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Sports Predictor 2017

As the Sports Predictor 2016 was such a great success last year the Fundraising Committee have decided to run it again this year.   Simply predict who you think will win the 36 sporting events chosen by them.   The closing date for your replies is the 10th March as the first event is happening on the 14th March.    All proceeds will go towards the Hurling Alley Development Fund.   1st Prize is 500e - 2nd Prize is 200e - 3rd Prize is 100e.   Members, supporters, players are asked to make another big effort for this cause.

Members of the Fundraising Committee will be in the club to facilitate the return of the predictor cards this weekend.  Friday 10th 7.30pm-9pm, Saturday 11th 4.30pm-6pm, and Sunday 12th 12.30pm-2pm.   Please make a big effort to push for the return of the predictor cards from players etc..