O’Connor, M Ryan; K O’Connor, PJ Copps; M Bowles, J O’Connor, C Naughton; R Clifford, J Coughlan, D Stack.
Subs: J O’Mahony for Fallon (35), C Twomey for Copps (45), JP King for Naughton (55).

Referee: J O’Connell (Lisgoold).

Fe16B Hurling Championship Final

Congratulations to our Fe16B's who won the final of the 16B Championship yesterday against Douglas in CIT on a scoreline of 15pts to 1.9.   What a great game and a great display by young Dan Gunning who notched up a personal tally of 12pts from play and frees.     Some great passing ball to him from the centre field and back line and working together made this win possible.    Well done to all the players and mentors on our first win of hopefully a long line of trophys.

Senior Hurling Championship/Juvenile Championships

Well at long last our next round of the senior hurling championship takes place on Saturday 18th August at 6.30pm in Mallow against Newtownshandrum.  Training is going well and we wish all the lads and mentors all the best.    Your support for this game is imperative and we hope to see a big crowd in Fermoy.   Just a note to supporters there is another event taking place in Fermoy on the same afternoon as our game from 4pm onwards and that traffic problems may occur so it is advisable that you give yourself plenty of time to get to the match.

Also we have a couple of juvenile championship fixtures coming up.   On Sunday 19th our fe16B's are playing hurling championship final against Douglas in CIT 3.30pm.    Then on Monday 20th our fe16A's are playing the semi final of their championship against Sars at 6.45pm Pairc Ui Rinn at 6.45pm.     On Tuesday 21st our fe13A's are playing the semi final of their championship against Glen in Ballinure (Mahon) at 7pm.   All your support please for all these important games.

Pat Kelleher fe13 Hurling Tournament

The Pat Kelleher fe13 Hurling Tournament will take place on Saturday 18th next teams that are confirmed are Barrs Cork, St.Josephs Door Barefield Co.Clare, ourselves and one more other team yet to be confirmed.    Further details will be put on the website.

Teams attending are Barrs Cork, Shandrum Cork, St.Josephs Doora Barefield Clare, and Na Piarsaigh Cork.

Games commence 10am - All games 15 minutes
Pitch 1
10.00     Na Piarsaigh -v- Barrs
11.25     Na Piarsaigh -v- Shandrum
12.40     Na Piarsaigh -v- St.Josephs Doora Barefield

Pitch 3
10.30     St.Josephs -v- Shandrum
11.40     Barrs -v- St.Josephs
1.15       Shandrum -v- Barrs

1.15       Lunch    
1.45       Lunch    

2.30      Plate Final
3.30      Cup Final

Volunteers and helpers on the day please be in attendance at 9am to organise.   Contact Colin O Sullivan 087-6690231, Jim Hanifin 086-3428567, Brian Buckley 085-7275777


Summer Camp 2012

The Summer Camp will be held on the 20th - 24th August next (monday to friday) from 10am to 1pm for boys aged 5 to 12 years and girls 6 to 12 years.   Application Forms will be given out to the kids by their mentors.     If you child does not get an application form he can get one in the Arena Office.    The cost of the camp is 20euro and application forms must be returned before the 13th August next, together with the size hurley you child requires indicated on the form.

Na Piarsaigh out of Minor Football Championship (Evening Echo 2/8/12)

Valley Rovers 2-12 : Na Piarsaigh 4-4

IT may not have been the winning score but Jack Murphy’s goal for Valley Rovers just before half-time was vital in their win over Na Piarsaigh in their Rebel Og Premier 1 MFC clash last night.

Having played against the strong wind it saw them only four points behind at the break, despite the domination of Na Piarsaigh for long periods of the  first half. The wind was a major factor in this tie and it showed as Valleys got the final seven scores after the break to go through to  round three as Na Piarsaigh bow out.

Piarsaigh will be disappointed to have lost, especially as they led by five points with only 10 minutes to go. But Valley Rovers showed why they won the Premier 2 title last year as they finished strongly and hit seven points, without reply, to deservedly win  by two.

Both sides must be congratulated for playing some good football with Eoin Fallon, Jason Crowley, Jack Murphy and Ben Murphy impressive for Valley Rovers and Shane Curtin, Alan Bell, Chris O’Connor and Sean Warren the pick of the Piarsaigh side.

Using the wind to their advantage Piarsaigh were soon in front when Colin O’Mahony got their first goal. Crowley pointed for Valleys, but O’Connor set up O’Mahony for his second goal to make it 2-0 to 0-1 after nine minutes.

Warren added their third when he gambled superbly on a long ball in as it bounced over the defenders and he was on hand to coolly slot home. O’Connor and Warren added points to extend their lead.

Valleys kept plugging away and three points from frees by Crowley made it 0-4 to 3-2

as half-time approached. In injury-time Luke Counihan was fouled and Murphy scored from the resultant penalty to make it 1-4 to 3-2 at the break.

Crowley was on target early in the second-half but two superb points from Curtin kept Na Piarsaigh in front.

With 48 minutes gone it started to turn in Valley’s favour, with Counihan getting their goal, after a quick free by Crowley. Just as they looked like coming back Piarsaigh dealt them another blow when they worked the ball down the pitch from the re-start to see Paul Cunningham get their fourth goal to make it 4-4 to 2-5.

With only 10 minutes to go it looked an impossible task for Valleys, but all credit to them they stuck to their task and four points from Crowley, two frees, had the Piarsaigh lead down to one.

In the last minute Derek Canty got the equalising score and it looked like it was going to extra-time. But Crowley had other ideas and two points from him in injury-time saw his side progress and Na Piarsaigh go out of this year’s championship.

Scorers for Valley Rovers:  J Murphy (1-0 pen), L Counihan 1-0 each, J Crowley 0-11 (7f, 0-1 65), D Canty 0-1.

Na Piarsaigh: C O’Mahony 2-0, S Warren 1-1, P Cunningham 1-0, S Curtin 0-2, C O’Connor 0-1.

VALLEY ROVERS: D Lynch; C Harrington, T O’Brien, C Desmond; D O’Brien, B Murphy, J  Lyons; D Murphy, E Fallon; J Murphy, D Canty, L Counihan; J Lynch, D Healy, J Crowley. Subs: C O’Connell for D Healy (inj), P Forde for C Harrington, D Looney for J Lynch.

NA PIARSAIGH: J O’Connor; A O’Donovan, A Bell, P Murphy; E Dorgan, E Hannafin, S Galgey; S Curtin, C O’Connor; E Sheehan, G Duggan, D Wall; S Higgins, S Warren, C O’Mahony. Subs: P Cunningham for E Sheehan, P O’Sullivan for E Dorgan.

Ref: Michael Collins, Clonakilty.

