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Rebels Bounty

Rebels Bounty Draw:
At present in the Cork GAA Draw 47% commission goes to clubs and half of all sales went to club regardless.
With Rebel Bounty a base number of tickets per club ie.100 from us as we are a senior club will go directly to the Cork County Board, anything after that will come back to the club.  For example a senior club selling 350 tickets will receive a total of 25k  and an opportunity to sell extra tickets at 100% return to your club.

The first draw will take place on the weekend of February 27th/28th (January & February Draws). 
Entries will close on March 24th, ahead of the March draw and there will be no further ticket sales after this date. The draw will run from January to December.
The prize fund has been increased to over half a million euros with a top jackpot prize of €100,000 for our end-of-year draw in December 2021. There will be 30 prizes each month and a breakdown of all prizes is attached.

Club Payments
Club payment will be due across 2 equal instalments, before close of business on Tuesday, February 16th and Tuesday, May 18th, based on full commission payable on the minimum quotas below, regardless of sales: 
  • Senior Club (100 x €100)
  • Intermediate Club (70 x €100)
  • Junior A Club (55 x €100)
  • Junior B / C Club (35 x €100)
  • Colleges (25 x €100)
Draw Office / Promotion
The Rebels' Bounty office will be located in Páirc Uí Chaoimh, with the existing draw staff partnering with the County Board / Pàirc Uí Chaoimh office team. Brochures will be circulated to Clubs soon.

The existing online portal and coordinator login details will continue as before and we will be working with all clubs not currently using the portal to activate their accounts as an increased focus on online sales/management will follow.

We will also be steadily migrating to a paperless system but will continue to facilitate any coordinators who may need assistance.

A new website will be launched and will be incorporated on the existing Cork GAA main website, while online sales will continue with funds directed back to clubs as outlined above.
Terms & Conditions

Minimum price of €100. Clubs may incorporate the ticket in membership bundles, but €100 must be lodged either locally or centrally for each ticket.
Maximum of number of entries per member is 5. Maximum of two names per ticket.
It is the responsibility of each club to ensure that each person in the draw is fully paid and up to date monthly and each new member is authorised to enter the draw by the Club chairperson / Draw coordinator each month.

Club financial accounts showing all ticket sales to be presented to the County Board at the end of each year as per existing rule.

Only Clubs affiliated to Cork County Committee may enter the draw. Any local arrangements with sales by other units can only function under the parent Club and the overall coordinator.

 Direct Debits / Credit Cards

 The Cork GAA Clubs Draw is currently being phased out. All draws have been completed and creditors / debtors will be closed.

A significant number of monthly direct debits are already in place for the Clubs Draw which will now migrate to Rebels' Bounty