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Underage Football Results Score

MP2fl -v- Barrs

3.8-1.15 lost

MP2fl -v- Midleton

1.11-2.7 lost

fe13fl -v- Barrs

5.5-3.5 lost

fe15fl -v- Glanmire

2.6-2.4 won

fe14fl -v- St.Michaels

6.6-4pts won

fe12fl -v- Nemo

6.6-2.2 lost

MP2fl -v- Mallow

5.16-1.5 lost

fe12fl -v- Valley Rov

5.9-1.4 lost

MP2FC -v- Barrs

2.17-7pt lost

fe12fl -v- Barrs

1.17-1.1 lost

fe13fl -v- Midleton

3.5-7.3 won

fe13fl -v- Mallow

9.15-7.7 lost

fe12fl -v- Douglas

4.6-1pt lost

fe14fl -v- Barrs

4.14-2.4 lost

fe13fl -v- Inniscarra

2.5-3.10 lost

fe13fl -v- Carrigtohill

5.14-7.0 lost

fe14fl -v- Douglas

2.9-2.11 lost

fe12fl -v- Bishopstown

1pt-2pt lost


fe14fl -v- Mallow

6.12-5.2 lost


fe15fl -v- Ballincollig

1.4-6.9 lost


fe18FC -v- Carrigaline + league points

3.10-2.9 won


fe18fl -v- Valley Rov

3.15-3.11 lost


fe15fl -v- Douglas

3.20-1.4 lost


fe13fl -v- Aghada



fe15fl -v- Barrs

2.7-3.4 draw


fe14FC -v- Beara

4.4-7.6 lost


fe13fl -v- Erins Own

4.14-5.8 lost


fe18FC -v- Mallow

3.18-1.14 lost


fe15fl -v- Cobh

3.5-2.6 lost


fe13fl -v- Kinsale

8.10-5.5 lost


fe12fl -v- Ballincollig

3.14-1.4 lost


fe14f Challenge Cup -v- St.Michaels

9.8-3.9 won


fe14f Challenge Cup Final -v- Nemo

1.7-4.11 lost


fe15f Challenge Cup -v- Barrs

2.14-3pt lost


fe15FC -v- Glanmire

6.8-1pt lost

             Underage Hurling Results

fe18hl -v- Sars

3.12-2.24 lost

fe13hl -v- Midleton

6.7-6.9 won

fe15hl -v- Sars

1.21-2.6 won

fe14hl -v- Midleton

2.8-1.7 won

fe15hl -v- Midleton

1.15-1.9 lost

fe13hl -v- Bride Rovers

6.14-2.8 won

fe18hl -v- Midleton

2.24-1.11 lost

fe14hl -v- Barrs

2.7-2.8 lost

fe13hl -v- Mallow

6.7-6.9 won

fe12hl -v- Glen

4.4-7.2 lost

fe18hl -v- Ballincollig

2.11-6pt lost

fe15HC -v- Barrs

17pt-1.10 won

fe14hl -v- Midleton

2.8-1.7 won

fe13hl -v- Inniscarra

3.11-2.9 lost

fe12hl -v- Bishopstown

2.3-2.8 lost

Feile s/f -v- Bride Rov

1.6-1.2 lost

fe18HC -v- Glen

13pt-11pt won

fe15HC -v- Douglas

2.4-1.6 lost

fe12hl -v- Inniscarra

6.11-3pt lost

fe14hl -v- Ballincollig

3.6-2.10 lost

fe13hl -v- Ballincollig

5.7-3.5 won

fe14hl -v- Douglas

3.18-1.3 won

fe14hl -v- Bride Rov

3.18-4.13 lost

fe15hl -v- Glen

3.11-3.5 won

fe14hl -v- Ballygarvan

5.10-3.8 won

fe12hl -v- St.Catherines

2.1-4.11 lost

fe14hl -v- Mallow

8.4-5.10 lost

fe12hl -v- Douglas

3.3-7.11 lost

fe18hl -v- Mallow

2.8-3.18 lost

fe15hl -v- Ballincollig

2.16-1.7 won

fe13hl -v- Ballinhassig

got points

fe18hl -v- Inniscarra

1.21-12pt lost

fe12hl -v- St.Catherines

1.2-4.11 lost

fe14hl -v- Mallow

8.4-5.10 lost

fe12hl -v- Douglas

7.11-3.3 lost

fe18hl -v- Mallow

2.8-3.18 lost

fe18hl -v- Blarney

3.12-2.13 lost

fe14HC -v- Bride Rovers

4.8-3.14 lost

fe15hl -v- Barrs

1.13-2.6 lost

fe15hl -v- Youghal

w/o Youghal


fe12hl -v- Ballincollig

7.10-2.3 lost

fe13hl -v- Bandon

4.7-2.19 won

fe14h Challenge Cup -v- Midleton

3.16-10pt won

fe13hl -v- Erins Own

2.3-4.12 lost

fe14h Challenge Cup final -v- B'collig

5.10-3.11 won

fe13hl s/f -v- Bride Rov

1.15-1.9 won

fe15hl s/f -v- Barrs

9pt-3.6 lost

fe13hl final -v- Mallow

3.6-3.2 won




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