Music in Bar for month of August

        August 2012

  • Sat 4th Shadow
  • Sun 5th DJ's
  • Sat 11th Sonny & Steve
  • Sun 12th Who Shot JR
  • Sat 18th The Rascals
  • Sun 19th Stevie Rocks
  • Sat 25th Duo Tones
  • Sun 26th Aquarius

Fe16 Hurling Championship (Evening Echo Saturday 21/7/2012)

Na Piarsaigh 2-14 : Carrigtwohill 2-12
In this thrilling Rebel Óg U16 Premier 1 HC quarter-final at Delanys last night with perfect conditions, this was a stunning contest from start to finish with both sides contributing to an excellent game. Na Piarsaigh were marginally the better side over the hour where Eddie Gunning was in great form at full back while at the other end Padraig Guest and Dayne Lee were especially impressive firing 2-10 of their side’s tally between them.
Carrigtwohill, to their credit performed admirably with Daire Crotty, Brendan McCarthy and Jamie McCarthy prominent but ultimately they came up short to the well drilled city side.
The opening stages were evenly balanced with Jason Flynn and Ciarán Hanafin pointing for Na Piarsaigh and Brendan McCarthy and Ciaran Gosnell replying for Carrig.
Na Piarsaigh took command of the game for the first time midway through the half when Padraig Guest found the roof of the net after an excellent run from Dale Bowen to open up a two point lead.
Both teams found the range again before Carrigtwohill were dealt a major blow just before half time when Na Piarsaigh added a second goal. Once again, Guest drilled home to open up a 2-5 to 0-5 lead.
Carrigtwohill narrowed the deficit to four at the break with Gosnell and Daire Crotty adding late points.
The game continued to be played at a lightening pace at the start of the second half with both sides adding two points each before Carrigtwohill’s Jamie McCarthy goaled from close range to reduce the deficit to the minimum, 2-7 to 1-9.
Na Piarsaigh were well up to the challenge though with Gunning and Eoin O’Leary standing firm in defence while Tristan Foley, Guest and Lee in attack began to put Carrig on the back foot.
In an excellent closing quarter they added seven points with Foley, Guest and Lee firing over some excellent points to extend their advantage to five entering injury time.
Daire Crotty netted a goal late on e for Carrigtwohill as Na Piarsaigh booked their semi-final spot.
Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: P Guest 2-6 (0-2 frees), D Lee 0-4, T Foley 0-2, J Flynn, C Hanifin 0-1 each.
NA PIARSAIGH: D O’Connell; R O’Meara, E Gunning, M O’Sullivan; DBowen, E O’Leary, A Walsh; B O’Callaghan, C Hanafin; T Foley, W Cronin, E O’Shea; D Lee, J Flynn, P Guest. Subs: C O’Sullivan for E O’Shea.
Ref: Ted Hayes, Eire Óg.

John Gardiner (Evening Echo 21/7/2012)

COULD the placing of John Gardiner at full-back be the answer to the uncertainty attached to Cork’s defence as thoughts turn to a winnable All-Ireland quarter-final against Waterford?
     The 29-year-old Na Piarsaigh man is yet to feature in the championship but the stability he would offer directly in front of Anthony Nash – a goalkeeper that is beginning to establish himself with distinction at both ends of the field – should not be underestimated.
      JBM’s decision to integrate potential to the team rather than rely on those that have clocked up many championship miles is understandable factoring in the realisation that he has a three-year term as bainistoeir.
      However, Gardiner could play a major role wearing the number three geansaí for the Rebels with a place in the last four up for grabs.
      Damien Cahalane performed reasonably well for an inexperienced operator at the highest level but Rory Jacob, a player similar in style to Shane Walsh, Waterford’s full-forward, pilfered 0-3 from play off him and created many other scoring opportunities for team-mates making darting and menacing runs through the heart of the Cork defence from deeper positions.
      Jacob’s spatial awareness of Tom Semple’s field had Cahalane in difficulty on more than one occasion which is not a slight on the defender’s capabilities in any way as you have to be appreciative of the fact that he is learning his trade at the grade.
Gardiner’s positional sense and assured nature with and without possession, however, may be the key to bringing much required calm to an otherwise chaotic defence at times.
      As well as that, Gardiner’s positioning in the full-back line would also give Cork a greater aerial presence under dropping balls.
      The northsider may not have had his greatest game in a Cork shirt during the Allianz NHL Division 1 final but I would dare any of the other players that got game-time on that occasion to suggest they did themselves justice by the standards they are attempting to set as a group — with the exception of Patrick Horgan perhaps.
And yet, despite many of those other players lining out since, Gardiner has been held in reserve with not even an appearance from the bench to show for his troubles.
Perhaps the management are seeing something in training in relation to Gardiner’s performances that we are not – it is possible they are of the opinion he has lost a yard of pace – but protecting the square does not require as much fuel in the tank for a player whose hurling brain is to be admired.
      For instance, where Cahalane got too close to Jacob, Gardiner would have probably stood off him that little bit and challenged the attacker to go through rather than around him and given Gardiner’s imposing stature that is far easier said than done. Or, failing that, you can envisage Gardiner forcing Jacob to turn away from goal in need of assistance.
      Of course, this would be a redundant argument if Cahalane had been playing in the league therefore gaining more experience of the type of individuals he would be up against at this level but in his defence the St Finbarr’s man was thrown in at the deep end in Thurles.
      The full-back role is not the only position of uncertainty in the Cork team, however.  etc...........

Underage Lotto

The Underage Lotto has now reached 4500e lotto can be played on line or envelopes are available behind the bar.   Support the Underage by playing lotto for 2e and be in with a chance to win.   Your support would be appreciated.  

Christy Coughlan Memorial Tournament

On a beautiful sunny summers day last Saturday the 21st July the first ever Christy Coughlan Memorial Tournament was held in the club.   A huge crowd turned out for this tournament in which Na Piarsaigh, Killeagh, Abbeyside and Dicksboro took to playing hurling on the pitches while the supporters basked in the sunshine.  The Plate was won by Dicksboro and the Cup was won by Na Piarsaigh who played Killeagh in the final in which the Killeagh Captain was Christy's son Christopher who wore the no.7 on his back.  Christy's wife Marion daughter Sarah, grandson Christian, and his three sisters attended together with players of the 1990 team who won the first ever Cork Senior County Final in which Christy was the captain.   Everyone enjoyed the day and we would like to thank the Coughlan family for donating the Cup which will now be run every year as a fe14 hurling tournament, and all the committees and helpers who made this tournament a success.  Well done!

Christy Coughlan Memorial Tournament (fe14 hurling)

On Saturday 21st July we will be holding the first ever Christy Coughlan Memorial Tournament (fe14 hurling) in honour of our great friend and colleague the late Christy Coughlan RIP.   Teams to take part are Abbeyside Waterford, Dicksboro Kilkenny, Killeagh Cork and Na Piarsaigh Cork.    Matches start at 10am and will run right upto the finals at 2.30pm and 3.30pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend and we hope to see a big crowd on the day.   Underage & Juvenile Committees are asked to help out and new helpers are more than welcome.   We ask all helpers to attend from 9am onwards.   A great day of hurling is expected.

Senior Football & Minor Football Championships

Tonight Tuesday 17th sees our Senior Footballers play Ilen Rovers in championship in Bandon at 7.30pm your support for this very important game is vital and we would ask as many people as possible to come out and support the lads in Bandon. 

Then on Wednesday 18th our Minor Premier 1's are playing their football championship against Nemo in CIT at 6.45.     On Thursday 19th our Minor Premier 2's play their football championship again against Nemo2 in Ballinure (Mahon) at 7.30pm.    Your support for all these games is vital to the players to encourage them to play their best so keep these dates free.   Good luck to everyone.

Fun Coaching for Boys & Girls

Fun coaching for boys and girls will take place in the club on the following dates.  This coaching will be run by Jim O Sullivan and Alan O Leary and our younger coaches.  The emphasis is on fun and all boys and girls from the ages of 5 to 12 years are welcome to attend.   For further information boys should ring Jim O Sullivan on 0873328639 - Alan O Leary on 0851241522 and for girls Trisha Coleman on 0861713903.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 23rd, 25th, 27th July from 10am - 2pm
Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 30th July, 1st, 3rd August from 10am - 2pm
Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 13th, 15th, 17th August from 10am - 2pm

Also watch the website for further information on a Summer Camp which will take place on the 20th August next.  Details of price and times will be put on the website soon.

Minor Premier 1 Hurling Championship (Evening Echo 5/7/2010)

Na Piarsaigh 3-15
Midleton 2-12

- By Robert Nodwell

THEY say league tables don’t lie but this game proves that score-lines most definitely do, as it will only tell a small fraction of the tumultuously epic affair that occurred at CIT last night.

In a match that will live long in the memory, Na Piarsaigh stunned a Midleton side with a dramatic late surge that saw them score an incredible 2-4 in the space of six frantic minutes late in the second half.

The 47th minute will be remembered as the turning point for Midleton, as forward Michael Abernethy pinged a ferocious shot goal-bound, but it pinged back off the inside of the post when a goal would have given Midleton what would have been an unassailable six-point lead.

However, an inch made the biggest difference possible. The reaction was incredible; when Na Piarsaigh needed a leader, their entire side stepped up to the plate and essentially blitzed an overwhelmed Midleton side in the final ten minutes of the game.

The first half wasn’t a patch on what was to follow, as the sides played out a lively but unspectacular 30 minutes that saw the sides go in at the change of ends with 0-7 each. Midleton were very much like their colours, as they dazzled at times like their white stripes but all too often faded back into black in allowing their prestigious rivals back into the game.

They raced into a 0-3 to 0-0 lead by the sixth minute that included a pair of majestic Padraig Nagle scores, but excellent corner-forwards Ryan Lynch and Eoin Hanifin scored a point apiece to claw Na Piarsaigh back to within a point.

Yet again, Midleton went on to score three points without reply to make it 0-6 to 0-2, but again unstoppable live-wires Lynch and Hanifin grabbed some exquisite scores between them to make it a draw at half-time, with the two forwards grabbing all of their side’s points between them.

The second-half saw the game explode into action. It had a quiet beginning, with the score at a modest 0-10 to 0-9 in the 41st minute, but Michael Abernethy’s excellent finish into the bottom corner soon after saw Midleton put the game to Na Piarsaigh as they took a four-point lead for the first time in the game.

The 47th minute saw Michael Abernethy almost hammer the nail into the Na Piarsaigh coffin when he plucked the ball from a herd of players but his seemingly unstoppable thunderbolt was denied by the wood-work, giving Piarsaigh renewed hope.

With ten minutes left on the clock and Midleton 1-11 to 0-11 in front, Na Piarsaigh got a bizarre goal to draw things level, with defender Gordon Joyce’s free from his own 65-yard line fizzing towards goal and dipping just below the cross-bar for a freak equalising goal.

It sparked a manic ten minutes that saw Midleton take the lead with a point in the 51st minute, but they were to then go a full ten minutes without registering a solitary score, with Na Piarsaigh going utterly wild at the other end.

After a magnificent run forward by centre-back Shane Curtin where he was felled, Ryan Lynch scored a superb free that set the proverbial ball in motion. They never really looked back. Shawn Warren got a goal in the 55th minute to give them the lead for the very first time in the game.

Ryan Lynch got what was a defining point from a free two minutes later, while Colin O’Mahony followed it up with a goal soon after after being on the pitch less than two minutes.

Gavin Duggan and Lynch scored a point each to increase Na Piarsaigh’s lead to an incredible nine points, with Midleton man Padraig Nagle’s goal with the last puck of the game proving to be redundant in the end.

Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: R Lynch 0-10 (0-10f); E Hanifin 0-4; G Joyce, S Warren & C O’Mahony (1-0 each); G Duggan 0-1.
Midleton: P Nagle 1-6 (0-5f); M Abernethy 1-2 (0-2f); G Hurley, J Hegarty, C Finnegan & R Williams (0-1 each).

Na Piarsaigh: S Higgins; J Monaghan, A Bell, S Farmer; S Galgey, S Curtin, G Joyce; P Cunningham, G Duggan; S Warren, P O’Sullivan, C Boyle; R Lynch, C O’Connor, E Hanifin.
Subs: D Morrissey for P Cunningham (40); C O’Mahony for C Boyle (56).
Midleton: B Rossiter; A Stanton, G Bagnell, T Motherway; E Mulcahy, D Quirke, C Moloney; S O’Farrell, B O’Shea; G Hurley, P Nagle, M Abernethy; R Williams, J Hegarty, C Finnegan.
Subs: A Rea for R Williams (7); J Murray for A Rea (39); P Tschmanga for B O’Shea (56).

Referee: D Copps – Ballyhea

Junior Championships & Minor Championships

This week and next week sees our Junior 2's and 1's out in the hurling championships.   On Thursday night the 5th July our Junior 2's take on Whitechurch in Ballinlough at 7.30pm this should be a good game as this is Whitechurch' first team and after our win last night against Brian Dillons it sees us at the top of the table.   So support the lads on Thursday night.   
Then on Monday 9th July our Junior 1's take on Nemo in Ballinlough at 7.30pm again this has the makings of a great game and again your support is needed.  Good luck lads!

Tomorrow Wednesday 4th our Minor Premier1's take on Midleton in their hurling championship in CIT at 8pm this is going to be a tough one but will be well worth seeing a good game is expected here.    On Friday 6th July our Minor Premier2's take on the Barrs in Togher at 7pm.    So keep all these dates available and turn out and support the lads.

Kelloggs Cul Camp

Due to the lack of numbers our Kelloggs Cul Camp has been cancelled on the 16th July next.      However, we will be having an inhouse Summer Camp which will take place in August.    A date will be posted on the website and kids will be given notice through their mentors when arrangements have been confirmed.  Watch this space.

Senior Football Championship from the Irish Examiner

Nemo back in business despite brave Piarsaigh show

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nemo Rangers re-ignited their Cork SFC hopes, overcoming Na Piarsaigh at Páirc Uí Rinn last night, but it was not as straightforward as might have been anticipated.

Prior to this year, the only other time Nemo had to avail of the second chance was after a defeat by Ballincollig in 2006. On that occasion, they set in train a journey that would end with a county win as they beat Mallow 2-11 to 0-3, and at times it looked as if this game would pan out similarly as they played wonderful football.

Na Piarsaigh persevered, however, and pounced on Nemo lapses in concentration to eat into the lead without ever really looking as if they would mount a full-blown comeback. With 12 minutes of normal time left, Alan Cronin snr’s point put Nemo 2-18 to 0-8 ahead, but three goals in as many minutes from Na Piarsaigh served to heighten Nemo nerves.

First sub Stephen Glasgow fired home, then John Gardiner converted the rebound after Darren Farry saved his penalty and Pádraig Gould added a third after Cian O’Mahony found him. But late points from the impressive Luke Connolly settled Nemo.

Early on, it appeared Na Piarsaigh had neglected to read the script as they began with an intensity that caught Nemo cold, Gould knifing through to get the game’s first point inside 45 seconds, while Gardiner doubled the lead with a super point in the seventh minute. In between, Nemo had gone close, Connolly having a shot blocked by O’Mahony, and between the eighth and 13th minutes they opened up with a quickfire blitz that put them into a lead which they would never lose. Connolly opened their account with a point before he was found by Paul Kerrigan to allow him a close-range finish and James Masters (two), Dylan Mehigan and Alan Cronin snr all sent over points.

Corner-forward John Gardiner was the most dangerous attacker for Piarsaigh and he continued to threaten. However, during Nemo’s period of dominance, he went for goal, winning a good Alan Hogan pass only for Brian Twomey to take the pace off the shot, and then he reeled off three fine points to leave just a goal between the sides.

Whereas he was shouldering a lonesome burden, Nemo had far more scoring power and they would do all of the scoring for the remainder of the half, able to afford five poor wides such was their supremacy. After Barry O’Driscoll, at midfield, scored Nemo’s first score from a placed ball, they struck for a second goal David Niblock won the ball after a kickout and fed Kerrigan, who carried the ball and then took out three defenders with a lovely handpass to Masters, who gave Jamie Boland no chance.

Further points from Alan Cronin Snr, O’Driscoll and William Morgan – meaning all six of the starting forwards had scored – left nine in it at half-time, and the procession seemed set to continue as Niblock and Morgan again scored early in the second-half.

Again Na Piarsaigh responded, as, sandwiched between two more by Gardiner, was a solo effort from half-time sub Stephen Glasgow, who attempted to lob Nemo goalkeeper Darren Farry only for the ball to hit the top of the crossbar and go over. Another goal effort, from Gould, came back off the bar just before the three-quarter mark, but by then Nemo had reeled off five unanswered points to seemingly put the outcome beyond doubt. They did win to book their place in the last 16, but Na Piarsaigh can take heart ahead of a third-round clash with Ilen Rovers.

Scorers for Nemo Rangers: L Connolly 1-5 (0-2f), J Masters 1-3, Alan Cronin Snr, B O’Driscoll 0-3 each, P Kerrigan, W Morgan 0-2 each, D Mehigan, D Niblock 0-1 each.
Scorers for Na Piarsaigh: J Gardiner 1-7 (0-4f), S Glasgow, P Gould 1-1 each.

NEMO RANGERS: D Farry; K Fulignati, A O’Reilly, B Twomey; C O’Brien, P Hogan, Alan Cronin Jr; D Niblock, B O’Driscoll, D Mehigan, P Kerrigan, W Morgan; J Masters, L Connolly, Alan Cronin Sr.
Subs: A O’Donovan for Niblock (52).

NA PIARSAIGH: J Boland; A Brady, A Dennehy, C Hourigan; D Mannix, S Óg Ó hAilpín, C O’Mahony; M Prendergast, A Hogan; P Gould, T Lawton, A Keating; S Duggan, D Walsh, J Gardiner.
Subs: S Glasgow for Lawton (half-time), C Joyce for Hogan (38), E McCarthy for P Moran (48).

Referee: P O’Leary (Kilmurry).

For Piarsaigh, there is a fortnight to focus on the challenge of Ilen and the last avenue back into the championship. 

Fe16HC & J1FC

Our Fe16's will be playing hurling championship on friday night 29th against Midleton in Cobh at 7.30pm this promises to be a cracker.    Also on sunday 1st July it is the turn of our Junior Footballers as they take on St.Nicks at Ballinlough at 12.15pm your support for these two games are requested as both games should be well worth the money to see.

Fe14 County Final - quote from Rebel Og

Sars Capture Fe14 County title

Rebel Og Fe14 Premier 1 County Final 2012.

Sarsfield 3-19, Na Piarsaigh 3-5, Venue: Pairc Ui Rinn,

"Sars add the county title to the Feile title as they overcame a gallant effort form Na Piarsaigh in this year's final. Played in front of a strong crowed  in a rain drenched Paric Ui Rinn. From the off Sars were first off the mark and lead four points to one after 5mins. At the midpoint of the first half Sars had the green flag raised for a well taken goal.

Try as they did, Na Piarsaigh couldn't hold Sars back, as referee Anthony Cummins called for the half time break, Sars were looking good for the win at the break.

Na Piarsaigh came out with a mission in the second half to break down the lead of Sars but whatever they tried; Sars could not be held back and captured their second championship of the year.

ANa Piarsaigh will now head back to the training field as they work on capturing the league title while Sars attention will now turn to the National Feile Finals which will take place in Dublin in July".

Our lads did us proud but on the day it didnt go right for us well done lads.   We wish Sars all the best in the Feile na nOg 2012 and hope they bring the trophy back to leeside. 


Senior Football Championship

Tomorrow night our senior footballers play nemo rangers in the back door of the senior football championship in Pairc Ui Rinn at 7.30pm.   We have an enormous battle ahead of us but with a bit of luck and a hundred percent committment by the lads we could turn this to our advantage, so come on and give the lads and mentors our full support tomorrow night.

Food Awareness Night

Our Under 12 team and their parents had a great time at the clubs first Food Awareness Night in the function room.  The purpose of the night was to get the players thinking about making the best food choices for their general health and sporting performance.  The players got to make their own fruit skewers and smoothies, they got a couple of lovely flapjacks recipes, and had a great discussion on reading food labels and the importance of eating a healthy breakfast every day. (see photographs in gallery)


Fe14 County Hurling Final

Our fe14's will be playing the County Final on Saturday 23rd June against Sars at Pairc Ui Rinn at 5.30pm.     If the Feile was anything to go by with these two teams, then the county final should again be a cracker.    Your support for this final is needed.    Good luck to all the lads and the mentors.

Bar Committee News

Bar Committee

  • The Bar and Hall in Na Piarsaigh H&F are a very important source of revenue for the club.  The Bar Committee is reviewing all the current social activities with a view to introducing new events that members, their familiies and friends would be interested in supporting.  We would welcome any suggestions to help us to coordinate regular activities that will increase the numbers of people using the club facilities.  The hall can be hired for family events and catering can be arranged if required.  Please forward suggestions or comments to Brian O Sullivan Bar Manager, or John O Leary Bar Chairman.    Bar Committee at info@napiarsaigh.com


Kelloggs Cul Camp

Kelloggs Cul Camp is happening shortly on the 16th July for 1 week.    The closing date for application forms is Sunday 24th June.     All forms have to be received before then.

Fe14 Hurling Championship & Junior B Championship

Well congratulations to both our fe14's and Junior B's as they won their championship games last night.    Our fe14's now progress to the County Final which will be held on Saturday 23rd June next at Pairc Ui Rinn at 3.30pm.    Our Junior B's progress to the next round.   Well done to everybody and watch this space.

Volunteers for Tournaments

Due to the large number of tournaments every year the underage and juvenile sections are now looking for volunteers to help out.   Parents are more than welcome to get involved and we would appreciate if some of you could give us 1 to 2 hours of your time helping out ie., car park, kitchen, pitches, etc.   Our next tournament is the Pat Kelleher fe13 Hurling Tournament on the 23rd June next.    If you can give us this time you might please contact Colin O Sullivan 0876690231 - Brian Buckley 0857275777 - Jim Hanifin 0863428567

Senior Hurling Championship "Quoted from Irish Examiner 11/6/2012"

There was just a single score in it, 1-10 to 0-10, at the end of this bruising Cork SHC round two match between Na Piarsaigh and Bride Rovers in sunny Páirc Uí Rinn on Saturday was testament to just how tough a side Rovers are to put away.

From the outset Na Piarsaigh looked by far the slicker side, the more likely winners, even more so after they had raced into an early 1-4 to 0-2 lead (16th minute), yet it took a goal-line stop from man of the match Christopher Joyce in the second minute of injury time to deny Rovers extra-time. The way the men from Rathcormac just keep on fighting, who knows what might have happened in those extra minutes?

As it is it’s the city side advancing to the fourth round of the 2012 championship, Bride Rovers facing the losers of Bishopstown and Glen Rovers in round three, their final championship lifeline.

Despite being 1-9 to 0-6 down in the 41st minute Bride Rovers regrouped and fought back winning the admiration of Na Piarsaigh manager Seán O’Brien.

"They’re an unbelievable side. How many teams have that kind of determination, that kind of attitude, that kind of spirit? They’re a tremendous club and regardless of who they’re meeting in the next round, I wish them the best of luck."

The better side won in the end but boy, were they made to work for it! Defence, said Seanie was key.

"Christopher Joyce was superb but I thought our backs generally were outstanding [Seán Óg Ó hAilpín also shone]. Every player has to do his bit, especially against a team like Bride Rovers – that’s what we’re all striving towards.

"Some fellas played well, others didn’t and they know it, but everyone tried, that’s what’s important. It’s a 15-man effort and that’s what you need to get over the line; we did that tonight, just about! We just have to stop missing 1-7, 1-8, too many scores being missed, but that will come too."

Abie Allen Fe12 Hurling Tournament 2012

What a great day everyone had on Saturday for the Abie Allen fe12 hurling tournament.  A beautiful sunny day and some great hurling what more could you ask for.    The plate final was won by Patrickswell.   The cup final was won by Na Piarsaigh having beaten Sars in a thrilling game.    Sars went 3 goals up at one stage, normally that would have been that, no way back in the short playing time, not so, we plugged away putting the points over and the goals came shortly after, the final score was Sars 5 goals to Na Piarsaigh 3.7 well done lads this was a great come back and a well deserved win.    Our thanks to everyone involved and to the Tournament Committee for making the Abie Allen Tournament a success.    Well done everyone! (see photographs in gallery)

Senior Hurling Championship

Our back door of the senior hurling championship takes place Saturday 9th June against Bride Rovers in Pairc Ui Rinn at 8pm its a double header with Blackrock and Coursey Rovers so come on down and support Sean O Brien and the lads.    Good luck to the players and mentors.

Welcome to our Kellogg's GAA Cúl Camps - Na Piarsaigh H&F Club

Kellogg's GAA Cúl Camps provide boys and girls – between the ages of 6 and 13 – with an action-packed and fun-filled week of activity during the summer holidays which revolves around maximising enjoyment and sustaining participant involvement in Gaelic Games

Activities are GAME - BASED – a strong emphasis is placed on skill acquisition - and are organised in an age appropriate manner with a view to:

optimising learning

enhancing friendships

improving physical & psychological well being

promoting school and club links



  • The camps are structured so that a different aspect of the game is worked on each day.
  • The programme involves coaching specific skills of the game and the opportunity for children to put into practice what they have learned through small sided games.
  • On the last day of the camp a "blitz" will be organised to provide each child with an introduction to competitive games.

Kellogg's GAA Cúl Camps - are run throughout the summer from Monday to Friday, 10.00am to 2.30pm and will take place at Na Piarsaigh H&F Club on Monday 16th to the 20th July next.
Attendance is open to primary school children aged 6 years to 13 years.

Save €5 per child when you register online

See promotional packs of Kellogg's Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies for details


What To Bring

  • Packed lunch + drink
  • Hurley and helmet for hurling and camogie
  • Suitable playing gear, tracksuit, shorts, runners, boots
  • Rain jacket and changes of gear on wet days
  • Sun cream/baseball hat
  • Towel
  • Water

The cost of the Cul Camp is 55euro per child, discounted cost for 2nd child is 45euro, discounted cost for 3rd/4th child is 40euro.   Cul Camp gear and bag are included in the price.

Contact Alan O Leary Camp Coordinator on 085-1241522 to book your place if you have not already done so.

Junior Hurling Championship

Congrats to our Junior Hurlers who beat St.Vincents last Saturday night in the 1st round of the championship.  Those who turned up witnessed a great game some great hurling and passing throughout,  it being all square at full time and 20 minutes of extra time followed.    It was point for point all through the game but in the end Na Piarsaigh won on a score of 1.22 to 17pts to take us through to the 3rd round.   Well done lads.

Tournaments 2012

Any club wishing to compete in our tournaments for the coming year please contact Colin O Sullivan on 087-6690231

Upcoming Abie Allen fe12 Hurling Tournament

Abie Allen fe12 Hurling Tournament
takes place on Saturday 9th June next the following are the arrangements:

  • Pitch 1
  • 10.00am - Na Piarsaigh (C) -v- Sars
  • 11.25am - Na Piarsaigh (C) -v- Patrickswell
  • 12.40pm - Na Piarsaigh (C) -v- Moycarkey Borris
  • Pitch 3
  • 10.30am - Patrickswell -v- Moycarkey Borris
  • 11.40am - Sars -v- Moycarkey Borris
  • 01.15pm - Patrickswell -v- Sars
  • 01.15pm - Lunch - Na Piarsaigh (C) & Moycarkey Borris
  • 01.45pm - Lunch - Sars & Patrickswell
  • 02.15pm - Skills Tournament Pitch 1
  • 03.10pm - Plate Final Pitch 1
  • 04.00pm - Cup Final Pitch 1

Na Piarsaigh Camogie Club - 40th Anniversary

Na Piarsaigh Camogie Club - 40th Anniversary - Help celebrate 40 years of Camogie

music, fun, entertainment throughout the day.


  • 1.30pm - U8/U10 fun hour

  • 2.30pm - U12 go games

  • 3.30pm - U14 skills competition

  • 4.30pm -   JUNIOR GAME

  •                  U25's              .v.            Over 25's

  • Coach: Trevor Coleman                   Coach: Trevor Allen

  • 5.30pm - Over 40's

  • 8.30pm - Anniversary Party.

Put this date in your diary a great day and night are guaranteed.


Junior Hurling Championship

Our Junior A hurlers are playing their 1st round championship on Friday night the 1st June in Ballinlough at 7.15pm against St.Vincents.    Your support would be appreciated.  Good luck to all the lads and mentors.

Abie Allen Fe12 Hurling Tournament

Our next underage tournament is the Abie Allen Fe12 Hurling Tournament which takes place in the club on Saturday 9th June next.   Teams attending will be Sars of Cork, Patrickswell of Limerick, Moycarkey Borris of Tipperary and ourselves.   Further details will be put on the website nearer the date.   

96fm Radiothon Coffee Morning

We wish to thank everybody who supported and donated the 96fm radiothon in aid of the cancer units of CUH and MUH.     It was a great success and we managed to raise 1600e for the hospitals.    We wish to thank all members, committee and especially the Ladies Committee who looked after things on the day.      Well done everybody.

Music in Bar for July

Here is a list of the music which will be in the Bar on Saturdays for the month of July

  • Sunday 1st                    - 2 of a Kind
  • Saturday 7th                 - Rat Pack
  • Sunday 8th                    - Edge of Heaven (2 piece)
  • Saturday 14th                - Skedaddle
  • Sunday 15th                  - Con OSullivan
  • Saturday 21st                - Moynihan Bros
  • Sunday 22nd                  - Billy Lynch
  • Saturday 28th                - Andy Dunne Duo
  • Sunday 29th                  - The Pillarars

For all types of parties, meetings etc., why not avail of our private Function Hall.   For more information please ring our Bar Manager Brian on 4306549 who will attend to your requirements or email us on info@napiarsaigh.com

96fm Radiothon - Coffee Morning

96fm radiothon coffee morning in aid of the CUH & Mercy University Hospital Cancer Units will take place at Na Piarsaigh H&F Club on Saturday 26th May next at 11.30am to 2pm.    Come and enjoy a morning coffee and a chat and even see a match being played.  All donations accepted for a good cause.    We hope to see you there.

Tony O Sullivan Outdoor Mini-Street Leagues 2012

Sunday 24/6/2012
11.30am     Hurling Semi-Finals                                                              

  • Waterford .v. Kilkenny                                            
  • Limerick .v. Dublin   
  • Final @ 12.15pm                               

Football Semi-Finals

  • Tipperary .v. Galway
  • Cork .v. Clare
  • Final @ 12.15pm

                    League Table
                                                  P    W    D    L     PTS.

Tipperary                                   7      3     0     3      6
Limerick                                     7      5     0     2      10
Waterford                                  7      7     0     0      14
Kilkenny                                     7      3     1     3      7
Dublin                                        7      4     0     3      8
Cork                                           7      2     1     4      5
Galway                                       7      0     1     1      1
Clare                                          7      2     1     4      5

TIPPERARY                                   DUBLIN                                 CLARE
Eoin Kenny                                  Sean O Connor                        Rhys Keeley
Cian O Connell                             Daragh Heslam                       Ryan O Connor
Kyle Spillane                                Stephen Ring                           James Drummond
Olan Treacy                                 Ronan Curtin                            Ruairc Murphy
Scott Kelleher                              Gary Morrissey                         Jack Scanlon
Padraig O Donovan                     Richard McDonnell                     Luke Goulding
Morgan                                        Edward Walsh                          Sean Paul Cooke
Donagh O Connor                        John Hogan                              Salim Daly
Ryan Lyons                                   Padraig Hosford                       Ryan O Sullivan
Baruck Dwyer/Harrington             Luke Punch                               Dan Connors
Manager: Alan O Leary              Manager: Mark O Connor        Manager: Neilus O Sullivan

LIMERICK                                     CORK                                        KILKENNY
David Higgins                              Cian Connery                             Ben Cremin
Cian McCarthy                             Conor Hennessy                        Brian Lordan
James O Keeffe                           Colin Healy                                 Calum O Leary
Cathal Kelly                                 Ben Duggan                               Aidan O Donovan
Ryan Cotter                                 Emmet Fitzgerald                       Liam O Driscoll
Jack Foley                                    James Tobin                               Ciaran Cooke
Zihn                                             Craig Bowen                               Cian Murphy
Kelvin O Donovan                        Mark Kenefick                             Daragh McNally
Aaron Sheehan                            Jacob Hitchinson                        Ross O Sullivan
                                                    Jonathan McSweeney                Fionn McCarthy
Manager: Frank Cooke              Manager: Jim Lehane              Manager: Maurice Scanlon

WATERFORD                                GALWAY
Cian Hogan                                 Luke O Reilly
Joe Murray                                  Michael Sheehan
Glen Harrington                          Sean Downey
Dale Walsh                                 Shane O Mahony
Karl Crowley                                Luke Sheehan
Craig Hoare                                 Paul O Connor
Conor O Sullivan                          Jack Broe
Ryan Forde                                  Kian Cunningham
Cian Higgins                                Peter Lehane
Jack O Sullivan                             Kalum Downey
Manager: Paul Farmer               Manager: Tom Gunning 

(see photographs in gallery)


Fe13 Football Championship

Our fe13's played the county final of the football championship on Sunday last in Delaneys against a very fancied Douglas team.   We were always going to be up against it and right from the start to half time we found ourselves 1pt to 2.3 down having missed a couple of chances on goal and a missed penalty.    Second half we started better and never gave up the fight and scored 2.4 but Douglas had the last say with a much better all round football team scored 6.5.  You really couldnt pick anyone player out as every single one of them gave 100% on the day and gave a great display. 

Senior Hurling Championship

Our Senior hurlers are out in championship on Saturday 26th May in Pairc Ui Rinn at 6.15pm .v. Douglas.     We expect a big crowd here to support the lads.    Good luck to the players and mentors.

Feile Hurling Final

Anyone who went to the final of the Feile Hurling on Monday 7th May last in Ballinlough were in for a real treat.    Our fe14s played Sars in a thrilling final in front of a crowd never before seen in Ballinlough for a fe14 final.    It had everything goals, points, happy tears, sad tears, heart stopping action.    But at the end of all this we lost by the narrowest of margins "a point".   Both teams were applauded by both sets of supporters for a game that was played in the best of spirit and both sets of players and mentors should be commended.    Unfortunately there had to be a winner on the day and it was Sars and I am sure I speak for everyone when I wish Sars all the best in the All Ireland Series in July, their first time in 12 years contesting the All Ireland.   My heart goes out to our own lads they pulled everything out of the bag but alas could not get that extra bit needed.    We are extremely proud of all of them and I have no doubt but that this team will go far in the future.   Well done to the players, mentors and supporters.  

Fe13 Football Championship

We find ourselves invovled in another championship final this time our fe13's are contesting the football championship final on Sunday 20th May next in Delaneys at 4pm against a very fancied Douglas side.  They reached this final by defeating Ballincollig and a very good Carrigaline side.   So keep this date available and good luck to the players and mentors.

Senior Football Championship

Our senior footballers played Douglas in the 1st round of the SFC on the 9th May in Pairc Ui Rinn under terrible conditions, a repeat of last years championship game.   Unfortunately we were not successful in beating Douglas and lost by 11 points.    We now await the loosers of Nemo/Bishopstown

Feile Hurling Final and Senior Football Championship

Two big events on the calender for the weekend and next week.   Firstly is the Feile Hurling Final on bank holiday monday in Ballinlough at 3.30pm .v. Sars.   A cracker of a game is expected and we seriously need all your support at this game.    We have very tough opponents in Sars and we wish all the players and mentors the best of luck.

Secondly and most important is our Senior Football Championship on Wednesday 9th May in Pairc Ui Rinn at 7.30pm .v. Douglas.    Again we ask you to come out and support the lads.   This will be another tough game and wish all the players and mentors the best.

Feile Hurling 2012

Our fe14 boys are playing the semi-final of the feile hurling tonight at 7pm in Caherlag against Midleton.    Show your support by coming to the game and supporting the lads and mentors.

Farranree Credit Union Fe11 Hurling Tournament

The 6th May sees the start of our tournaments for the year, and our first one is the Farranree Credit Union Fe11 Hurling Tournament.   The teams invited to play in the tournament are Na Piarsaigh(Limerick), Cobh (Cork), Cashel King Cormacs(Tipperary) and Na Piarsaigh(Cork).    All games are 15 minutes aside and the following is the timetable:

Pitch 1

10.00     Na Piarsaigh (C) -v- Cashel
11.25     Na Piarsaigh (C) -v- Cobh
12.40     Na Piarsaigh (C) -v- Na Piarsaigh (L)

Pitch 2
10.30     Cobh -v- Na Piarsaigh (L)
11.40     Cashel -v- Na Piarsaigh (L)
1.15       Cashel -v- Cobh

1.15       Lunch - Na Piarsaigh (C)     Na Piarsaigh (L)
1.45       Lunch - Cobh     Cashel

2.30       Plate Final - Pitch 1
3.20       Cup Final - Pitch 1

All mentors in both the Underage and Juvenile Sections are asked to attend on the day at 9am to help out and make sure everything is run smoothly.   A great day is expected with the Cork/Kilkenny match televised in the Bar.

Good luck to everyone and have a "fun day".

Feile Hurling

Our feile hurling team are playing Blackrock tonight Wednesday 18th in Church Road at 6.30pm.    Your support is needed.   Good luck to all the boys.

Hurling on the Green

The next date for hurling on the green is Saturday 21st April next at Pophams Field, Farranree.   More information will be posted on the website in due course.

Juvenile Championship Draws for 2012

The draws for the championships for both hurling and football for the Juvenile Section have now been made and are as follows:-

Fe18(P1) hurling - Midleton                                   
Fe16(P1) hurling - Midleton                                   
Fe16(C3) hurling - Winners Barrs/Blackrock      
Fe15(P1) hurling - Blackrock                                 
Fe13(P1) hurling - Douglas                                    
Fe13(C3) hurling - Blackrock                                   
Fe18(P1) football - Nemo Rangers                        
Fe18(C3) football - Nemo Rangers                          
Fe16(P1) football - Aghada
Fe16(C3) football - Carrigaline
Fe15(P1) football - Glanmire
Fe14(P1) football - Glanmire
Fe13(P1) football - Ballincollig
Fe13(C3) football - Nemo Rangers

All of these dates when clarified will be put up on the website at a later date.

Senior & Junior Championship Draws for 2012

The following are the draws for the Senior & Junior Championships for 2012

Senior Football Championship - Douglas (5/5/2012)
Senior Hurling Championship - Douglas (26/5/2012)
Junior 1 Hurling Championship - St.Vincents
Junior 2 Hurling Championship - Ballyphehane
Junior 1 Football Championship - Brian Dillons (12/5/2012)
Under 21 Hurling Championship - Barrs
MacCurtain Cup - Passage

Dates have been allocated for both our senior hurling and football championships and junior football championship.    All other dates will be posted when fixed.

Na Piarsaigh Easter Camp

The Easter Camp will take place on the 10th, 11th and 12th April next for camogie girls aged between 6-13 years and boys aged 5-12 years.   The cost is 15euro for 1st and 2nd child, the third child goes free.   Kids are asked to bring a packed lunch the closing date for application forms is the 1st April.    Application Forms can be got in the Arena.   For further information camogie girls can contact Catherine Allen on 0863120574 and boys can contact Mick McGrath on 0866015336.

Na Piarsaigh on Tour

"Na Piarsaigh on Tour" will commence on Saturday 31st March this is a day in which we will be taking boys from the age of 5 to 10 years to different pitches for a day of playing games, skills and fun time.   This Saturday it will be held in the Fairfield and will start at 3.30pm for about 2 hours.    So if you are aged between 5 and 10 years and want to join us please be in the Fairfield at 3.30pm parents are also welcome at the event.

Championship Draws Minor to Fe13 & Feile Peil 2012

The hurling and football championship draws from minor to fe13 will take place on Thursday next the 15th March at Blackrock Hurling & Football Club.

Also the Feile Peil 2012 draw has been made and our fe14's will play Sam Maguires in the 1st Round and the winners of that game will play the winners of Valley Rovers/Carrigaline.    First rounds are schedules to take place on the 18th March at 4pm subject to both teams agreeing as there is a double header in Pairc Ui Chaoimh that day Cork/Galway in hurling and Cork/Kerry football. Watch this space.

Winner of Lotto

Congratulations to Valerie McCarthy of Monastery Road, Rochestown who won the lotto on Thursday 1st March.    Well done!    We wish to thank everyone who contributed to the lotto and we would hope that it will continue to be supported as this is our major fundraising for the Underage & Juvenile Section.    Next week the lotto is back to 500e

Na Piarsaigh Gym

The Club gym is now offering a 6 week healthy lifestyle course.   Anyone interested please contact Ainle to arrange a FREE assessment on 0861766030 or email ainle@aclai.ie for further information.

Club Development Plan

CLG Na Piarsaigh is in the process of developing a five year strategic Club plan, which will map out the future direction of our Club.  This is a key development for us as we aim to build on our past and build for the future.   As part of this process, we are holding a consultation Club planning workshop on the 20th February next at 7pm at the Club.
The purpose of this workshop is to give everyone in our community the opportunity to have their say in our future.   This will be a workshop based event and those present will discuss various topics in small groups, including coaching and games development, communication, facilities development etc..  Everyone present will have ample opportunity to input and it will be facilitated by two facilitators appointed by the Cork County Board.
Your attendance at this important event for our Club is greatly appreciated and we would ask you to encourage others to attend.   We look forward to seeing you there.

Club Lotto

The Club lotto has now reached a massive 10,900 euro.    Envelopes are behind the Bar and members can now play on line just log onto locallotto.ie and follow the steps.   The draw takes place at the Bingo every Thursday night.   Cut off time for envelopes is 9pm. Good luck to everybody who is entered in the draw.

Fundraising Cabaret

A fundraising cabaret will be held in the function hall on Saturday 11th February next at 8pm.  Admission 5 euro.   Music by Edge of Heaven and food will be served on the night. Members are asked to support this Cabaret.   A great night expected.  Contact James O Connor for tickets or ask behind the Bar.

Senior Selectors for 2012

Well the start of a new year and hopefully some silverware.   The Senior Selection for hurling this year has a new coach at the helm he is Seanie O Brien and with him will be Bill Kelleher, James O Connor and Christy O Donovan.   
The Senior Selection for football is coach Diarmuid McDonnell and with him are selectors John Kearney, Frank Higgins and Bernard Olden.     
We have drawn Douglas in both codes so this should make interesting reading.   

Our first football match of the season is the Tadgh Crowley Cup and we have been drawn against Clonakilty this fixture is at home on Saturday 21st January at 2.30pm (any change to this will be put in the fixtures).

Minor Section

Our minor AGM took place recently and to let people know this Section has now been divided into 2.     One is the Underage Section ranging in ages for 5 years to 10 years under the chairmanship of Neilus O Sullivan and then we have the Juvenile Section ranging in ages from 11 years to 16 years under the chairmanship of Trevor Coleman.   For a full list of committee members in both sections see Club Committees.   Good luck to everybody for 2012.

Womans Little Christmas

Ladies why not join us on Friday 6th January for Womans Little Christmas in the front bar and enjoy the music of Andy Dunne.   Tell your friends!  Gentlemen are more than welcome also.

Long Puc 2011

Again this year our long puc was a great success and the Senior Committee wish to thank everybody who took part in this annual event.   We would like to thank the organisers, our sponsors and everybody who donated a prize.   We would also like to thank the Ladies Committee for putting on the refreshments. 
1.  the long puc on the day was won by Trevor Coleman, Ronan Curran and Graham Callinan.   
2.  the Camogie section was won by Ciara Allen, Danielle Moynihan and Orla Bourke.  
3.  the Juvenile loft of the bridge was won by Eddie Gunning
4.  the Senior loft of the bridge was won by John Gardiner and
5.  the longest drive was won by Lee Martin.

We also wish to thank other clubs who took part in our long puc and indeed wish all clubs the very best in their championships for 2012.

Club Lotto

The club lotto has now reached 9300 euro.   Envelopes to enter our lotto are behind the Bar or can be bought on line at locallotto.ie.    Why not spend 2 euro and be in with a chance to win.  Draw takes place every Thursday night.

Minor AGM

The Minor AGM will be held on Monday 9th January 2012 at 7.30pm.   All are welcome.

Christmas Wishes

Na Piarsaigh H&F Club wish all their members, players, mentors and those that are overseas a very happy christmas and a happy new year.

Long Puc

Na Piarsaigh H&F Long Puc takes place this year on Wednesday 28th December.   Teams of 3.  Entry fee 30e per team.  Registration in club at 12 o clock.  Great day guaranteed.  Great prizes.   Tell your friends.

Camogie Victory Dinner

Na Piarsaigh Camogie Section will be celebrating their junior championship title and junior league title by having a victory dinner on Friday night the 25th November at the Ambassador Hotel.   There are still a couple of tickets left, if interested contact Catherine Allen on 0863120574 as soon as possible.

AGM 2011

The Annual General Meeting of Na Piarsaigh H&F Club will be held on Sunday the 27th November at 2.30pm in the function hall.

Munster Championship slips away

Na Piarsaigh Junior Camogie team were beaten in the munster final yesterday by Ballybrown Co.Limerick.   A great display and never say die attitude brought this game at full time to extra time and it could have gone  either way, unfortunately it went Ballybrowns way in the end and they finished the eventual winners by a margin of just 2 points.   Great credit is due to all the mentors and girls and supporters who travelled to Limerick

Cork GAA Draw October 2011

Congratulations to Noel Cronin who won 2nd prize in the Cork GAA Draw for October.

Na Piarsaigh Junior Camogie 1st ever Munster Final

Congrats to Na Piarsaigh Junior Camogie Girls who beat Crusheen, Co.Clare in a hard fought Munster Championship semi-final.    They now face Ballybrown GAA in a first ever Munster Final on Sunday 13th November next at 2.30pm at Ballybrown GAA, Patrickswell, Co.Limerick.  

Fundraising Draw October 2011

Our Fundraising draw took place in the function hall on Sunday 30th October last where we had a huge attendance.   We had a 80s/90s night and was enjoyed by everyone who attended.    The Fundraising Committee would like to sincerely thank everyone who assisted in this event, and to thank everyone who supported and bought tickets.   The winner of the first prize was Anna O Connor of Blarney and second prize went to Neilus Greaney of Greenmount.   Well done to everyone.